Mar 17 2021

Web site was easy to navigate and I found exactly what i was looking for .


Mar 15 2021

Good site

Kevin M

Mar 14 2021


Tommy G

Mar 11 2021

Easy to use site. I would highly recommend. Thanks.


Mar 07 2021

First radio strap and It’s great!

Darrell A

Mar 05 2021

Ordering was easy


Feb 28 2021

I wish you had green reflective in XL however otherwise it would be five star.

David M

Feb 22 2021

I absolutely love your product .... It’s amazing how light and comfortable it is compared to the leather radio strap and holster I used to wear I’m also a 2 time Colon Cancer Survivor and having the ability to wash the Strap and Holster in the extractor is an absolute game changer toward Occupational Cancer Prevention !!

Wesley C

Feb 20 2021


Robert R

Feb 13 2021

Easy to navigate website, ample product to choose from. Will post review once I place equipment in service


Feb 06 2021

So I have had the strap for a few months and I never really got a chance to look at it til only issue I really with my name on it. For me it's way to small and in the wrong spot. No one can see my name because it on my shoulder when I put it on. Again I never really lock at til the wife said something about it I only wore it maybe 2 twice.

Joe S

Feb 03 2021

I am looking forward do using my new radio to scrap.

Bradley M

Jan 29 2021

Very Good Site


Jan 26 2021

Website was easy to use. My guys at the firehouse love your products. I’m sure I will to.


Jan 21 2021

I ordered this radio belt Monday night and payed extra for over night delivery and I still haven’t received it as of Wednesday night, not happy at all with the delivery. Can’t really say anything about the radio belt because I have not received it yet.

Toby S

Jan 16 2021

Just ordered, now waiting on my delivery.

Michael N

Jan 13 2021

Great product

Helen R

Jan 11 2021

Easy to navigate

Bob B

Jan 07 2021

Like what I have seen that other people I know that have this product

LeeVonn A

Jan 03 2021

The web page speed was slow and spotty. All the other sites I used that day fine.🤔


Jan 01 2021

Quick and easy

Lucien G

Dec 30 2020

Excellent product!

John E

Dec 26 2020

Very smooth transaction

mike o

Dec 20 2020

Great quality and customer service!

Hector A

Dec 18 2020

Great great radio strap. Military Grade.

Clifton E

Mar 17 2021


Edgar I

Mar 15 2021

great products and reviews


Mar 13 2021



Mar 11 2021

Great website. Easy to maneuver.


Mar 07 2021


scott j

Mar 04 2021

Easy site!

Ethyn C

Feb 25 2021

My experience so far with Homeland-Six has been amazing! A few of the guys on my department have H6 Radio Straps and I got offered to try one of theirs for a day while working the duty shift. I can say that this is one of the most useful items I’ve ever used; it holds everything from medical gloves to flashlights to trauma shears, and everything in between. I am awaiting the arrival of my radio strap currently, and I can’t wait to get it and put it into service. It’s worth the extra money if you’re not on a budget!

Oscar N

Feb 22 2021

Liked your user-friendly website

Ali K

Feb 18 2021

I love all the gear keep it up


Feb 12 2021

Excellent product

David T

Feb 05 2021

Easy to Navigate

Dennis S

Feb 03 2021

Great Product!

Matt G

Jan 28 2021

easy to shop

Paul C

Jan 24 2021

Always great products, can handle heavy daily use with no signs of wear. Worth every penny!!!

John D

Jan 20 2021

Website was very easy to navigate. Excited to get my radio strap as this product looks very well made! reached out to the company via messenger and they responded immediately. Will recommend to all of my acquaintances in the fire dept and first aid field.

Tim L

Jan 15 2021

Very smooth

Layla T

Jan 13 2021

Excellent ordering process, easy breezy. Some of the older fellas on our department ask me to order their radio straps. This process is so simple, I don't mind helping them at all!!!


Jan 11 2021

Easy to navigate site. I look forward to receiving my new radio strap.


Jan 06 2021

Frustrating trying to use discount code. I have bought multiple straps in the past and turned many firefighters on to these.

Kevin M

Jan 02 2021

Great experience

Cindy B

Jan 01 2021

Fast and easy to use

Matt S

Dec 29 2020

Very easy. I can not wait to use my new Radio Strap

Rolando R

Dec 25 2020

very easy site to navigate ,lots of options to choose from.


Dec 18 2020

Easy to use website. Look forward to my radio strap. Will write a review after use.

Darrin k

Dec 17 2020

I liked it so much I’m buying another holster to replace the one I have that’s fallen apart after tons of use

Scott N

Mar 16 2021

Great site, great prices

Jordan S

Mar 14 2021

Easy to use website but for the inferno strap I ordered there was a Facebook advertisement and underneath it said free shipping on it but it still charged me 12.95 for shipping. Don’t know if that would be a Facebook advertising error or something else.

Joel A

Mar 12 2021

Easy ordering. I can’t wait for it to get here


Mar 11 2021

Great and easy checkout

Dylan D

Mar 06 2021

I just ordered one of the HomelandSix Radio straps and i can not wait to try it out

Julie G

Mar 03 2021

Happy with the layout and ease of ordering.


Feb 24 2021

Shipping charges are deceiving.


Feb 22 2021

Easy and user friendly


Feb 14 2021

Many firefighters on the department already have your products. Looks and functions well. Can’t wait to get mine and put it to use.


Feb 08 2021

There was a 10% discount offer available when first going to website that did not get applied to my order. Could that be applied somehow?

James W

Feb 05 2021

Very user-friending format for ordering for people, like me, who do not do well with computer based stuff. Looking forward to product. Thanks: Capt. Jimmy Davis, Chicago FD.

Fred R

Jan 30 2021

Awesome products!


Jan 27 2021

Wish you had more options in the XL radio straps.


Jan 23 2021

Great product! lightweight, and of impressive quality. I will definitely buy again and recommend it to others already.

jeremy m

Jan 18 2021

Great experience

J. E

Jan 14 2021



Jan 12 2021

This is my second strap purchase from HomelandSix. I have loved my radio strap since the moment I put it in service!! Easy shopping experience and an excellent product

Ronie S

Jan 10 2021

Great Company

Stephen H

Jan 04 2021

Only been thru order process but so far been good, very excited to receive new strap

Tim L

Jan 02 2021

Great website, easy to navigate and use.

Cameron C

Jan 01 2021

Some more description on your products would be great

aaron b

Dec 29 2020

Was a great experience thank you

Norman L

Dec 24 2020

Very Good, easy to use and maneuver around the site.

William K

Dec 18 2020

Facebook ad and co-worker

Paul N

Dec 14 2020


Aaron A

Mar 16 2021

I’d like to see more on person photos/videos.

Justin S

Mar 14 2021

Great just waiting on it.

Dan D

Mar 11 2021

Great quality and a lot more comfortable than the leather straps. Highly recommended!!


Mar 08 2021

I just received my radio case and strap. It's great and is exactly what I was looking for.


Mar 06 2021

First time customer. Strap looks nice. Website is easy to navigate.


Mar 02 2021

Great radio strap! Durable, comfortable, and lightweight.

Logan R

Feb 23 2021

Slightly hard to navigate. Other than that great so far!!

Mike E

Feb 21 2021

Good site and ease of use

Chad L

Feb 14 2021

Very easy to navigate and check out was simple.


Feb 06 2021

Well the communication has been good with questions and I ordered the fully loaded belt for my son

Matthew A

Feb 04 2021

Great idea from firefighter to firefighters

Michael N

Jan 29 2021

Awesome and durable product!

maleek j

Jan 26 2021

A little bummed out that the promo code IRONSERIES didn’t work but I love and support the company so no worries


Jan 23 2021

Customer service was great! I would ask if you could use PayPal as well. Thanks!


Jan 16 2021

Easy to navigate, great product


Jan 13 2021

Website was fantastic, although I would of like to see pictures of the straps in use

Tosha L

Jan 11 2021

Slow to get back with me on emails.

Hunter D

Jan 08 2021

Great straps 10/10 and a great online website


Jan 03 2021

This is my third strap from this company. love how comfortable they are


Jan 02 2021

Awesome site

Capt. M

Dec 31 2020

Website is very easy to use I just hope the product is as good as everyone is saying. I’m not a fan of the leather so fingers crossed.


Dec 27 2020

Great looking product. Can't wait to try it out.

Ryan S

Dec 21 2020

Fast and easy ordering. Good prices.

Todd R

Dec 18 2020

Everything was fast and easy!

Dave K

Dec 11 2020

Great Product !!!!!!