Faith Robinson

Jun 15 2024

It is a great purchase, fur is still extremely soft. Definitely worth the money!

... ... ...

Eileen Tavares

Mar 29 2024

I bought this for my 99 year old mother in law, who is in a nursing home. She loves my son’s dog Leon, an Australian Shepherd, so I thought this would keep her company. She loves it.


Heidi H

Jan 16 2024

I bought the stuffed golden doodle for my mom and she loved it!

JoDee Junkman

May 23 2023

I love the quality of his pet and our order came quickly. My husband lived it immediately.


Björt Þ

Apr 19 2023

Very nice, product has been shipped so I hope it will be here soon. I´m giving these cats to a local nursing home.

Jasmine Gardner

Mar 03 2023

Memorable pets made the process, very simple for ordering, and I got a coupon code with my first purchase, which was very nice. I was contacted by one of the representatives that an item was not in stock or going to be delayed, but she kept me updated and gave me choices if I wanted to wait or get a refund. I very much appreciate her promptness to the matter. They were exactly as described in the photos and the description and I cannot be happier with my Shih Tzu plushes. Thank you so much.

Tracy G

Jan 30 2023

Excellent product, even better than excellent service! Thank you from Tracy in Australia.

Donna Rhoad

Jan 05 2023

I bought the baby for an Angel Tree gift for an 84 year old woman in the nursing home. Curious, I called the home to see how the gift went over. I was told the woman sleeps with it and carries it everywhere, so I think it was a big hit. I wish I could afford to buy one for each of the residents.

Patricia D

Dec 20 2022

Has not tesponded back to changes


Sep 24 2022

I gifted this pet to my mother and she immediately fell in love. She loves, loves, loves her Cinnamon.

Shayna F

Jul 27 2022

It took a bit longer to ship than I had hoped but my mother loves her new cat. She has called twice to thank me and tell me how beautiful it is.

Deanna K

May 05 2022

Great product and super communication. Thank you

Marie Gallagher

Apr 15 2022

Gave this to my mother who has alzheimers. In a million years I would never have thought it would bring out the maternal instinct in her that she had lost. It truly did. I did eliminate the bottle, as I thought it could create too much responsibility for her. Trust me this little boy doll is absolutely precious. I would have purchased the twin girl but the nursing home already had it. Thank you for the greatest gift ever!

john w

Mar 31 2022

My brothers and I ordered Caledonia, the calico cat, for our Mom. She is over the moon with delight. We were a little nervous about whether this was the right cat for her and boy, has she let us know it is the BEST cat for her. Thank you for everything you do, it’s something of a miracle.

Theresa K

Mar 09 2022

This cat is very life like. It is made o quality materials and I love the packaging and accessories that come with it.

Heather Parker

Feb 08 2022

My mother has advanced dementia and was recently moved to a nursing home. Knowing she enjoys the therapy dog visits I thought it would be nice for her to have her own cuddly puppy. The Memory Pet, Buddy, is perfect. He has a very kind face and is soft and cuddly. She enjoys holding him and as a result she is fidgeting less. Her face lights up and she smiles when she sees his sweet face; it is comforting to see that smile because she has always been a very cheerful person. There is very little of my mom left so I am happy that Buddy gives her some comfort in a new setting.

Joyce Lawson

Jan 09 2022

I gave the golden retriever dog to a person who suffers from PDS and night terrors. She holds the beautiful dog each night and feels safer. The retriever has such a sweet face and is so soft and wonderful.

Cathy R

Dec 02 2021

well I ordered a cat thought price was around 150 delivered then I look credit card said 200 because American dollars not really happy still havnt recieved it yet 😞


Oct 13 2021

I purchased this for my 11 year old niece who was just diagnosed with leukemia. She is missing her new golden doodle while she is inpatient and I can’t wait to bring this doggie in to her. He is so soft and cuddly. Very happy with the quality and how quickly he was delivered.


Charles Sayles

Jun 27 2021

Memorable Pets has changed my mother’s overall attitude and mood. This is truly AMAZING ! Thank you Memorable Pets !

Keri Mitchell

May 25 2021



Carole F

May 12 2021

I have received no shipping notice, have received no response to my email wondering when my item will ship, I have no confidence in this company at present.

Janet S

Mar 01 2021

The quality of the stuffed animals at Memorable Pets is beyond anything I have previously seen. They are so well made and cuddly. The elders who receive them absolutely adore them and find great comfort in them. Bettina is great to work with - responsive and helpful. Janet Hirsch PetPals

Sharon L

Jan 30 2021

Your store is easy to navigate and the selection is good. My package was shipped out immediately. Thank you.

Ronald S

Dec 26 2020

We have not got the cat yet so we can’t rate it now we pay extra for a two day delivery and it been 6 going on seven day not good

Bonnie J

May 26 2024

Bettina provided the most professional and courteous service I've encountered throughout all of the years of my sister's illness. Thsnk you.

Darcy Z

Mar 21 2024

Items received and happy with purchase.

JoDee Junkman

Jan 13 2024

I had purchased a dog from you for my husband, who was in memory care. Quite often we would have to look for it because it was so popular with all the residents. He passed last month, so I used part of the memorial money to purchase two dogs and a cat for the facility. They are very loved!!

Carolyn D

May 13 2023

Great experience

Becky D

Apr 04 2023

After looking at many options on the internet I came across this site. It was the most realistic looking Pomeranian dog I could find. I am so grateful it arrived ahead of schedule! It arrived the day before our mother had to give up her doggies before her move into assisted living. And she LOVED IT. It actually looks like a dog she had in the past. It has the long hair for her to run her fingers through as she is use to doing with her fur babies. It fits in her walker and she plans on taking it everywhere with her in her new place. What fun that will be for her and other residents. Thank you so much for a product for older adults that can bring them some comfort in a most difficult situation. Whaley

Feb 19 2023

She loves her fluffy pet and believes she is real. Such a sweet thing.

Justine Gordon

Jan 25 2023

It was a wonderful gift


Wesley J

Jan 04 2023

First I want to say how awesome this company is! I placed an order for a Black Lab Pitt Bull mix plush. Dimensions were spot on and material was super soft. It wasnt in stock at the time which was unfortunate, but understandable. They emailed me within a few hours of ordering letting me know and how I wanted to proceed. Within 2 emails everything was set in motion. Restock was within a few days like they said, order was processed on time and shipping was fast. They are fair and honest and fast to respond to emails. Love you guys and thank you again for a wonderful shopping experience!

Geraldine H

Oct 31 2022

Very happy with product and its quality. Online shopping was easy and delivery prompt.

Hallie L

Sep 05 2022

I was worried the doll would not look like the picture but It does. It is exactly what I was looking for and my mom loves it.

Ellen D

Jul 25 2022

Very fast response. Provided a great professional discount and the items arrived quickly. The dogs and cats ordered are adorable and will work wonderfully for the dementia program we are starting.

Linda Stingl

Apr 22 2022

I sent my Mom a robotic dog for her birthday in August 2021. She was thrilled. She liked him so much but then, even with battery change, he lost some vim and vigor, so we got her another dog. Buddy seems to have a bit of his pep back.

... ... ...

Lynne H

Apr 15 2022

The beautifully made white, tan and black dog that I purchased for my 80 year old sister made her so happy! She loves it and I'm so very pleased with my purchase. The dog is extremely well made and so soft and cuddly. It's perfect!

Cynthia Pendergrast

Mar 18 2022

The golden retriever I ordered was out of stock and you all graciously sent a larger pet as a substitute. Unfortunately, it was too large for my mother. She was not at all interested in the pet! However, the pet itself is delightful. When I put it on my lap the weight and feel of it is such that my hand moves to scratch its ears. Because it is the size and not the product that Mother doesn't like, I will order a smaller pet for her.

rose w

Mar 07 2022

The babydoll is very sweet. Unfortunately, my godmother passed before she was able to see it. 😢


Feb 01 2022

The fur is a buttery golden color, the nose and eyes are placed as pictured. Sweet face. High quality. I bought 2 for twins for my grandaughter and her grandma. They look alike and are made well, the only difference i see is one golden doodle’s floppy tail stands up and one leans to the side. Now we can tell them apart. Very happy w purchase!

Lana McClelland

Dec 27 2021

The cat companion is a huge help calming my husband. It resembles his favourite real pet cat so well. I bought 2 in case one was lost or stolen or needed laundering. By the way it washed up nicely.

Angela P

Nov 23 2021

Beautiful items, and excellent service.

Sarah Wilcox

Sep 30 2021

We ordered this adorable cat for a friend; I am about to order another one! My son loves the kitty and goes to bed easily with his furry friend! :)

Charles Sayles

Jun 27 2021

This purchase of the Black Labrador has been amazing., My mother who resides in a assisted living memory care unit is so much happier with the Memorable Pet. She views it as our Black Lab named LuLu and I am amazed at her overall mood and well being since receiving the product. Thank you Memorable Pets , I am truly pleased with the results of uniting her with the Pet.

Keri Mitchell

May 25 2021

My mom loves taking care of her puppy. They are inseparable.

... ...

Donna L

May 01 2021

i havent recieved my item yet

Nancy H

Feb 10 2021

I got the little white Bisous for my mom who has pretty advanced dementia and has been missing her beloved former dogs and trying to get some more (impossible). She was absolutely overjoyed by this Memorable Pets pup, carries it everywhere including the bathroom and to bed, and from both staff reports and phone calls with her, the constand joyful companion in her lap has made her happier than anyone has seen her in ages. Cannot recommend highly enough. Thank you Memorable Pets!!!!!!!


Regina B

Jan 21 2021

My little, Molly, was exactly what I envisioned.


Kathleen Kellems

Dec 06 2020

This is the second golden retriever puppy I have ordered from you. The puppy has been my mom’s constant companion, she won’t sleep with out She has dementia and Alzheimer’s, feeling safe and calm is everything to her. She has something to distract her, and he/she is so soft and easy to hold on to as mom is paralyzed on the right side from a stroke.


May 16 2024

When I received the parcel and opened it , I fell in love. So so soft and cuddly. Beautiful colouring, cute face. I would love of my own. I sent it to my dad and he was so surprised and had the biggest smile on his face, now that we seldom see anymore.

... ...

Loren M

Mar 20 2024

The product is well made and my mom loves it!

Virginia Petraglia

Jan 02 2024

Easy ordering. Fast delivery. A pleasing companion.


Trent Turk

May 08 2023

Due to my father's declining health and my mother's advancing dementia, they were forced to move into an assisted living facility. They chose to move from the family farm to an assisted living facility over 100 miles from their home, just to be near their son and daughter. One of the most unfortunate circumstances about this move was they were forced to give up their dog, Shane. Mother, who has advanced dementia, loved and care for Shane every day, giving him endless treats and lots of baby talk - even as her disease progressed. Fortunately, their grandson and his fiance adopted Shane and kept him in the family. He does get to visit my mom often, but she dearly misses him and speaks of him frequently. My wife discovered your stuffed animals on Facebook and shared the link with me. Since your stuffed golden retriever looked so much like Shane, I decided to order one. When my mother was presented with the stuffed animal, she immediately burst into joy and smiles! She "baby talked" to the toy and now takes care of it just like she did for Shane. She absolutely loves it and often refers to it as "her baby" or "Shane". It has truly made a difference for her and gives her something to focus on in her new environment. She especially loves the eyes, and states that it is "looking at her" often. Thank you for making such a quality gift for our mother - the amount we paid is insignificant compared to the joy that has been received by Mom and the rest of our family!


Gloria Nikkel

Mar 09 2023

My Mom was at the stage of her dementia when going to a care home was imminent. She had bonded with the family cat but we knew she wasn't going to be able to have a pet. The idea for a 'cuddle kitty' came up while viewing a memory care website. I found my way to your page and there were so many great choices! I ultimately selected one that was as close to our cat as possible. It was give as a Christmas present and the love was immediate! It sits on her lap when she is doing her puzzles or drawing. It 'rests' with her when she naps, and is tucked in when it's time to sleep. Mom recently had to go to hospital, and 'cuddle kitty' HAD to come with her. He (she!?) has never left her side, and it has become a perfect conversation-starter. Through all the upcoming changes, this little fluffy creature will be her comfort. What a genius idea!

Mary C

Feb 06 2023

I needed assistance with my online order, and the response time in getting back with me and the customer service assistance were "top of the line."

Rhonda L

Jan 20 2023

The puppy is so soft and cuddly . I bought it for a dementia patient in a snf . She loved it ! Great quality ! Fast shipping .

Diane B

Dec 27 2022

Very soft.

Kim Conrad

Oct 21 2022

My mom missed not having her dog and this was a perfect solution. The dog is soft and plush and very well made.

Debbie Watson

Aug 30 2022

Mom who has Alzheimers-Dementia and rarely communicates anymore. While looking for Mothers Day Flowers I came across The Memorable Pets site. My Mom REALLY loves her cat. Also it has given her some stimulation as she pets it, hugs it and has spoken a couple words. I love you was the best. I highly recommend a Memorable Pet to you for your loved ones battling this horrible disease.


Barbara Joan Martorana

Jun 21 2022

Very nice product.

Daniel W

Apr 21 2022

My wife lives her Cairn Terrier! It is already helping her battle dementia.

Robert Brunelle

Apr 13 2022

Just wonderful!!! She loved the Golden… I told her this is what Zack looked like when he was a puppy! We visited with her great niece and my mother to present the gift to Anita. Thanks so much!

... ...

Tony S

Mar 17 2022

Fast delivery, good quality. My father with dementia loves it,even if it's not real. Very soft and cuddly and sets in lap well.

Nicole T

Feb 26 2022

Beautiful doll. My mom will enjoy. Fast shipping and nicely packaged Thank you

Megan Malamisuro

Jan 19 2022

I really like how lifelike the dog looks and feels- the recipient loved it. When I contacted customer service with a question, they responded quickly and with politeness. I still do not think the dog was stuffed enough- the body is kind of flimsy. But would purchase from company again.

Ana S

Dec 23 2021

Great product, great service

Phyllis H

Nov 04 2021

Very good service, helpful .

Debra Jacobson

Sep 25 2021

A few months ago I bought a Deluxe Grey Tiger Cat Companion for my mother's birthday. She has advanced dementia and her cat helps to calm her. She usually spills food or medication on it, so every week I bring the cat home to launder it in my washing machine. I put it in a mesh fine-washables bag on the hand wash/delicate setting with cold water, then air-dry it. I recently bought a Golden Himalayan Cat Companion for one of her Christmas gifts.

Doug Lacey

Jun 26 2021

The dog with the blue bandana was for my mother as her Mother's Day gift. She has been developing dementia and part of that has been depression. Covid isolation did not help with this mental state. Upon seeing the dog, she immediately smiled and laughed a few times within minutes when discovering what the dog could do. I hadn't heard her laugh in weeks so that was a good introduction. She keeps the dog nearby her chair.


Lori Zajac

May 24 2021

The head nurse at the memory care unit suggested a doll for my mother who has alzheimer's and gets depressed. My mother is rarely without her baby now. As hard as it for me to see my mother with this disease, seeing her look lovingly at her baby and say "I love you" to it gives me some comfort that she is as comfortable and happy as she can be under the circumstances. These words might be the only words that we can understand on a given day and I am fine that they are said to a doll.

Kristine Tackett

Apr 27 2021

I ordered one of the Goldendoodle pups, which my granddaughter loved so much that I lost it. I reordered so I would have one for myself.

Elizabeth A

Feb 01 2021

Ordered three pups and a cat. They are adorable and so soft!

aka Betsy McClintock

Jan 15 2021

Would be nice if my purchase had been delivered… Still MIA with no solid delivery date in sight! If you believe that nearly 4 weeks is an acceptable amount of time for a delivery period, then there you go.


Oct 31 2020

Amazing, beautiful dog. Well made product and true to photo. Can't wait to give it to GG.

Barbara Westerfield

Apr 10 2024

Cuddly, soft and true to life. Love her, and talk to her sometimes ;-)

Stella S

Feb 05 2024

Beautiful, adorable and high quality. My mother loved the memorable pet and it has a place with her in her bed as well as times carrying it around. Brings a smile and creates a connection through being so real. Just lovely and a fantastic offering for those who have anxiety.

Melissa R

Aug 24 2023

I ordered the reclining terrier which is adorable. when it first arrived I felt a little disappointed. The coat is very realistic but I thought it should be softer for stroking. The more I look at it the more I am pleased with it. I am giving it to my father- in- law for his 92nd birthday who is in assisted living with memory loss. I hope he likes it, if not I will take him home for our little cutie!

Mary Ann Curry

May 03 2023

my husband loves the dog and has named her Betty, he has Parkinsons and Lewy Body Dememtia best thing I did for him

Kristin Wilmer

Mar 05 2023

This was for my father as his favorite last "son" is a German Shepard dog who he couldn't take with him on his move to a memory care facility. The little Shepard is very soft and moveable. He enjoyed the gift.

Maria Castiglione

Feb 04 2023

My mom has advanced Alzheimer’s. She has always had dogs and really wanted another puppy since another resident in her memory care unit has one. She is unable to care for a live puppy so we decided on trying this little one and gave it to her for Christmas. She loves her new puppy. She thinks it is real, cuddles and talks to her, gives her treats and takes her out to the grass to relieve herself. She gets a bit frustrated because she does not pee when she takes the pup outside, so we got a piece of artificial grass ( inside puppy relief station) and mom is happy that she has a place to go inside. Mom is happier and more relaxed with the puppy and enjoys the company.


Donna Rhoad

Jan 10 2023

Purchased baby Toni as an angel tree gift for an 84 year old woman in a nursing home. I later checked with the nursing home employees who told me the woman sleeps with the baby and carries it with her everywhere . What a great gift!

Tanis Boulet

Dec 20 2022

Mother in law absolutely loved seeing her beloved Sammy in a plush cuddly version. Thank you!

Doris Stenger

Oct 12 2022

My order was back ordered for several weeks. I was kept in the loop as to when I could expect delivery. And it was in stock when promised and promptly shipped.

Margaret C

Aug 13 2022

hi just arrived cairn terrier is lovely thank you

Paula H

May 27 2022

The animal I chose arrived very quickly and is adorable, well made and so soft. I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you for offering a quality product at an affordable price.

Susan I

Apr 21 2022

Wonderful quality and fast shipping/delivery. Calico Cat looks so real, looks like real hair!!

amanda p

Apr 02 2022

My mother absolutely loves the Maltipoo Puppy Companion. Memorable Pets kept me informed about maltipoo stock, and skilled it right out as soon as they received it. Thank you.

Claudette G

Mar 16 2022

I purchased this for my 13 year old granddaughter. Unfortunately her parents would not get her a cat since they already had a dog. She loved it. Her first night with the cat and she called it Wilburt.

Katherine R

Feb 14 2022

I ordered a large stuffed St. Bernard puppy for my dad with dementia. It is so life-like and sweet! It arrived within days. I'm hoping this will ease his transition into Memory Care. Thanks!

Deb Junker

Jan 11 2022

I sent this to my Mom, who has Alzheimer’s and is in a care home. She talks to it as if it were real and takes it under her arm on walks. She thinks it’s so cute!

Carol B

Dec 16 2021

I was prepared to be disappointed. So PLEASED to report that this puppy is So, So Soft and Lovable!!! Arrived prompt and in good condition. Highly Recommend. Thank You So Much.

Deborah C

Oct 16 2021

Absolutely love the plush goldendoodle. Great quality and so cute.


Aug 17 2021

Great product and service

amy horns

Jun 09 2021

Thank you for the dog! Unfortunately our Aunt passed away and only had it for about 2 weeks :(


Annette M

May 17 2021

Our mom loved the little black kitty!

Sandra R Wallker

Apr 01 2021

I have never bought a reborn before. I searched for months on the internet, magazines and sought advice to find the right doll but more importantly, the right company. I came across so many scam companies and scam websites which worried me and put me off, and they were so expensive. I discovered Memorable Pets and found reborn baby Aisha. I emailed Bettina and she responded to my email immediately. Once I corresponded with Bettina I knew that I could trust her. The cost of making Aisha was a lot cheaper than most of the reborns, so I wasn't sure what expect, but I put my trust in Bettina. I emailed Bettina often and she always responded. She was great. She also sent me photos of Aisha, just in case I wanted to make alterations. Bettina's approach was warm .

Clare P

Feb 01 2021

Haven’t received it or any way to track the order

Tracy F

Dec 30 2020

The memorable pet cat that I bought came very quickly. It is nice quality.

Pati G

Oct 07 2020

Sweet product and incredibly kind, attentive people to work with! Excellent!