Sean D

May 30 2024

Great product

Joshua G

May 23 2024

Best customer service. I had an issue with one of their older models of holster. I approached Mr. Duncan at FDIC with some issues I had with their holster. He handed me their new version and just asked me to send pictures of what was wrong. He was very receptive to my opinions and a pleaser to talk to. Thank you Mr. Duncan for your time. It was a pleasure.


May 10 2024


joseph s

May 03 2024

Where is the order ?


Apr 30 2024

No communication. Emails not replied to. Order was placed almost 2 weeks ago and only received confirmation that order was received with no updates on order status.


Apr 21 2024


matthew t

Apr 16 2024

Easy ordering

Jeffery C

Apr 10 2024

Waiting on my order still. Just like to be kept updated to in order if longer than 7 to 10 date of delivery


Apr 05 2024

Disappointed with lead time. Placed the order 9 days ago and am still waiting for the items to arrive. I sent an email inquiring and was told there was a material/production delay and the order would be fulfilled asap. Understand the issue, but still frustrating as I am having to carry my radio in my pocket to calls until the new strap arrives...

Volunteer F

Mar 31 2024

It's been nearly 2 weeks since I placed my order. Order has not been processed and have gotten no response from support staff. I was very interested in helping an American company by doing some business but looks like I'm having to take my business elsewhere.

James G

Mar 28 2024

Great product


Mar 27 2024

I have used your radio straps for awhile now and will never go back to Boston Leather.

Alex B

Mar 25 2024

Homeland 6 Customer Service- I originally contacted you on 3/6, about 2 and a half weeks ago regarding a broken radio holster. I have essentially begged for your help for a product that should still be under warranty, and you’ve continually blown me off and failed to provide any semblance of customer service. I even offered to pay for the parts and shipping so that I can fix my radio holster that I use daily on shift. Did you not create your company to be of some sort of service to first responders? It’s not asking too much that you follow up with people that have an issue in a timely fashion. Seriously, this is far from acceptable. My department did a purchase of over 200 radio straps from you a couple of years back and I personally purchased a holster because I believed you had a good company with a good product. You have proven me wrong continuously.


Mar 07 2024

Great company and products!

Robert H

Mar 05 2024

Great site


Feb 25 2024

The fact it takes this long for product should be clearly stated. On top of the fact when trying to determine when and where my order was the company was delayed in responses on that front too. The experience with this site will undoubtedly be the last. Will be sure to alert those to that fact as well.


Feb 22 2024

Very easy to complete my order

Mark A

Feb 16 2024

Still waiting on order to ship. It's been 4 days with no communication.

John N

Feb 07 2024

Easy to follow instructions.

Robert M

Jan 25 2024

love it


Jan 22 2024

Excellent easy to navigate and find what ur looking for


Jan 06 2024

Awesome products and quick delivery time. Thanks H6!

john d

Dec 30 2023

Very nice site

Gunner G

Dec 23 2023

Second radio strap the first one has held up great after 5 years I just decided to get the extra large this go around love the company and the fact I can decontaminate it after each run!

Edward F

Dec 19 2023

I have reached out to the company multiple times via both the website chat with us link and provided email account for customer service. I have yet to get any response. My order was placed 1 months ago with no updates. A simple reply to one of my messages would have prevented this bad review

Dave C

May 29 2024

Thank You very much

nick d

May 16 2024

Great site. Looking forward to the products!

Jake K

May 08 2024

Love your product. Thanks for what you do

Gerald B

May 02 2024

Nonresponsive. I have received my purchase. This is a scam. No stars.

Dalen A

Apr 26 2024

Website is easy and efficient to use. This is my 2nd holster I'm buying as my first has gotten torn apart after 3 years of use. Was hoping to take advantage of the warranty but sadly it only applies to the strap. Good product, bummer about no warranty for both holster and strap, as the product is so expensive.


Apr 19 2024

Been in the field for 7 years now and love your products. Keep up the great work.

Jason P

Apr 16 2024

The last belt I had fell apart


Apr 08 2024

Awesome to see a company dedicated to those that serve. It would be nice to see the strap sizing a little more clear between the standard and extra large.

Derek B

Apr 03 2024

Ordered two weeks ago. Still not shipped. Not a peep from the company yet. Won’t be back.


Mar 30 2024

I placed an order on March 18th for a radio strap kit (non-embroidered). I have confirmation of my order but 12 days and no shipment. I requested cancelation 3 days ago and still no response from H6. I only ordered non embroidered because I needed the strap and the site states product is in stock. FAQ's state in stock items typically ship next day. Definitely not a way to run a company.


Mar 28 2024


robert a

Mar 27 2024

so far so good, looking forward to receiving my order

Julie H

Mar 25 2024

Great products and a wonderful website!!


Mar 07 2024

Quick and easy! Quality product!

Pete V

Feb 28 2024

Every department I’ve been to, I see this brand on every first responder personnel who has one.

Bill Y

Feb 23 2024


Kelly H

Feb 20 2024

Site was very helpful


Feb 15 2024

When it comes I’ll be able to make a in-depth analysis but I like what I bought and hopefully it turns out good.


Feb 06 2024

Thank you


Jan 24 2024

The product I received seems nice. Could be a great product if I would have received my complete order, and been able to see its full potential. Right now I can tell the Anti sway strap is a must. I ordered one and did not receive it. I Maybe can give an updated this review when I hear back and receive the anti away strap.

Jason L

Jan 18 2024


Robert L

Jan 06 2024

it tooked to long to ship the order

Matthew L

Dec 29 2023

I have not received my order yet

david T

Dec 23 2023

Awesome! Can’t wait to get it!


Dec 19 2023

Looking forward to receiving my order

John R

May 24 2024

Replacing my first strap after a clip broke. Lasted several years. Pleased with the product.

Michael N

May 15 2024

Fairly easy to order, but the "kit" designation is a little confusing with the option to select or deselect other items. Just wanted to make sure I don't get two of something when not intending to.


May 06 2024

I placed my order 4/30. It’s 5/6 and still nothing.. no eta. No tracking..

Where's m

May 02 2024

Been 3 weeks......where's my order?


Apr 26 2024

Love there radio straps! Just ordered my new one after having one for almost 10 years

Cullen A

Apr 19 2024

Awesome brand

Austin M

Apr 12 2024

My order is almost 2 months late. I received an email saying it shipped but when I asked for a shipping number I was told it hadn’t shipped. I’ve wasted $100. For a Fire department centered business they don’t care about getting their products to the Fire ground. I should have used Amazon

Jaleel J

Apr 07 2024

Quick and fast


Apr 02 2024

Thought it was a good product on line. Looks like something you can was after a fire 🔥 or if something else like blood got on it .


Mar 29 2024

I have not received my item and I have emailed three times and still no response


Mar 27 2024

Easy to order and made of good quality material. I will be recommending this to all of my coworkers and friends in public safety.


Mar 26 2024

Never buying anything from this company again. Product had no indication it would be on back order. I had to email customer service twice to get a response. Overall had a horrible experience.

Douglas C

Mar 24 2024

3 weeks and no product. kinda feels like a long time.

Justin W

Mar 06 2024

Very good products

Neal D

Feb 27 2024

Wonderful. Just wish the price was better. Gets expensive

matt s

Feb 22 2024

I ordered this strap last month. It has been lost in the mail by FedEx. I contacted sales and Sean Duncan replied to let me know it’s only been delayed. It’s been 20 days since I ordered it and I need a strap for my business (this one looks perfect for me). Now Sean won’t reply to me but not before asking me if I reached out to FedEx and if I have investigated why it’s lost. Not the customer service I was expecting from this company. I’ve asked HomelandSix to send another one or at least just refund me the $84.99 for the item and shipping costs but again - no reply. In a world where lost or delayed items are common it seems like yoir company is not honorable and will not take accountability. Truly disappointing.

Gary E

Feb 17 2024

Fast service

John E

Feb 09 2024

Site having issues updating information


Feb 06 2024

Disappointing. Judging based on other firefighters that have one, I have little doubt that the strap will be a great one. HOWEVER, I have no idea when mine will arrive. The customer service has been horrible, with several emails unanswered. People spend a lot of money for this and would just like to know how long it will take to get it.


Jan 24 2024

This is a gift for a birthday tomorrow. You did not provide a tracking number or shipping date. I paid for 2-3 day shipping and there has been zero communication since the initial purchase confirmation email 5 business days ago.


Jan 13 2024

Can’t wait to get mine in the mail.


Jan 06 2024

Excited for my radio strap!

Zofia K

Dec 26 2023

If you have a custom order, it can take up to a month or more, depending on their inventory stock/custom making, just in case anyone wonders about the wait time. Mine took just a bit over a month, and I'm very satisfied :) I'm 5'2, and I got the standard glow strap/holster full set up; the strap was a bit too long for me as I'm short/a female. However, I just rolled up the excess strap to have it sit at my waistline, and I secured it with a mourning elastic badge band I had on hand - you couldn't tell I did that (it worked!). I picked out the green glow / reflective strap and my name/dept # to help locate it if it goes missing; I love it for that reason. At first, I received half of my order very confused, and when I reached out to the company, they immediately responded back to me over via Facebook Messenger within the week and sent the other half quickly within 2 days of the response. I got told I looked very professional wearing my holster/strap because my radio fell out every time I got out of a truck. (rookie mistake ) Just have patience with the company, and they'll work with your needs, especially around the holidays. The discount code worked as well. Thank you, Homland-six.


Dec 22 2023

They didn't offer me a discount code for this order. My co workers got a discount on their orders.

Gordon M

Dec 18 2023

fast and easy

Justin P

May 24 2024

I haven't seen it yet but I've heard it's great quality

Hale R

May 14 2024

Great Radio Strap, very durable and nice that you can wash all components.

Brett G

May 04 2024

Easy to order can’t wait to see what it looks like


May 02 2024

too damn expensive hahahaha

nicolas m

Apr 21 2024

Great service


Apr 17 2024

Havnt gotten any updates after 3 weeks and a ticket request from their “helpdesk”

eric m

Apr 11 2024


Liz A

Apr 05 2024

Placed my order almost 6 weeks ago with knowledge that it would take an additional 7-10 days for customization. Ok, cool. I ordered it 6 weeks before I needed it. Here I am, still waiting. I've contacted customer service and their sales email both, and received no contact, no information, nothing. So when I planned ahead to get a birthday gift for my husband, and left plenty of time to get it, somehow my order fell through the cracks, and now I have nothing to give him for his birthday but a confirmation email. I'm not happy. I'll be ordering my next radio strap through Maddox.....

Matt L

Apr 02 2024

I accidentally passed on the email to get 10% discount. Never came up again, so I was not able to take advantage of that. Bummer.


Mar 29 2024

I’ve been asking for an update on my order all week and haven’t got one. Pretty frustrated that no one will respond to me.

Ashley M

Mar 27 2024

I ordered a complete radio strap set 2 weeks ago and I have yet to receive any shipping details, I’ve email the company twice about my order and have yet to receive any contact, I was super excited for my radio strap but for the price I paid I expected better service!


Mar 26 2024

I have contacted this company numerous times over the past week and a half regarding the status of my order. No one has responded back to me about this order. Paying $160 for a radio strap you would think that this company would be responsive to their clients. At this point I am not happy. I have heard nothing but good things about the produce but the company response is horrendous.


Mar 15 2024

Second radio strap I’ve ordered. Great product.


Mar 06 2024



Feb 26 2024

Great products, easy checkout!

Branden W

Feb 22 2024

One of my crew members has one. it works and fits awesome. I already knew I was getting a great product.

Kimberly C

Feb 16 2024

Easy to order online


Feb 08 2024

Good selection.....would like to see them provide a leather case


Jan 26 2024

Not now

Chris k

Jan 22 2024

Disappointed you didn't have the hi vis in XLarge

Zachary L

Jan 12 2024

its a great website

Ryan P

Dec 30 2023

Can’t wait to get it and as far as picking what I wanted it was easy.

Chloe m

Dec 26 2023

there was an error and I can't get it corrected.

Marty T

Dec 20 2023

Awesome strap!

Patricia M

Dec 15 2023

Get this to me by Christmas and I will be a happy person! One more thing - the code I was given, 'Brotherhood' did not work