Jean C

Jun 10 2024

It was so easy to order and pay for the item I wanted. I could actually use my Amazon pay account to pay for the order. I have been getting updates on the fiming of the DVD's I ordered and can't wait for them to be shipped.

Dorothy G

May 23 2024

Easy to use website--Found items quickly, clear description, easy check out.

Sharon L

Apr 27 2024

It would be nice to know what equipment is needed for her new series so I can buy the needed items before the dvds arrive and be ready to work out.

Beth L

Apr 15 2024

Easy and fast.

marianne m

Apr 06 2024

What I needed!

Imogen F

Mar 13 2024

I cannot make an evaluation since I have not received this order. It is a preorder for a series that is to be made in the near future. I was not given a date as to when I will receive this order. Thank you.

Robin A

Mar 04 2024

Perfectly smooth transaction from purchase to arrival of my items! No complaints at all, and I will definitely do more business with in the future.

Naomi K

Feb 29 2024

When I’m talking about my exercise routine I always, always, always tell them I have very good exercise videos & how much I love Cathe friedrichs workouts

Kathy H

Feb 28 2024

Ordering was quick and easy!

Donna B

Feb 16 2024

Product was exactly what I expected and it arrived promptly.

Suzanne A

Feb 15 2024

Fantastic as ever!

Lori P

Feb 09 2024

Besides the download issues I have been buying Cathe's DVDs for over 15 years and I will continue not purchase her DVDs.

Linda M

Jan 21 2024

Great website! My order shipped within the two business days as stated and arrived quickly with excellent updates on the arrival. I am, however, disappointed that the discs arrived in a lightly padded envelope. I ordered the Lite series (7 discs) and when opened, the case was broken and will no longer close correctly. Linda M

Rhonda B

Dec 26 2023

Never fails to impress me how fast they can get my packages out, esp during the holiday season, and how fast I get them

Kathy A

Dec 22 2023

Wrong video sent

Brandy B

Dec 08 2023

I just bought STS! I couldn’t wait to open the box! What a great gift to Myself! I Worked out to Lower body 1. I am just starting to lift heavier, I like how Cathe shows how to modify. Kick punch & Crunch is a Fave! I now purchased Reved up Rumble another great addition! Merry Christmas Cathe & Crew! Thank you!

Debra Y

Nov 21 2023

I love Cathe products. I recently preordered her calendar and would have ordered boxing gloves, but the shipping is so high, so I bought some elsewhere. Any savings I would get from a coupon or discount is offset by the shipping costs.

Jane P

Nov 11 2023

Excellent,personal, professional and efficient customer service. Reliable, high quality products time and again. Have been a customer for many years and plan to be for many years ahead. One of the very best companies to deal with. Only suggestion- would be nice if the micro load gloves were a little easier to adjust while you are wearing them. Perhaps a larger pocket so weights slip in and out and it zips up more easily.

Dawn P

Oct 31 2023

Amazing instruction, easy to follow, the workouts have a great flow, I love that we get the entire body in.

Paul T

Oct 16 2023

Always exciting to read news for better health.


Oct 10 2023

It's always easy to order any of cathes items. Also her call support is extremely helpful and pleasant to deal with

Marcia M

Oct 07 2023

The ordering process was very simple and straightforward!

Tina F

Oct 02 2023

I have purchased from Cathe for 30 years and always had amazing service!

Patricia M

Sep 24 2023

Great service

Ann P

Sep 21 2023

ordering was easy

Sherri C

Jun 10 2024

Love Cathe workouts. Ordering the DVD’s, streaming or small items are easy. Items in stock are shipped quickly. When preordering a workout or workout series, they are shipped as soon as they have them. When preordering a series, you get double free shipping-free shipping when order the DVD’s and when the DVD’s arrive. However, this free shipping is mostly a marketing ploy. The website might say somewhere that this free shipping only is for some items, but it doesn’t state that it’s only goes for the small things like bands, tubing, etc that will ship of around $10-20 tops. Even yoga blocks are too big to qualify. You don’t even get a discount on the shipping of these bigger things. The items that are actually big and also heavy like the dip bars and barbells are almost as much to ship as the price of the items. There was recently a sale on the Cathe site and the ad said something about now is the time to get the dip bars and barbell and weight plates as the savings could pay for the shipping of these heavy items. The sale was a more you buy the higher the percentage off sale. Well, a person would have had to spend hundreds to save as much as the shipping cost for the big items. I put the dip bars, which cost around $120 and some tubing, which cost $14, and saved some where around $30 or so. Shipping was $90. Some of the smaller Cathe items are for sale on Amazon and have free shipping, but any item that doesn’t qualify for free shipping with a preorder, isn’t on Amazon. Because of the shipping price of these bigger items, I will buy products off Amazon that are the same as a Cathe item, but don’t have the Cathe brand. Example are the dip bars. They have a number of brands on Amazon that look exactly the same and sell for around $68 and have free shipping. They also have ones that are better but more expensive. I bought my yoga blocks, balance things, and my foam roller that are needed for some of the workouts off Amazon. I got them when I preordered a dvd series. I would have purchased them off the Cathe site if I would have gotten a big enough discount to bring the shipping cost to a reasonable one. I have to admit that if I want a Cathe item, and it’s sold on Amazon, I’ll buy it off of Amazon instead of her website. I’ll only buy off the Cathe site if I can’t find the item elsewhere. This has only happened once and is was the 6 foot round mat. I do this as a way of protesting the way we don’t get free shipping or even a discount on anything bigger then the items small enough to ship for less that $20. Amazon charges a lot of seller fees. I did email the Cathe site before my protest and got no response.


May 13 2024

Everything was great put my order in got my package in a timely manner and love it. Thanks

Donna W

Apr 26 2024

Quick shipping.

Patti D

Apr 15 2024

Received high quality products quickly with great customer service! Communication about order status and delivery was excellent.

Alieta V

Apr 04 2024

Great experience, wonderful customer service.

Jamie M

Mar 06 2024

Found what I wanted on Cathe's site. The Cycle Power DVD gets my heartrate up and the gloves fit well. I've been doing Cathe's Cycle Sweat DVD for years, great workout and was looking for a new routine in the Cycle Power workout. I like it! Have not done the Travel Fit DVD yet nor used my power band. Cathe is my favorite exercise instructor. Thank you, Cathe!

Bethany S

Mar 01 2024

Love you always

Jami P

Feb 28 2024

Love anything Cathe!

Becky W

Feb 27 2024

Easy to order what you want and also fast check out.

Cecily D

Feb 16 2024

no problems

Anne B

Feb 15 2024

Love, love, LOVE the new workouts. Tough, while being understandable and FUN. I am so happy, and can't wait for the next series. You are really cooking up great content!

Beth L

Feb 05 2024

Quick shipping! Love, love, love Cathe. Thought that I didn’t need the manual for STS….wrong!!!! Since I keep going back to this workout, I realized that it is important.

D'Otta S

Jan 10 2024

Great job!

Doris D

Dec 25 2023

Where do I begin? I’ve been exercising with Cathe for 25 years. These new videos are as exceptional as always. I’m 60 now. The youngins at work ask what I do to stay in such great shape. Also, I did NOT expect the videos in time for Christmas. My Amazon order is over 3 weeks late. Cathe has class and it shows.

Janine S

Dec 19 2023

Received the Calendar before Christmas . I’m glad it was for a gift.

Kris C

Dec 06 2023

My sister loves the workout videos on Cathe, so I went to the website to get her some videos. The check-out process was very easy, but finding a specific video was just a tiny bit harder. 1. They have so many videos, it's easy to get overwhelmed, but it's good that they have lots of choices. 2. I was looking for a specific video, and I had to be so precise with every word in the search bar, like could not leave out a letter or a word; otherwise you'll get other videos. That was a bit frustrating, but overall, it's a good buying experience.

Patricia C

Nov 17 2023

If I could give zero stars I would. I find it really it interesting that I receive this email on my feedback when I never received the product. How can I send my feedback on the new cycle dvd when I haven’t received it but was charged? I’ve contacted this company 10 x w/no response back. I’ve always enjoyed Cathe DVD’s however I will not order any DVD’s again. Disappointed and dissatisfied customer.

Sherry H

Nov 11 2023

Thank you so much for your continuous professionalism.

Howard P

Oct 30 2023

Love the workouts

DeShawna Y

Oct 16 2023

Received my purchase in a very timely manner!

Kelly C

Oct 10 2023

Loved the bench mat

Susan E

Oct 07 2023


Lesley C

Sep 26 2023

It’s always easy to place an order on

Pam F

Sep 22 2023

Easy website to place my order, shipped quickly, and was delivered in no time!

nicolette c

Sep 19 2023

Did each part on a separate day. Enjoyed them both and felt like I got a good workout from them. Also liked them as they weren't complicated. Easy to do, but got the job done.

Lisa M

Jun 06 2024

Love your website and love your products more!! Best workouts ever. Bee a loyal fan since 2008. Question: I recently got a rebounder and can’t find a good workout for it because all I use are your dvds and no one can compare to you. I’m serious. Any chance you’d consider doing a rebounder dvd? Please??!?!!

Benjamin J

May 11 2024

With all the payment options, it couldn’t be easier


Apr 20 2024

Always easy. Love her workouts!

Yvonne M

Apr 08 2024

Fast & free delivery! Thanks!

Eva M

Apr 01 2024

Website is easy to navigate. The workouts are organized by workout type and your specific goal. I was able to easily find what I was looking for and went through the check-out process without any issues.

Monica J

Mar 06 2024

very easy!

Deborah J

Feb 29 2024

Love the video descriptions and previews, you know what you’re getting (into) with every purchase!


Feb 28 2024

Love Cathe workouts!!

Darla B

Feb 23 2024

I've enjoyed Cathe for many years. I've tried many other avenues of fitness but have found Cathe’s to be the most effective and enjoyable. She keeps things fresh with the variety, at the same time be very thorough. So me thing I enjoy giving my clients each day as their personal trainers.

Sharon I

Feb 16 2024

Very easy to use the site and easy to preorder.

Tanja M

Feb 15 2024

Cathe is the best

Teri D

Jan 31 2024

This is a great workout!!!!!

Melissa L

Jan 09 2024

Every purchase is always easy and the customer service is usually amazing.


Dec 24 2023

If you receive a faulty DVD, they will blame it on your player. Just be warned that they will not solve the problem.

Colleen M

Dec 16 2023

Have been a fan of Cathe for 20 years. She never disappoints! Thank you!


Dec 05 2023

So far, I am not very happy because I only received the weights and not the barbell to put the weight on. I have reached out to customer support for days ago, but still have not heard anything.

Jennifer K

Nov 15 2023

I have made a few purchases over the past year including digital downloads of live and the new STS 2.0. I had trouble with two of the digital downloads and the support was less than helpful and took months for them to even resolve one of the issues. I will not purchase any further digital downloads because they do not support any defects, the rep lied to me and said he watched the video and there was no problem, when I sent a screen shot he admitted there was an issue. Then when I purchased STS 2.0 there was an issue with one of the disks skipping. At first they blamed my machine. When I told them this was the second issue and what terrible customer service, the rep was friendly and said they were working on getting replacement disks and would send one to me when received. Well that was in August and I am still waiting for a replacement disk in November and when I email I do not get a response. I am moving on from Cathe and did not order the new disks as I have no confidence if there is an issue she will rectify it. I used to be part of the love Cathe group, but I am moving on to others

Patricia L

Nov 06 2023

Cathe Friedrich is an amazing instructor/coach, and her products reflect that dedication to superior quality.


Oct 25 2023

Above and beyond service and amazing workouts

Teresa R

Oct 15 2023

Always a pleasure- I love my Cathe workouts and fitness gear.

Carole K

Oct 09 2023

Love the camo work-out gloves!

Hollie B

Oct 05 2023

Easy ordering.

Melissa H

Sep 26 2023

Items are always of good quality and arrive quickly.

Anita V

Sep 22 2023

Super fast shipping, as always, and excellent customer service if issues arise. The best in the business!

Ann M

Sep 18 2023

very prompt delivery

Anita F

May 28 2024

In the past few 5 years or so, I have purchased several Cathe DVDs and exercise items. Always Top quality, and have helped me get passed plateaus in my strength training and cardio.

Angela M

May 08 2024

This is a difficult review for me. Lots of conflicting thoughts here. Shopping the Cathe website is 5 ⭐️. The merchandise is stellar quality. So why 2 stars ⭐️? The shipping cost is beyond my common sense reasoning mind. Shipping costs are almost equal to the product purchased and even more in some instances! I get that for a small company, shipping is expensive so the consumer must pay but I’m eyeing the orange foam roller and the main deterrent is the $40 shipping cost which is more than the cost of the item. I want to add the orange balance disc which at least would not affect an additional threshold for shipping but I’m having a hard time reasoning the total price against my limits of income🥹. Doesn’t make sound financial sense for me. Is the product quality worth the price? Absolutely. Is the shipping cost worth the purchase of product ? No. And again I understand the idea to let the cost fall on the consumer but logic blows the cost factor when the product is less to create and buy than to ship it to presumably same country and nearby regional area. Where are these items shipping from?

Frances S

Apr 16 2024

Simple & efficient!

Doreen W

Apr 07 2024

I've purchase moat of the STS dvds. All but the chest and triceps works well. I can't get a response regarding the dvd that glitches. I've also purchased most of the equipment and have loved them all but one 8tem is missing from the shipment and there hasn't been a response from

Carole G

Mar 29 2024

I now have 5 DVDs from Cathe. Love Butts & Guts and HIIT Upper body. I have to do the other 3 more often to work them in and find my nitch. These DVD are challenging and you see results! I did make an exchange with the Cathe support group and they were great - wonderful customer service.

Beth R

Mar 04 2024

While I preordered her newest exercise series and will not receive it until summer, I expect that it will be just as good as all of Cathe's other videos. She's the best instructor and I'm happy to be able to actively age with her!

Denise S

Feb 29 2024

Love cathe

Susan J

Feb 28 2024

Easy to shop at the store. I was thrilled that Cathe is putting out more exercise programs for us older folks. I’m 65 years old and had to stop using all her dvds because of knee problems, balance issues, etc.

Susanne G

Feb 19 2024

I’m eager to get the finished product come summer. At 68, I’m nervous about doing fast footwork maneuvers during workouts and I’m happy Cathe is addressing this kind of concern

sharon p

Feb 15 2024

The ordering process was easy and trouble free.

Heather D

Feb 14 2024

Fast shipping for a great workout. Thank you:)

Sheila W

Jan 28 2024

Purchased the STS strength and recovery set. The DVDs appeared to have already been used with scratches and smudges. Still using them but do get some skipping. Love the series. I've purchased other cathe products and love working out with her and the team.

Kristen H

Dec 27 2023

Training with CATHE for many years has helped me achieve amazing success in my fitness goals!

Kathy H

Dec 23 2023

Extremely fast service. Very pleased with how prompt I received my dvds.

Katy C

Dec 13 2023

Incredible customer service!!

Staciey O

Nov 29 2023

I always have a great experience! I am so excited to get my program!

Vilma V

Nov 14 2023

It was easy to pay. I was able to use my Amazon account

Jesse M

Nov 03 2023

Awesome product!

Deanna T

Oct 19 2023

I am 60 years old & have just started getting back into exercise the last few years. I am now collecting Cathe's workouts & haven't come across a single one that I don't like. Her routines, music, impeccable instruction, set, cast, variety, production......everything keeps me motivated & makes it fun! Cathe is THE BEST!

Theresa S

Oct 10 2023

My ordered arrived very quickly. Also Cathe's bands are the best. Very thick and durable.

Melissa M

Oct 07 2023

I am on all the time. I pre -ordered the 4 new workouts including the cycle workout because I recently purchased a spin bike!!! Always easy to shop on and the website itself (and newsletter) is full of excellent information. I've been a Cathe fan since the VHS days and will remain forever. Looking forward to the new workouts! Thank you!!!!

Catherine S

Oct 04 2023

I never received my dvd

Armand H

Sep 25 2023

Great products and excellent shipping.

Eloise H

Sep 21 2023

Cathe's store is great! I love how you can filter by what type of workout you are looking for! That is a great feature to have! I was easily able to find the workouts I was looking to purchase.

Amy L

Aug 30 2023

Easy to navigate website, nice discount, and fast shipping! Thanks! Amy