Brittany Mccoy

Apr 18 2024

I was put in touch with lifetime adoption shortly after I found out I was pregnant, through a third-party. It just wasn't the right time for husband and I. I could never thank them enough for guiding me through this journey. They stayed in contact with me through the entire pregnancy with nothing but support and genuine care. My coordinator Brittany helped me to find the absolute perfect parents for my child. Whom I talk to ALL the time. It is an open adoption & the adoptive parents are so supporting and send me pictures and updates frequently. If you're considering adoption, you are NOT ALONE! There are couples who can't have children and are honored to to adopt your child. Lifetime adoption still stays in touch with me even after the birth, just to check in. No amount of words could express how grateful I am for them, for this journey, everybody wins. I felt bad about adoption at first, and I realized I was able to bless another family. I am 100% content with the decision I made.

Sarah K

Dec 21 2023

Our experience with Lifetime was wonderful. We immediately knew we were in the right hands and had guidance every step of the way. They were ethical, thorough, and loving in all of their practices - from the way they educate waiting families, to the way they support expectant mothers and birth mothers. We finalized the adoption of our precious daughter a few weeks ago and we are so in love! So glad we took the journey we did. Beyond thankful for the amazing humans who worked with us at Lifetime.

Marissa Thompson

Aug 07 2023

Our adoption experience with Lifetime Adoption was absolutely perfect! Everyone was professional and made us feel like family. I would recommend them to anyone with needs in the area of adoption.

Emily L

Feb 02 2023

Lifetime was such a blessing throughout our adoption process. From the first phone call to our adoption phone call, they walked us through every step with patience and kindness. They were always available for our questions and were always willing to help any way they could. When we got the phone call to pick up our baby girl they were working behind the scenes to make it as easy as possible. We are so thankful for Lifetime and the gift they were to our family!

Jonathan S

Jan 03 2023

This is our second time working with Lifetime. We made comments to our team about our first adoption, and things we were happy with and, some things that we were not, and they made adjustments and tailored our experience for our second adoption. We would highly recommend Lifetime to anyone looking to adopt, as they are knowledgeable and have a big pool of Moms looking to put their children up for adoption.

Ashlee K

Dec 21 2022

We love the Lifetime team! They were supportive, caring, and extremely knowledgeable as we walked through the adoption process. Even with our baby girl home now, they still are there for us to provide wisdom and support! We couldn’t recommend Lifetime enough!

Liesa W

Dec 20 2022

We had a wonderful experience with Lifetime from start to finish. In the beginning Jen helped us choosing the right plan, navigating the onboarding process and first steps, as well as answering all our questions about the road ahead. Then we met our adoption coordinator Julie who supported us during our wait by answering any questions, doing monthly check-ins, and sending Lifetime updates. Libby helped us design our web profile, printed profile, adoption cards and video and was so patient with us. We had our own vision of how we wanted our adoption materials to look, and Libby was always so kind and gracious with our requests. At the end we reached a beautiful profile, that represented us like we had hoped, while also staying within Lifetime's guidelines. But best of all, we matched with our birthmom within a half year of going "live". At that point we were introduced to Veronica. Veronica facilitated the communication between us and the birthfamily. Veronica Hofheinz was nothing short of amazing during the adoption process. While every team member at Lifetime had been wonderful to work with, Veronica was an angel sent from above. Her expertise, patience, wisdom, calmness and uplifting attitude carried our adoption to the finalization. Lifetime had educated us that the wait might seem hard, but the time from matching to adopting our baby could potentially be much harder, and that was our experience too. It wasn't an easy road, but it was fantastic having Lifetime on board with us. Without them as our agency, we might have not made it to finalization. Our baby is a couple of month old now and has been with us since just hours after being born. We are still in touch with Veronica from time to time and are enjoying the relationship that we have built with our adoption agency. We are also in regular contact with our babies birth family and are glad to have chosen a Christian adoption agency that promotes healthy open adoption practices.


Solange Q

Aug 02 2022

We enjoyed working with Lifetime. Everyone was kind and compassionate. The process was very well organized with lots of support.

Shannon S

Dec 03 2021

Everyone that we worked with at Lifetime were so helpful. They guided my husband and I step by step through the whole process. We are truly thankful that Lifetime was a part of growing our family.

Caroline F

Nov 15 2021

We had an amazing experience with Lifetime Adoption. Our adoption journey was filled with great moments, and challenges and we would have been a lot more stressed if we did not work with Christie who was our main rock during our journey. We also loved working with Robyn who worked relentlessly to find us a match. We felt the love, care, and professionalism of everybody at Lifetime every step of the way. We are so happy we worked with Lifetime because the adoption journey can be stressful, and we could not have chosen a better team to accompany us through it! We will be forever grateful for and thankful to them.

Melina S

Nov 15 2021

We loved working with Lifetime. They were with us every step of the way. The webinars and resources were excellent. They really helped us to be prepared for when we were matched and the adoption happened. They help you navigate the whole process. Having them not only for their years of experience, but to also be prayer warriors with us was through the journey. They are not only invested in the families that work with them but they are there for their expecting mothers, which is so important. We thank them for their help in bringing us our beautiful little girl!

... ... ... ...

Morgan L

Feb 02 2021

Lifetime helped us feel prepared every step of the way! They made sure we stayed on track and get through the initial steps of the process quickly. We were lucky and got matched AND met our baby within a month of being listed on the website. Even if it had taken longer, I know they would have continued to support us and give us guidance every step of the way. The webinars were incredibly informative and interesting. Every member of the staff we worked with were also informative and so very sweet. You can tell they truly love their jobs. We now have our beautiful bundle of joy and have referred several friends to Lifetime. If we decide to adopt again, I have no doubt that we would work with Lifetime again and have another wonderful experience!

... ...


Aug 25 2020

My experience with Lifetime Adoption was awesome!


Jun 03 2020

Our experience with Lifetime only got better as we went along. Everyone was so helpful and we would most definitely go through them again. They helped us get our four beautiful children and we are forever grateful for the experience!

Erin B

Aug 06 2019

We were very happy with our experience with Lifetime Adoption. The quick responsiveness and openness of those we worked with was comforting and assuring during the process. It eased any concerns or doubts, and made the experience more real even though we never met any one we worked with in person. We were especially pleased whenever we had a question arise, and someone was always available to help us. Our only concern arose at the end of the process when we were working with our birth mother coordinator. We felt like we were floundering at times without much guidance. However, when we finally figured out what to ask she was helpful. And this is not a criticism, but just an observation. Our birth mother coordinator did not seem as engaged or interested in working with us as others at Lifetime did. We did not feel that she was mean, but our experience with everyone else we worked with or spoke to during the last year was so kind, engaging, and enthusiastic that she was lacking in comparison. Especially considering that it took place at a time when we could have used more assurance and support. However, we are happy with our overall experience and would highly recommend working with Lifetime to others.

Kimberly L

Jul 29 2019

We are so grateful that we chose Lifetime Adoption to help grow our family. Everyone with whom we interacted was warm and supportive. The webinars were extremely informative and useful. We thank God daily for blessing us with our beautiful son. It is crazy how the time has flown. Our Zachary is such a Joy!!! We are in contact with our birth mom monthly and are looking forward to her visit hopefully before the year ends. May God continue to bless her and Lifetime! We are already blessed beyond measure.

Jennifer W

Mar 16 2019

Lifetime Adoption helped us bring home our little angel, and changed our lives forever! We couldn't be more thankful to these ladies. They were so kind, even when things got stressful or when I started questioning if we were ever even meant to be parents. 18 months in, we had our little boy, and have continued a great connection with his birth mother. I can't imagine a more caring group to work with, for us as well as birthmom! They're an amazing group of Christian women with a lot of experience, and the support we received was top notch. When we adopt again, it will definitely be with Lifetime!

Lisa C

Feb 18 2019

We had such a wonderful experience working with Lifetime Adoption! Every single person we worked with on their team is amazing, caring and incredibly supportive. They offer you every opportunity to learn about all the various aspects of adoption, while guiding you professionally through the process. They have mastered the ability to handle such an emotional and often times, traumatic experience, ethically and with the utmost respect to all involved, from birth families to adoptive families. Highly recommend.

Dawn M

Dec 11 2018

I am pro life. I believe that everyone that wants a child should have that choice. too many young girls are aborting like its birth control. good luck to the couples let this be shared with those promoting abortion. my prayers are that young people choose to let someone adopt their child instead of abortion. I'm a mother of 3 , grandmother of 6. I promote adoption and will share your stories..

Rose B

Nov 14 2018

We are a family working with Lifetime. I have never second thought our choice! We pray everyday for a baby and pray for all the birth moms too. We have learned so much working with Lifetime. There will never be enough words or even the right words to express our gratitude towards Lifetime staff members! Thank you for all you do, not only for waiting families but for the many beautiful birth mothers as well!

Bethany C

Jun 28 2018

We adopted through lifetime and had a wonderful experience! The staff is well educated and very kind and encouraging.

Lisa J

Jul 10 2017

We cannot say enough great things about Lifetime. Our son is proof positive that Lifetime does what they say they will do. We followed Lifetime's direction, and thought the wait was hard sometimes, we know it was worth every moment. If I could tell family's anything, it would be to understand what Lifetime is doing for you and know that it is for your good. We faithfully attended the webinars and followed every instruction. We know it was absolutely worth it. Our son is now 4 and every time he says "I love you momma," all I can think of is how long I yearned to hear those words. We pray every day for the wonderful people at Lifetime and the families that are waiting. God bless you for all you do!!!

Heather S

Dec 09 2016

We worked Lifetime Adoption Center & we adopted our precious daughter. The person that we worked with once we were chosen was excellent! We had a very positive experience with them.

Kyle O

Dec 08 2016

Very professional and caring. They care about those families looking to adopt but more importantly their heart is for birth mothers who are selflessly giving their child to a loving family. There is not another placement company out there that will have the care and attention to detail that LifeTime offers. We could not be happier.

Haley O

Apr 19 2013

Lifetime did exactly what we wanted and needed them to... They made us parents! We looked around at different professionals and options and decided we really wanted to adopt a baby. We then let our heart lead us to a place we felt safe and heard, and that was Lifetime. They guided us, helped us, found a birthmother who picked us, and worked with us (and her) the entire way. There wasn't anything more we could have wanted, except maybe twins. LOL There are so many people out there who say they can help you. We wanted more than just help, we wanted to become parents. And we wanted to do it in a way that also honored and respected the birthmother who chose us. Lifetime did all that and more!

Sarah Neff

Apr 10 2024

I found Lifetime Adoption through the couple I chose to pursue as my son's adoptive parents. I didn't know what to expect, since I have never gone through this experience before. I honestly thought it would just be about the baby, the adoptive parents and the agency and the birth mom would be somewhere in the background. But I was pleasantly surprised that they actually cared about me too. I would get snail mail like cards and little notes of encouragement from them, my case worker checking in on me often and would offer free counseling through a licensed professional or other birth mothers who were also in my position before. It's been a relief to know I'm not just a womb to them or the adoptive parents - they treat me like a person and I'm honestly deeply touched by their kindness before, during and after the process. They actually care about birth mothers here.

Josh Holcomb

Sep 23 2023

We used Lifetime for the matching portion of our adoption process and I have to say we were relatively happy with everything. See some reviews on here about price gouging and I would disagree because the process as a whole with adoption is expensive in nature and the thing my wife and I appreciated is how clear and comprehensive the pricing was with Lifetime (we were never once asked to give more $ to them). We looked at a lot of places and nearly every other agency had no cap on expenses that would go to them directly. The thing that we appreciated most about Lifetime is the support they provided to the birth mother of our kids. It's not just something they market, it is something they do and do well according to the birth mother of our kids. In terms of support for us, we were able to ask any questions we had of them but our real support came from our home study agency which was local to us. Now the one thing I will say was difficult was that once we were matched, there were some complications based on our state and the state the birth mother was in. Our match was perfect in terms of the person, there couldn't have been a better connection. But the legal hurdles were pretty substantial so definitely prepare yourself for lawyers (yes plural) because typically you will end up with an interstate adoption since Lifetime serves the majority of the US. And from what I've seen and heard, having lawyers in each state that is related to the adoption is not unique to adoptions through Lifetime. Overall, we would use Lifetime again and go into it with more clarity about the process as a whole (not just Lifetime as an agency) but at the end of the day, we brought our kids home and we are grateful to Lifetime for getting us there.

Niambi Brown

Aug 02 2023

Lifetime was an amazing agency to work with, professional yet caring. They always have the best interests of both families in mind and are there for you to process and move through every step. We had such an amazing experience with them five years ago, we decided to adopt again with them. I highly recommend them and couldn�t imagine working with anyone else!

Allyson B

Jan 10 2023

Adoption is a long, complicated, emotional process, so why wouldn't you choose an agency designed by an adoptive mom who knows the kind of support and reassurance you need? Our experience with Lifetime was great. They were there for the highs and the lows, gave us support through monthly check-ins and webinars, and even when we just needed a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on! When our birth mother needed support, they were already two steps ahead. It was really important to us to work with an agency that focused on supporting the prospective birth mothers throughout the entire adoption process, and Lifetime is excellent at that! One of the major plusses of working with Lifetime is the network of reliable state social work and attorney contacts they have--we didn't have to worry! They did all the work for us; all we had to do was call the contacts on the list for the state we matched in. Thanks to Lifetime's unending encouragement, support, and networking, we are happy to now be parents to a beautiful baby boy!

Teshieka C

Jan 02 2023

Greatest thing we could have ever done


Mo G

Dec 21 2022

From the very beginning Lifetime made me feel like family. They were with us through every step. The webinars we're my absolute favorite. They were a wealth of information. Lifetime, were Angels here on Earth as we waited for God to manifest his promise. Always praying for us and keeping us encouraged. We thank God for Lifetime!

Steven B

Dec 20 2022

Thank you so much to the Lifetime Adoption Team! They worked non-stop on helping to find our beautiful baby girl and what a blessing it has been so far! My wife and I couldn't be more happy with the hard work that was put in by Lifetime :)

Tara H

Aug 02 2022

I can’t even begin to express the love and gratitude I have for everyone at Lifetime. From day one , I felt such an ease as I spoke to them about our dream , which at the time felt like just a dream to expand our family through adoption. Their knowledge of everything that goes into the adoption process and the complete love and respect that they provide birth mothers with is above and beyond. That was something that truly made us want to work with Lifetime and have them guide us on our journey. While the journey is far from easy, and often some waiting time, our monthly check in calls with Robyn were great. She is so sweet and fun to talk with and I really loved the relationship we developed. She always gave me hope when I would lose it and remind me that every adoption story is unique and when it happens it will be exactly how it should be. I had the pleasure of also working with Libby who created our beautiful profile. She put together a profile for us that was my exact vision. She was always so helpful and not to mention loved listening to her webinars which were super helpful and knowledgeable during the wait period. Then when we were matched, we got to work with Diane, who truly is a earth side angel. Diane was always available when we needed her for advice or questions or just to chat. She always made sure we felt comfortable and she walked us through every step of the way, even the bumps in the road. We now have a beautiful daughter and we are so so beyond grateful and feel super blessed. She is the absolute perfect addition to our family, and is adored by all. Especially her big brother who says she is the best thing that ever happened to him. We have a beautiful connection with our daughters birth family, and we love the connection that we have. We thank Lifetime for all they do, all their dedicated hours , all their love and respect and had a wonderful experience with them. Thank you to everyone.

... ... ... ... ...

Katie E

Nov 18 2021

Lifetime helped us immensely throughout the entire process of our adoption. They took care of our matched Birthmom, fostered communication, and checked in with us every step of the way. Even when we needed to put our contract on hold, they were understanding and flexible, giving us grace and staying in communication. We feel extremely blessed to have gotten our son through a facilitator that truly cared, and made it as seamless as possible.

Stephanie V

Nov 15 2021

We loved our time with Lifetime! All the ladies were wonderful to work with and they were very supportive during our wait. They had very helpful information in regards to what to expect as well as managing our own expectations. We also learned a lot about how to build relationships with birth family especially the birth mom.

Amber C

Apr 01 2021

Everyone at Lifetime is great! This journey isn’t for everyone and but having the people at Lifetime go through this journey with you makes it worth it. Thank you Christie, Robyn, Tiffany, Linda and everyone who played a pet in making my family complete. You will always hold a special Place in our hearts!

... ... ...


Aug 25 2020

Lifetime was there for us every step of the way! We are so thankful for their prayer, guidance and support! The adoption process is not easy, but lifetime always has someone there to give you peace of mind and does the best job facilitating between birth parents and adoptive parents... bridging a gap that could otherwise be very difficult.

... ... ...


Aug 25 2020

We had an amazing experience with lifetime ! Everyone was so nice and helpful. We now have a 6 month old little boy that is our whole world ! We highly recommend lifetime !

... ... ...


Jun 03 2020

Lifetime was amazing every step of the way! They were always available, always professional, always helpful. Our hearts are so filled with joy to have our amazing daughter, and it wouldn't have happened without Lifetime.

Christina R

Aug 06 2019

We feel so thankful for the opportunity to work with Lifetime Adoption. The adoption process can seem overwhelming and almost impossible to understand at times. With Lifetime’s help, we felt prepared to face each of the steps of adoption. The webinars and information found on the members website are vital tools in understanding the most effective ways to successfully adopt. The friendly staff is committed to providing a step-by-step approach to maximize the opportunities. We highly recommend Lifetime to anyone considering adoption.


Christa C

Jul 27 2019

Our experience was unique with many ups and downs. Natalie, Tiffany, Linda and the rest of the Lifetime staff were there for us every step of the way. They took time to answer questions, calm our nerves, laugh and cry with us and genuinely care for our family. We had the rare experience of a birth mother making an adoption plan near Lifetime's FL office so I actually got to meet Tiffany at the hospital and visit the office with our sweet girl. Not only did the coordinators at Lifetime care for us, they cared well for the expectant moms we spoke with and went above and beyond for our daughter's birth mother. Passionate, compassionate, genuine, ethical, kind and loving are the words I would use to describe how the women at Lifetime approach each adoption situation that comes their way.

Cassie L

Mar 13 2019

We are incredibly grateful to Lifetime! Their support and professionalism was just over the top during the adoption process! I really can't express in words how perfect it was. They offered us exclusive coaching and on going education that put us at ease including a private membership site and a portal to help you stay on top of things! I'm a Type A person so this really helped me in being able to understand what I needed to get done. They were so great to our birth mom as well, providing the same support during the entire match with her! I would highly recommend Lifetime and getting to know them!

Josie F

Feb 07 2019

Lifetime Adoption is a wonderful organization and I am extremely glad that we decided to go with them! We did a lot of research into which agency was right for us and Lifetime got great reviews and seemed right for us. We did wait longer than usual (3 years) and had two failed matches before we had the blessing of bringing our twin daughters home. Lifetime was there to walk us through heartache and celebrate with us as we built our family. Because we had been matched a total of three times, I had the pleasure of working with several of Lifetime's coordinators and they were all incredibly compassionate and professional. They gave us great wisdom during our journey and we could not be more grateful!

Shasta R

Dec 05 2018

Lifetime helped us tremendously : from designing a profile to wait support via informational webinars, to match to finalization. We have a beautiful baby boy thanks to lifetime!

Jen B

Oct 12 2018

From initial inquiry to adoption (roughly five months), Lifetime Adoption has been incredible. They are professional, knowledgeable, offer tremendous resources and care for the emotional well being for the adoptive parents and birth mothers alike. We will never ever forget the day we received the call that a birth mother chose us. (GOD IS GREAT!) Each and every member of the Lifetime team is kind, responsive and caring. We highly recommend Lifetime Adoption.


Mar 19 2018

We have adopted 2 children through Lifetime Adoption and would never think of using anyone else. Both of our experiences were very personalized with this wonderful Christian organization. We always felt very comfortable talking with all of the staff, no matter how large or small our questions or concerns were. We adore everyone at Lifetime and will always consider them part of our family.

JoLynn N

Apr 10 2017

My husband and I have had an amazing experience through Lifetime Adoption Center. Everything from the first phone call all the way through! We could ask as many questions as we wanted, and they genuinely cared! They were very upfront about the fees and expectations, and everything promised, was delivered. We matched with our birth parents in 5 months and would consider our adoption process one of the best experiences of our lives! I can just rave about Lifetime Agency, and am grateful we found them! -JoLynn, WI-

Cindy D

Dec 09 2016

I cannot say enough good things about Lifetime. The professionals that they have there were knowledgeable, compassionate, and responsive. The birth mom of our first placement changed her mind within the statutory period. We were devastated and prepared to terminate our adoption efforts. Fortunately, the Lifetime staff, who have been through this before, were able to talk us into giving it another try. Within weeks, we were selected again by a birth mom. But this time, the birth mom didnt change her mind and we have a beautiful baby boy. A dream that almost did not happen. Thanks to Lifetime.

Kristi R

Dec 08 2016

We worked with Lifetime Adoption for a little over 3 years when we were matched with our baby. The support that they provided was second to none! They were there for us along the entire journey and still keep in touch to see the progression of our son. We owe so much to Lifetime Adoption and have recommended them over and over again.

Helen M

Apr 16 2013

I have been contracted for the second time with them and adoptive parents to a lifetime baby boy for the past four years now! Nothing competes with their professionalism and attention to the details around adoption.

Sarah Neff

Apr 10 2024

I found Lifetime Adoption through the couple I chose to pursue as my son's adoptive parents. I didn't know what to expect, since I have never gone through this experience before. I honestly thought it would just be about the baby, the adoptive parents and the agency and the birth mom would be somewhere in the background. But I was pleasantly surprised that they actually cared about me too. I would get snail mail like cards and little notes of encouragement from them, my case worker checking in on me often and would offer free counseling through a licensed professional or other birth mothers who were also in my position before. It's been a relief to know I'm not just a womb to them or the adoptive parents - they treat me like a person and I'm honestly deeply touched by their kindness before, during and after the process. They actually care about birth mothers here.

Timothy Nickless

Sep 11 2023

Adoption can be a very stressful and emotional process; we are so grateful to be working with Lifetime, benefiting from their knowledge and experience. Throughout our wait we have only ever felt Lifetimes commitment and support to us.

Michelle Bacon

Jul 19 2023

Lifetime Adoption Agency helped my husband \u0026 I start our family 20 years ago, with the open adoption of our son. We were blessed to adopt a second time, to complete our family 12 years ago, with the adoption of our daughter.\nThe staff at Lifetime is kind, caring, supportive, understanding and beyond dedicated. They value and honor both parties of the adoption process whole heartedly; their heart for adoption is what led us to them in the first place.\nWe recommend Lifetime Adoption Agency without hesitation. You can absolutely trust Lifetime to help you build your family.

Cody M

Jan 06 2023

It was an amazing experience!


Dec 24 2022

Words can't describe how thankful we are for Lifetime Adoption. They were constantly in contact with us and always willing to help! Lifetime helped us with adopting our beautiful baby girl and we are extremely blessed! We highly recommend Lifetime :)

Molly M

Dec 21 2022

Lifetime Adoption staff is very friendly and helpful. They will guide you in trying to make your profile very presentable. We were self matched after 2 years of waiting with lifetime. I do think a major factor on if you get picked quickly is what state you live in. From what we saw, families from more commonly known states were picked quicker.

Michelle R

Dec 20 2022

Lifetime is our lifeline. We adopted two great children from lifetime. We are forever grateful!


Veronique L

Aug 01 2022

We are so grateful to be a lifetime family. From the start you have walked our adoption journey with us, encouraging us, leading us, preparing us. Then we received your call introducing us to our adopted baby girl, and you still continued to guide us step by step. Your whole staff has such a genuine loving and caring heart for birth mothers, children and adoptive families. Thank you so much for pouring your hearts to help build families and truly care for birth moms. We pray God richly blesses you and continues to increase you. With all our love and gratitude, Buck & Veronique


Mary D

Nov 17 2021

Lifetime is great to work with! They care so much about their clients and the birth families. We were very well informed with they're webinars and many resources. The faith foundation was a huge support to us and encouraged us along the way.

Jennifer Q

Nov 15 2021

Lifetime was wonderful to work with! Everyone we worked with was always available to answer questions and to explain things to us throughout our journey. We highly recommend them!


Petra P

Feb 05 2021

From the very beginning, we were treated like friends. Every conversation with Jennifer made us feel at ease and once we made the decision to apply with LT, it felt like a "no brainer". Everyone that we came in contact with was knowledgeable, patient and invested in our progress. We could email our coordinator, Robin, at any time and she made sure to get back with us in a reasonable amount of time or direct us to the right person. Once we were matched, Tiffany was an excellent go-between and stayed encouraging while we navigated a whirlwind match (2 weeks!). However, the MOST important thing was how well they cared for our birth mother and communicated her needs to us. She was always covered. Overall, we could not be happier and would highly recommend LT to other adopting families.


Aug 25 2020

The professionals at Lifetime guided us through every step of the process. Communication was ongoing and clear. Resources were abundant. Interactions were always positive, friendly, and warm. It is clear that Lifetime staff have made it their mission to make the adoption process go successfully for all involved.

Lori G

Jun 09 2020

Entire staff was very supportive. All the steps in the process were explained and details provided to complete. The webinars were very helpful. I will recommend Lifetime if anyone is contemplating adoption.


Jun 02 2020

Chris and I felt very supported through our entire adoption process. It’s a little odd having the agency be out of state and all communication be via phone and email. However, it ended in the adoption of our beautiful daughter Mckenna which we couldn’t be more thankful for! When we had questions, they were answered timely. When we had concerns, they also were addressed. Everyone was professional and helpful throughout the process. At times things felt a little cold, but I think it was primarily secondary to not knowing the face behind the phone call or email with suggestions given. Also, we were a little surprised by the fact that our birth mom tested HIV positive after giving birth. This all came out the same day the adoption papers were signed. The birth mom coordinator from lifetime was very surprised by this as well and I’m not sure why adequate pre-birth doctor appointments didn’t happen. It was a false positive in the end and everything turned out fine. It wouldn’t have changed whether we would’ve adopted Mckenna or not. But, I would’ve thought this precaution would’ve been taken earlier on. Thank you for all that you guys do! We will forever be grateful and thankful for the opportunity to work with Lifetime Adoption! We pray for baby number two in the future and would welcome going through Lifetime again!

... ... ...

Tanya O

Aug 02 2019

We cannot say enough about the miracles that Lifetime Adoption gave us. Our twins are our greatest joy. Thank you Lifetime for giving us our greatest gift and for being there each and every step of the way. We are eternally grateful.

Kara P

Jul 26 2019

Natalie was wonderful to work with and gave us words of encouragement when needed

Lisa C

Mar 12 2019

We had such a wonderful experience working with Lifetime Adoption. They truly care about everyone they work with, from birth families to adoptive families and especially the children involved. Highly recommend.

Rachael C

Feb 03 2019

Lifetime Adoption cares for the moms making their decisions, and the adoptive parents.

Kimberly L

Dec 04 2018

We had a very positive experience with Lifetime Adoption. As their role is to “facilitate” a match, I feel certain that is exactly what happened on our behalf. It is true that a lot of the “work” was on us- creating and printing profiles and making the video, both of which was simultaneously exhausting and even kinda fun. Bottom line- Our profile got in front of the birth mom who ultimately chose us. We are in love with our new son and are grateful to God and for the role Lifetime played. We did feel supported throughout the whole process which began in February 2018. We were matched in September and brought our baby home a few weeks ago in November. We couldn’t be more happy.

Jen B

Oct 12 2018

From our initial inquiry to our adoption (six months), Lifetime Adoption was professional, knowledgeable, dedicated and caring. We followed Lifetime's recommendations closely - they are the experts! Each team member is attentive and kind and we could not have been happier with our experience. We highly recommend Lifetime Adoption!

Tequila A

Aug 10 2017

Thank you ladies for making our dreams come true.

Ruth R

Dec 13 2016

We could not be happier with our experience with Lifetime. It was so important that I share this information with other families because finding an adoption agency is such an important and life altering decision. Lifetime was a perfect fit for us. They were honest about what they could provide and followed through with every promise they made. We were able to bring our son home within 6 months of signing up with Lifetime. I cannot express what a blessing this organization was to us and starting our family.

Lisa N

Dec 08 2016

We worked with Lifetime Adoption in 2012 and again in 2014 and experienced two very successful adoptions with their help. They were professional, knowledgeable, and provided wonderful resources and support throughout. After much research, we found their pricing reasonable and fair and were very happy with the service provided. We would highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality adoption experience.

Cheryl M

May 15 2016


Polly B

Apr 09 2013

We had a wonderful experience with Lifetime! All their hardwork and ours paid off with the birth of our beautiful daughter. We found everyone we talked with there informative, honest and very supportive. Adoption is an expensive family decision there is no doubt about that but in doing A LOT of research we found Lifetime to be reasonable as compared to the many other agencies out there! Even after our adoption Lifetime was there for questions and concerns for both us and the birth mom. And when we did lose touch with our birth mom they helped her find us again. And I know that for most finding a "match" can take a very long time however our adoption took very little time! Thanks to Lifetime Adoption we have the family we prayed for and I wouldnt have changed anything about the way we got here!

Bruce J

Dec 23 2023

We adopted our daughter through Lifetime over 7 years ago. I appreciated the binder with step-by-step directions they sent us. I knew that if I followed those steps to a T, the best I could, that we would indeed be parents. Fortunately, our wait time was short and we were matched with our birthmother after 6 months. Lifetime was always there to answer questions and be supportive. Our birthmother coordinator was on speed dial. Four years after our daughter was born our birthmother became pregnant again and contacted us. Once again, I called Lifetime and they helped us through the second adoption process. We used the same lawyer both times as well - one recommended by Lifetime - and she was amazing. I was so happy to be able to meet our Birthmother Coordinator while in Florida after our son was born. It just brought the whole process full circle. Also, Mardi\u0027s book \"Called to Adoption\" was a must-read. I\u0027m glad I read it as it helped prepare us for the process, and I would recommend that, as well as Lifetime, to anyone considering domestic adoption.

Gabrielle Allen

Aug 09 2023

Building a family through adoption is hard - Lifetime made the journey easy to navigate. We�re so thankful for the team of ladies who walked alongside us while building a profile, waiting, and eventually meeting our daughter! They answered every question and listened to every concern we had. The webinars equipped us for the roller coaster of the first few days of meeting our daughter and navigating the legal side of things. Our attorney was shocked at our readiness and adaptability as things fell into place. We give all of the credit to Lifetime.\n\nIf you�re hung up on the price - my husband \u0026 I would encourage you to not let that be a deal breaker. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes. You will not find a better/more ethical adoption agency who will care deeply for you, the birth parents, and your child. Their genuine care for you to build your family while providing support for the birth parents is priceless.

Nicole J

Feb 18 2023

Thank you for everything! This was a process that at times was frustrating but you all were very patience and understanding and someone was there with me at every step.

Margaret R

Jan 06 2023

Every interaction with Lifetime was very professional.

Shelby S

Dec 23 2022

We had a great experience working with Lifetime. They were very helpful, knowledgeable, encouraging and professional throughout our adoption journey.

Melinda W

Dec 21 2022

We had a great experience with Lifetime and found the material and webinars to be very helpful to guide us through our journey. Our very first interaction with Jen was great and every communication with Libby was amazing. Christie was also very helpful, overall we had a great experience.

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John A

Aug 02 2022

Lifetime was great. They were attentive and helpful, especially during moments of doubt in the process. We highly recommend Lifetime Adoption to other families looking to adopt. We are thankful that we chose Lifetime and God led us down this path.

Mackenzie S

Dec 22 2021

We decided on Lifetime because we specifically set out to find an agency that prioritized birth mom care and resources. Throughout our entire process pre-placement with our birth mom, she constantly told us how helpful Lifetime had been. She spoke often of our birth mom coordinator and expressed great thankfulness for the resources and wisdom Lifetime shared with her. Even after placement, our birth mom coordinator has continued communication with our birth mom and provided a personal phone number to allow her to be reached. We are SO thankful for Lifetime's help, wisdom, and prayers through this process and are confident it was the right choice for us in our adoption journey!

Bruce J

Nov 16 2021

This was our second successful adoption through Lifetime. Our children are maternal half siblings, and our birthmother contacted us when she was pregnant again, so the experiences and services needed by Lifetime were different this second time around. We would recommend LIfetime to hopeful adoptive parents.

Jessica H

Nov 15 2021

Everyone at lifetime was so amazing and wonderful! Their packages were priced better than other adoption agencies. I did extensive research and praying before selecting an agency to trust something like Adoption with. I wanted to really connect and make sure the birth family/mother felt loved and cared for and not just her baby. I spent little over an hour on the phone with Kim at Lifetime really educating myself and asking hard, hard questions. She was wonderful!!! This is a HUGE decision in life and your family! You CAN TRUST everyone at Lifetime to care for your family AND the women they connect with. Outside of that the education and support they provide while you wait is INCREDIBLE! And they help you make connections for legal that you need as well as how to put yourself out there that you are hoping to Adopt! One year after we worked with Lifetime our adoption was complete and our son Elliot and his birth family are now a part of our family and I couldn't imagen such a beautiful gift of relationships. Thank you everyone at Lifetime!!!

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Shemeekia N

Feb 02 2021

We were extremely pleased with the experience we had with the lifetime family. The staff was pleasant, friendly and very helpful. The webinars helped answer our questions and help us prepare for our adoption. And the best experience was receiving the call about our baby girl Sydney! Thank you made our dream come true.


Aug 25 2020

Start to finish- very professional and supported experience. God orchestrated a quirk that brought me two precious babies! Renatta and Diane were fabulous. I recommend lifetime without reservation!!

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Jun 08 2020

We first approached Lifetime in 2016 and everyone was so welcoming and knowledgeable. We were not ready to move forward at that time but we returned to Lifetime three more times before we finally got the nerve to take the leap! Each time we connected with Kim King she answered every question, made us feel welcomes and assured us that God would reveal to us when the time was right for our adoption. We signed on in 2019 and we completely loved and cared for by each Lifetime staff person we encountered. When we were matched and placed on 6 months into our wait (before we even got to do our video!), Christie was right there every step of the way, even when we were really struggling with the tremendous life change. All in all we felt loved and cared for. We weren’t just numbers to Lifetime, we were a family, they knew us by name and took time to be with us in the good and hard times. I cannot express my gratitude for this agency and for this team of professionals.



Jun 02 2020

Wonderful staff. Very supportive along the entire process. Always giving us hope even when things looked hopeless. With God’s grace and lifetime’s support, we have a beautiful baby boy in our lives

Kim N

Aug 01 2019

We were amazed by our modern day adoption! So many things could be done by the ease of email or texting. Communication with Lifetime was efficient and we got all our questions or comments replied to in a timely manner. The new portal system was a great way to track our to do list, but we had all of our things done very quickly, so we would be ready to say “yes,” whenever we got the call. We love that Lifetime truly cares about each Birthmom and their experience before, after and during adoption. Their love for people is evident! We definitely recommend Lifetime! My favorite aspect of Lifetime is the webinars they offer. I listened to more than I can count and the information was informative, encouraging and enlightening. Even after adoption, I continue to listen to Lifetime’s webinars!

Jake &

Jun 07 2019

We have adopted twice through Lifetime and always recommend this facilitating agency to others. Both experiences were extremely positive and the supportive staff was caring and attentive. While they provide quality service to the adoptive parents, they are careful to include the birth family and keep the baby’s best interest at heart. Specifically I’d like to include Libby in my review. She laughed and cried with us and feels more like a friend than an adoption worker. All of their staff is friendly and go above and beyond. If you are seeking adoption, this should be your first phone call. There is not discrimination and Lifetime is unlike any facilitator available.

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Lisa S

Feb 18 2019

We had such a wonderful experience working with Lifetime Adoption! Every single person we worked with on their team is amazing, caring and incredibly supportive. They offer you every opportunity to learn about all the various aspects of adoption, while guiding you professionally through the process. They have mastered the ability to handle such an emotional and often times, traumatic experience, ethically and with the utmost respect to all involved, from birth families to adoptive families. Highly recommend.


Jan 30 2019

Lifetime is an amazing Christian adoption agency that will walk you step by step through your adoption process. If you follow their directions and listen to their informative webinars you will be successful. We were nervous throughout our process because of fear of the unknown. However, these great coordinators will guide you from the beginning of the adoption process, finances, website and profiles, birth mother coordination and even follow up after the adoption process. My husband and I did have a year waiting period and during that time we were educated through the webinars. Our coordinators communicated with us effectively and made sure all of our questions and concerns were addressed. We would recommend them and use them again


Nov 22 2018

I have been following their work for almost ten years. I trust the calling!

Gina N

Sep 11 2018

What a blessing Lifetime Adoption Center is to our community! The tireless passion and efforts of Mardie and all of her staff, is the backbone to Lifetime's success. With each individual adoption, the Lifetime Adoption Center staff, works with the same love, care and commitment to the entire family's success, that they would have, if going through the process for themselves. So needless to say, the newly formed family's, become extended family members of the LAC family! I encourage you, through prayer, and in hearing or reading about Lifetime's countless adoption successes, to consider calling them in your quest for bringing the blessing of a child into your life! A little someone, is waiting for you!


Aug 03 2017

Hello, we recently adopted our son through Lifetime. The team at Lifetime has become part of our family over the last few years. Adoption is an emotional journey and Lifetime was always there to answer our questions. It did take us much longer than expected to find our match (2 years 10 months) but Lifetime never asked for another dollar from us even though our two years was up. They continued working with us and presenting us to birthmothers until we found our yes! We are so blessed to have our son home with us.

Kerri R

Dec 10 2016

Lifetime is an amazing group who made our dreams come true. They were always there to answer our questions, give guidance, or even to pray with us! We love each and every one of them and recommend anyone considering adoption to contact Lifetime.

Toni D

Dec 08 2016

Three years ago my husband and I wanted to adopt a son. We went online and found Lifetime Adoption. We were afraid of an online service on the other side of the country. Lifetime provided an experience that far exceeded our hopes and expectations. More specifically they have a 24 hour or less response time on all inquires. They never make you feel like a bother no matter how many times you call and most importantly they never waiver in their relentless pursuit of helping families grow! They deliver!!!

Haley O

Feb 23 2014

Starting up to adopt again with their Florida office. So excited to hopefully write a review soon of the outcome!!

Melinda M

Apr 05 2013

My husband and I used Lifetime Adoptions to assist us with finding a birth mother in our adoption process. We signed up with Lifetime in December of 2009, and by February 2010 we were receiving calls with interested birth mothers. We found a perfect match and in April of 2010 our beautiful son was born. Lifetime provided support throughout the entire process and helped make our adoption experience an amazing wonderful experience. I highly recommend Lifetime Adoptions to any couple looking for assistance in locating a birth mother.