Padma M

Jun 10 2023

Anjalimd teen acne system is helping my son big time with his acne breakouts. We tried quite few products with not much success before this product and he is doing so much better.

Ram N

Nov 17 2022

I love your products. I use the laser eye lift, eye illuminating concentrate serum, and the dark spot eraser brightening mask. I’ve been using these three products for 4 years now and I have noticed a gigantic difference. I have very dark circles under my eyes and massaging just a pea sized amount thrice a week has improved them. They look noticeably brighter in person and pictures. I use the mask twice a month and that has helped fade my dark spots over the years. I recommend these products to anyone looking for long lasting results.

Edlene C

Mar 27 2022

The serum du matin is great, I will buy again

Malina X

Jan 09 2022

So far, it been well. Have to wait to see if all my dark spot will go away.

Tasha C

Oct 11 2021

I work in healthcare and have to wear masks/n95’s all day everyday. Let’s just say my face has been HATING it and the maskne has been so real, on top on the hormonal acne I already struggle with. I’ve been using Anjali’s system for two months now and absolutely love it! From the sweet, fresh and floral scent to the softness of my skin after each use, I’m hooked. My old acne scars are fading and I still get the occasional pimple when it’s that “time of month” but it is NOTHING compared to the huge, painful, cystic acne I used to get. I used to have to use so much concealer on all my scars and pimples before and now I use a significantly less amount. I’m excited to see how my skin looks further along using these products! I tried almost every treatment system out there from Proactive to Clearasil to Tula, you name it and I’ve tried it. This stuff is worth the investment!

Linda B

Oct 04 2021

After using Anjali MD's dark spot correcting system for a few months and seeing improvement in my dark spot, I foolishly changed to another product and my dark spot darkened after a couple of months. I purchased the dark spot correcting system and after only a month have seen a lightening of my dark spot. Thank you Dr. Anjali.

Gracy F

Aug 06 2021

Good skincare

Bindiya S

May 29 2021

Love this cleanser! On my second bottle! Keeps my skin clear and hydrated.

Kim N

May 06 2021

I really like the Anjali products! Their customer service is excellent, as well. They’ve really helped my eyes be less puffy and my skin smoother and more hydrated. I definitely recommend their products.

Nishi S

Apr 24 2021

It’s too expensive and doesn’t won my eyes at all

Annabelle A

Apr 10 2021

It is been almost 3 weeks but my dark spot,my discoloration is still there.It didnot fade away.

Corazon G

Apr 02 2021

I’ve been using dark spot set for almost 5 mos, now. Although, the result is not quite complete but promising compared to other product that I tried previously.

Kathy B

Mar 26 2021

Very good!

gurpreet d

Mar 20 2021

I am using this mask and definitely their is a change in my skin tone as well as dark spots are fading away .

Deborah F

Mar 13 2021

I struggled with stubborn dark spots underneath my eyes and sun spots after using expensive brands from Sephora. I ordered dark spot treatment and its amazing! Not only did I pay half the price as I normally would spend in Sephora for my skin care routine which the sales people are not helpful with. I like how skin care routine comes with the treatment.


Mar 09 2021

I have been using this seems very good Since I have very sensitive skin and have very deep acne scars so I’m just wondering if anything else can help for my Deep scars

Megha P

Mar 03 2021

Amazing product!

Simmon O

Feb 27 2021

Love the quality of the products. Being using for two weeks skin tone getting better dark spots lighter a bit hopefully it get better after few more weeks. Tks.

Gladwell M

Feb 15 2021

The day cream has made my skin do soft, bright and smooth. My melasma is fading too, I believe the whole system can work for even stubborn melasma like mine.

Ghulam M

Feb 05 2021

I purchased mask , cleanser and serum for my wife 03 weeks ago . She is using it regularly . Her black spots and pigmentation on the face is getting lighter day by day .


Jan 25 2021

The dark spot on checks are minimal/fading

Maria M

Jan 03 2021

Love this line, I have brown spots and noticed the difference on first application. Love it.

Renuka p

Dec 19 2020

Great Product! I give it a 5 star. It really works

Saras N

Dec 03 2020

I like the cream

Krishna M

Nov 27 2020

One of the best product I ever used the smell is refreshing and feels very good when applying to face.


Mar 23 2023

I love this night cream!! I started using it about 2 weeks ago. My skin already looks so much younger. Definitely less wrinkles and spots.

Christine B

Aug 31 2022

Waste of money! One month of full treatment without any improvement of dark spots!

lara S

Feb 16 2022

I have been using the Laser Eye Lift for almost a month. I can see some difference in the small lines around my eyes and the puffiness. I love the applicator and how light the product is. A lot of eye products give mr tiny bumps under my eyes, but not this one . :)

lara S

Jan 07 2022

Just started using the Adult Acne System. I LOVE it! I get breakouts before my monthly and am in perimenopause so I get hormonal breakouts too. After one month my skin is so much better. I have sensitive skin so just about any night cream I use makes me breakout, but not this one. I also cannot live without the Dark Spot Eraser mask. I use it about every other day . I have used a lot of these products and loved them all, but the Adult Acne trio is working best for me right now. :) Also, a little goes a long way with all her products. :)

Linda B

Oct 10 2021

After using Anjali MD's dark spot correcting system for a few months and seeing improvement in my dark spot, I foolishly changed to another product and my dark spot darkened after a couple of months. I purchased the dark spot correcting system and after only a month have seen a lightening of my dark spot. Thank you Dr. Anjali.


Oct 01 2021

This product really works for me! I’m so skeptical when i saw those ladies. But it did proves the results in my skin…. Thank you

Rajwant G

Jul 25 2021

Really luv this one

Murielle E

May 23 2021

My skin felt very soft after first try.

Michelle W

May 03 2021

Great product! I took away as star as it would be perfect if it had SPF in it. The bottle size could also be larger.

Holly H

Apr 18 2021

I love that this mask has various fruit extracts and smells so good. I’ve only been using it for a couple weeks and will continue. I will absolutely be ordering it again.

Prenita K

Apr 08 2021

Such an amazing product. Was definitely taken by surprised. Not only does it smell great but it also does the magic

Ashley S

Mar 29 2021

When my daughter used this, after 2 weeks I could already see results happening. Her face started getting clear but it didn’t fully get rid off them but hopefully as she keeps using it, it’ll get much better. Very happy and satisfied with the products since other things didn’t work quite well for her skin.

Maria G

Mar 26 2021

I love this mask. My dark spots are fading. My skin is GLOWING!!!

Ahmed A

Mar 19 2021

This is my first time trying this product .It seems to be working.I love the packaging.I will definitely keep using it.

Asuncion T

Mar 12 2021

Love it my dark spot is getting lighter after I used it my face feels smooth..

Sarabjit M

Mar 09 2021

I am using Anjali product since 4 months I got good result my skin looks more younger than before also so many dark spots gone.

Ivy W

Mar 03 2021

Good packing and delivery fast. Tried a week and still waiting to see the difference of my dark spots

Rosaly Q

Feb 24 2021

I love and recommend this serum, it brightens my face.😊

Nileeta G

Feb 13 2021

Best product

Chieleta L

Feb 02 2021

There is a slight changes, need to order soon.

Sachithra P

Jan 12 2021

It's a very dense moisturizer and keep the skin hydrated for a long time.


Dec 27 2020

I have used the dark spot treatment system for about two months. The system so far has worked well to fade my dark spots. My sister told me that the dark spots on my face are less visible than they were before. I hope that my dark spots will disappear as time goes. I love the scent of Brightening Retinol Night cream. It is very energizing and refreshing. Anjali products are excellent and moreover the customer service is outstanding. I’ve never seen any beauty product company that provides such an amazing customer service like Anjalimd especially William. He is knowledgeable in any products that address skin concerns and very friendly that you can trust and talk with him like your friend. Thank you.

Carol D

Dec 13 2020

Love the system a cleanser that helps take off makeup, a serum, moisturizer, night cream , neck cream and eye cream. The brightening system works! An amazing serum and mask that brightens lighten and removes dark spots! You can see the difference within days of beginning on AnjaliMD’’s program! The best skincare of all times!

Corazon G

Dec 01 2020

Noticed a glowing and brightness and will continue to monitor with continuous use of this product knowing it may take time depending on each individual’s case like myself.

Mari F

Nov 26 2020

I’m not sure this is good. I’m not get any good results.

Dori P

Nov 24 2022

I was skeptical when I first ordered this product becuase i tried 4 other creams i got from target and sephora and they just were not making a difference. The girl on the chat was very helpful and answered all my questions. I used a first time customer code for 20% off. I got my products 2 days later. It's been about 6 weeks and I'm about to reorder. The results are noticeable when I compare pictures from before i used the products. the smell is subtle and not overpowering, which i really like because i cant wear masks that smell strong. overall i highly recommend if you need to get rid of age spots/brown spots.

Christine B

Aug 30 2022

A total waste of my money. A full month of treatment without any improvement!!!

Ratsamee S

Jan 23 2022

My first time using this products and it been a month. i can see my skin had improve, dark spot getting lighter skin getting tighter, I am very please with the result and will order another set

Rekha M

Jan 03 2022

I have been using the dark spot correcting system for approximately 3 weeks now and see some improvement in my skin.

Linda B

Oct 10 2021

After using Anjali MD's dark spot correcting system for a few months and seeing improvement in my dark spot, I foolishly changed to another product and my dark spot darkened after a couple of months. I purchased the dark spot correcting system and after only a month have seen a lightening of my dark spot. Thank you Dr. Anjali.


Sep 18 2021

I have been using the Anti Aging and Brightening Complete System for close to a year and I am so happy with the results, there have been times where I have strayed to Oil of Olay thinking "its probably the same thing and its more convenient etc" but I ALWAYS end up coming back to Anjali because it never is the same! I don't even bother anymore... one thing you should never be cheap with or "convenient" with is your skin! Wish Anjali had a toner also, that would complete it! :)

Darla G

Jun 28 2021

I really like this mask. It goes on smoothly, it's non greasy and makes my face feel so soft

Nancy S

May 15 2021

It feels nice going on but I can honestly say I haven’t seen a huge difference in wrinkles or sunspots using it.

Christina W

May 02 2021

A great solution to an ugly neck!

Kay R

Apr 15 2021

The First time I have tried it and I will definitely get again Love it !!!!!

Clara S

Apr 07 2021

I like the night cream however, the the spots clarifying cream which I have been using for over a month and have not seen any results. Disappointing

Jessica J

Mar 28 2021

Loving this product! My skin is soft, glowing and is definitely lightening!

Debbie A

Mar 25 2021

I am using spot earaser for 3 weeks and I could see the difference

Michelle W

Mar 15 2021

I absolutely love this skin care line! I've always suffered with acne and found immediate results after using ANJALIMD. My acne scars that had been there for years started to drastically disappear and major problem areas started to go down. I have only been using the products for 2 1/2 weeks, but am shocked at how well things have improved in such a short amount of time. I gave it 4 stars as I still get a little something once in a while, but nothing that doesn't disappear quickly. I also wish the lotion bottle sizes were bigger.


Mar 11 2021

I like the texture.Still waiting for results.

Sary D

Mar 08 2021

So far very happy 🥰🥰🥰

Zsuzsanna C

Mar 03 2021

Done nothing for me...

My C

Feb 18 2021

So far, I am loving my kit! I suffer from melasma and since using this product, not only has my melasma improved, but my overall skin texture, tone, and wrinkles has improved.

Jannine S

Feb 07 2021

Love this product! Could tell a difference the first time I used it! Thanks

Kim N

Jan 29 2021

The Nuit Essential Night cream is so creamy and has really helped my crepey skin!

Ernestine t

Jan 07 2021

I am beginning to see results. I will continue to use the products until my skin is back to normal.

Neetu K

Dec 21 2020

I have been using this product for a month now. My hyperpigmentation has reduced, though not completely. A couple more months of this stuff might actually do the trick.

Worapat N

Dec 11 2020

My skin was better than before.

Ada W

Nov 28 2020

Love the way it smells! I have seen some improvements in just a few weeks!

jigna p

Nov 25 2020


Kiran V

Nov 19 2022

Amazing skin care line. I have been wearing it for over a year and makes a world of a difference.

Martina G

Jul 12 2022

I love it

semira a

Jan 14 2022

I don’t see any difference and i have been putting it Every night :(

Hasana L

Oct 24 2021


Linda B

Oct 10 2021

After using Anjali MD's dark spot correcting system for a few months and seeing improvement in my dark spot, I foolishly changed to another product and my dark spot darkened after a couple of months. I purchased the dark spot correcting system and after only a month have seen a lightening of my dark spot. Thank you Dr. Anjali.

Karen T

Sep 05 2021

I am absolutely in love with this product. I have sensitive skin and my face wasn’t irritated after using it.

Imelda M

Jun 01 2021

Such an amazing product .I would recommend this to all women’s that have skin problem especially dark spots. I know its pricy but its a good investment 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Lisa F

May 09 2021

This is by far the most luxuriously moisturizing cream I have ever used! I love this cream. This cream is incredibly rich without being greasy. I also have very sensitive skin. I am allergic to just about everything. I had absolutely no problems with this or any of the Anjali products.

Shirley H

Apr 27 2021

i just love it.

Gracy F

Apr 11 2021

It is good product and made my skin smooth

Paulette L

Apr 04 2021

This is the best moisturizer that i have used and i have tried a lot. Super hydrating, leaves my skin silky soft.

Clara S

Mar 28 2021

Haven’t see great results yet. Have been using it fir a month now.

Gladwell M

Mar 22 2021

Best vitamin C ever . I read a review by a lady who had advised anyone using the night cream to incorporate the day cream. Since I did, my face has become so smooth. My dark spots have reduced. These products work.

Anjali D

Mar 13 2021

I have use the brightening products for 6 weeks. I definitely see an improvement in my skin tone with decrease in the discoloration. I have tried a wide range of expensive products in the past with not much improvement. I am very excited to have found these products and I will continue to use them.


Mar 09 2021

The best product I have ever known I had hyper pigmentation n sun damage n it is clearing up I bought the whole set n it’s perfect I m recommending this product to so many people thanks so much for the finest products


Mar 04 2021

After putting on the mask, my skin feels very dewy, and moisturized. Looking forward to trying more of these products.

Quynh L

Feb 27 2021

very good

Ghulam M

Feb 15 2021

I use mask , cleanser and serum since four weeks . My face black spots and pigmentation is getting better day by day . Salma Memon

Linda B

Feb 07 2021

Anjali MD Skincare delivers on what it promises. After about 45 days of use, I can see fading of the dark spot on the right side of my face. After using the mask, my face feels great and my skin is brighter. I especially love the feel of each product and the packaging of the products. Each jar has a different color shade on the bottom so you know what to reach for even without your glasses.

Manikam A

Jan 26 2021

I love using your Brightening Essence as it makes my skin soft and glow with radiance!

Garcia M

Jan 05 2021

Excellent treatment I loved it

Gladwell M

Dec 19 2020

A wonderful cleanser. You don’t have to use a lot either.

Thanh T

Dec 06 2020

My skin is getting brighter every day.


Nov 28 2020

After 4 wks of using dark spot eraser, I noticed my dark spots have lightened significantly. I will definitely recommend this product. I give 4 stars because it is not completely erased but I will provide another update review in another 2-3 months

Afsheen n

Nov 23 2020

Good for glow and makes skin supple.. Rest of the benefits yet to see. Happy I tried it.