Jun 16 2024

Great job, well done, Thank you.

carl russell III

Jun 09 2024

Fast process

daryl bryant jr

Jun 04 2024

Great communication

Vernice Strickland Jr

May 22 2024

Great service very helpful and patient

Tami Lea

May 06 2024

Very easy and personable. Process was extremely easy and efficient. Thank you for helping me save money!

Shannita James

Apr 18 2024

My refinance process was easy especially with William he made sure I understood my new terms and I didn’t miss out on any other offers to protect my car. I would recommend Open Road to my family and friends.

rajinder aujla

Apr 09 2024

Great customer service


Apr 03 2024

The people were friendly & helpful. The process was easy & smooth, very satisfied with everything.

James Ford Jr

Mar 27 2024

Megan was very helpful always kept me up-to-date. Always return phone calls even though I was getting frustrated. She kept me in the loop great person.

Ronald Morton

Mar 25 2024

Waste of time. First I received an e-mail wishing me Congratulations, that I have been approved to give them a call. And when I did, the person on the phone said, I'm sorry we can't approve you. So somewhere between the e-mail to the phone call, I was lied to. She said to re-apply in 6-8 months, NO THANKS, Never trust Liar's. I can't trust you now, & I can't trust you then. They went from Openroad Lending, to Closedroad Lending. They said that I did not meet their qualifications, but according to the website, I do. So now the website tells you one thing, and a human being tells you another. As the Bible says, Put your trust in no man.

Mark Hagan

Mar 19 2024

Extremely happy with the process and results. Open Road worked around the clock to get me the best rate and payment plan. Thanks


Mar 10 2024

Quick and easy


Mar 05 2024

Mark was really helpful through the whole loan process. Would definitely recommend them for an auto loan


Feb 25 2024

I was a tad disappointed at first. After submitting my paystub‘s, I was told that the underwriters didn’t feel they were legit paystub’s, and they looked like I created them myself online. I explained that’s what they look like. I don’t know what more I can do. Jessica then told me Open Road would not be able to help me. I called back and spoke with a different representative and she ( I do not have her name) referred me to another department for them to review. Make a long story short, I was approved, however, had I not called back and spoke to someone else, I would not have been able to refinance and Open Road ultimately would not have my business.

Kathy Martinez

Feb 20 2024

Process was easy and fast


Feb 13 2024

Great experience! Fast, easy and convenient! Thank you!!

veronica long

Feb 03 2024

The transition was very smooth


Jan 30 2024

Fast, Friendly, Easy, No Hassle, Fair Loan.. Excellent Overall Service. Highly Recommended Five Star*****


Jan 24 2024

The refinancing process with OpenRoad Lending was a very easy process. I was able to obtain a lower interest rate that saves me a good amount of money. Ms. Washington and several other associates were very helpful and had great communication throughout this process. I can’t thank them enough for being patient with me. I truly appreciate everything they helped with.

Aaron Moore

Jan 16 2024

Great company helped me refinance my car for a insanely lower price than I was paying thank you so much would recommend highly


Jan 09 2024

I had a very great experience, professional, courteous, and most importantly, an efficient refinance process, and i will most definitely encourage others to patronize OpenRoad Lending, trust me, you will be satisfied.


Jan 02 2024

Just what I needed. Fast and easy

Diane Garrett

Dec 28 2023

Very helpful and friendly

George Cimbalos

Dec 16 2023

Easy, Fast, Helpful,and most of all very professional. Thank you open road lending! George Cimbalos


Dec 12 2023

All good couldn't be happier


Jun 15 2024


Anthony Israel

Jun 06 2024

Extremely helpful! Very courteous and patient.


May 28 2024

Clear and consistent communication. All of my questions and concerns were answered. I had an outstanding experience and I would recommend to others.


May 21 2024

Very patient

William Collier Jr

Apr 30 2024

Very professional! Thanks!

Lisa Radlove

Apr 11 2024

First time I used them. They got me to where I needed to be in an effortless process. I will be using them again. Highly recommended

Patricia Stewart

Apr 09 2024

very nice and informative to work with


Mar 29 2024

Maegan at OpenRoad was so helpful and answered all of my questions. This is the first time that I have refinanced a car and I can't believe how quick and easy the process was. OpenRoad was able to save me over$150 per month on my payment. I will definitely call Maegan or Ian again when I am in need of their services again because they have made a very happy and satisfied customer.


Mar 26 2024

Knowledgeable, professional, and friendly personnel. They constantly keep you up to date and in the loop.

Angelica Chavez

Mar 24 2024

Entire process was super smooth. Everyone was great with communication during the refinance process.

stephen robbins

Mar 12 2024

Great service you al provided Thank you very much!!!

Damien Spencer

Mar 06 2024

I am happy with the service

Neli Hopper

Mar 01 2024

The refinance process was easy. Paige was great and answered all of my questions and helped me through the process. Because of them I am not paying way less every month and saving on interest.

Robert Dyer

Feb 24 2024

I found OpenRoad Lending easy to work with and a place a person can feel comfortable dealing with.

Lemuel Travillian

Feb 14 2024

The process took over a month and at least 10 calls asking for just one more thing

Angela Bryson

Feb 08 2024

Jalisa did a great job.


Feb 01 2024

Very good customer service

Kim Arbegast

Jan 29 2024

Very nice and professional service people

Monica Toepfer

Jan 24 2024

I was happy to be able to refinance but disappointed that I didn’t get the savings amount that was listed on the letter.

Maria Bejarano

Jan 15 2024

Excellent customer service, made the process quick and easy! Would highly recommend OpenRoad lending


Jan 04 2024



Jan 02 2024

Excellent company to deal with and easy to complete paperwork via Docusign. Would recommend to anyone that wants to save on their auto loan! Tom C.


Dec 28 2023

I received a solicitation letter from Open Road so I decided to explore the offer. Notice of approval was quick and my loan was closed in-line except for Power of Attorney to transfer title. My bank did the notaries for free and Open Road provided the shipping label. Do it! Save some money!

Kristin Melton

Dec 15 2023

The process was super fast and easy!! Paige was so friendly and helpful. I would 100 percent recommend!!

Minyon Levens

Dec 07 2023

The process to get my vehicle financed was quick and easy. The lines of communication were open from start to finish. Each step that was needed & completed was followed up with a text, email and if it was high priority a phone call. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company or did I mention I dealt with ONE representative throughout my process so there was no confusion 10 out of 5 from me.


Jun 11 2024

My personal experience with OpenRoad was very good. I am disappointed in the that I received my loan with. Flagship Credit Acceptance has hundreds of negative comments. The BBB has hundreds of predatory lending complaints and comments. I am talking with the family attorney to see what can be done about this situation.


Jun 04 2024

Your team was extremely helpful in helping me through out the process, in particular Mr.Kirk Baker who guided me through every step and solving any issues that came up. I Thank You All . Richard P.Redden

Anthony Hopkins

May 26 2024

Great service

Roxanne Walker Burke

May 16 2024

The process took too long and the information asked for was redundant. Payback amount was extremely high.

Michael Reid

Apr 28 2024

Great job open roads


Apr 10 2024

Great customer service!

Angelica MartinsPereira

Apr 08 2024

I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by openroad lending. They are very attentive and quick with the entire process. Thank you very much to openroad lending for helping me

Andrew Teffenhart

Mar 28 2024

Adam was a great customer service agent

Alex Chaithonh

Mar 26 2024


Angela DePalma

Mar 21 2024

your employee Kim Woods made the process easy.


Mar 12 2024

To actually get a letter in the mail and it actually is true to its word. Saving money on a car note. Something banks can never do.

Kimberly Robinson

Mar 06 2024

Great customer service. They made everything so easy. I would highly recommend.


Feb 29 2024

I first heard about Open Road Lending in Credit Karma and seeing the potential savings I could receive compared to other auto refinancing companies. I received a letter stating the pre-qualifying rate and payment, decided to try it since another company did not respond promptly. The gentleman that I dealt with Alan was very professional and made the process smooth. It was not the rate or payment that was stated in the letter and Cresit Karma, was disappointing but understandable for my credit score at the time of application process. I have read the comments and honestly some have to read the fine print and understand how the process works. There are no gimmicks or scams, trust me the original lender I had was very unprofessional and the rate they gave me was ridiculous, I needed my credit repaired so I took it understanding what I was getting into! 10 months later I was able to get a lower rate and save some extra money which is good during this hard times. The process with Open Road Lending again was fast and proficient. I have been in the business so having your ducks in a row helps them help you! I am looking forward to a good relationship with this company and will refer friends and family who need their help. Thank you!

Christopher Reed

Feb 22 2024

Great service

Tahir dimsuyu

Feb 14 2024

very service thank you


Feb 07 2024

everything was done smoothly and what i was told was on point with what they offer me and im thankful.

Kenneth Ervin

Feb 01 2024

Excellent customer service and Bwashington and her group kept me in the loop. Thank you


Jan 27 2024

Wonderful company and people that work there. Very prompt answering questions.

Coreen Price

Jan 19 2024

Had a great experience with Jenna even though it was through the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, the refi was done in a timely manner

Earl Hill

Jan 11 2024

It was all good


Jan 03 2024

Fast and easy process

Tammy Smith-Rogers

Dec 29 2023

Happy Holidays and Thank You

Rebecca Ries

Dec 27 2023

Process was easy to complete, and friendly people. But when I got an advertisement in the mail to be pre approved for a amount it was not the amount I got approved for and barely Lowe’s my payments.


Dec 14 2023

great help


Dec 06 2023

Very efficient team that help me through the whole process and made it as seamless for me as possible. Amazing customer service from anyone at OpenRoad Lending.

Richard Redden

Jun 11 2024

Great experience great experience

Martin McQueen

Jun 04 2024



May 24 2024

Highly recommend Jenna! She made the whole loan process smooth and stress-free. She was incredibly knowledgeable and patient, answering all my questions clearly. Jenna even found me a better rate than I expected. Thanks for the great service!


May 15 2024

Great and quick service!

Phyllis Blocker

Apr 21 2024

The loan process was great. I applied online and completed in a very short time frame. I was informed at each stage of the progress. The loan agent was very helpful.


Apr 09 2024

Open Road is a great experience for refinancing my vehicle. Everyone I talk to, especially Jan, or helpful friendly, and got me the information that I needed quickly. Response time to a text or returning of a phone call was very very good and total time from start to finish, was four days and that included a weekend. I appreciate the efforts of everybody in their customer facing departments.

Alexandria Aguilar

Apr 04 2024

My agent was very helpful and gave me options when all doors were almost closed for me. Thank you

Matilde Rivera Aguilar

Mar 27 2024

I was having some financial problems, so I decided to refinance my vehicle. OpenRoad Lending was in my list of references. This was the best choice for me. I went on line and applied for the loan. All the people that I talk to, were nice and ready to help me. I had a couple of agents that help me. Paige and Mona kept me on top of everything that I needed. Always pleasant and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend OpenRoad Lending to anyone who is having financial difficulties. Thank you again for your service. MRA


Mar 26 2024

Jalisa was great to work with.


Mar 19 2024

Excellent and fast service. Thank yo OpenRoad.

corey Marshall

Mar 12 2024

Very easy process when smooth took less than ten days.

Janie Smith

Mar 06 2024

This is a great company and I enjoyed the experience

Kim Dean

Feb 25 2024

Great communication and service. Highly recommend.

Jason Santos

Feb 20 2024

Waste of time. Decreased my payment by a whopping $14. Best that can be done to remedy the situation is being told to wait to attempt to refinance again in the future. Be careful!

Michael Scott

Feb 14 2024

The people involved in the process especially Sarell were all great!

Andrea Howard

Feb 07 2024

I would like to thank my agent Maegan Swain. She is amazing! The process was very easy and her patience and kindness made everything go smoothly. Im saving a good bit of money which is nice. Thank you again Maegan.

Nancy Barrow

Jan 31 2024

I definitely recommend Openroad Lending. It was so easy to refinance my car and the process was made easier with the help of Kristi Lucas. She was very helpful and pleasant to work with! Always returned calls and emails promptly! Great company 🙂

Marsha Roy

Jan 25 2024

Great experience

Dale Watson

Jan 19 2024

It took a long period of time to complete, started like 20 of December and finalized in the middle of January

Keishanna Moore

Jan 09 2024

Thank you so much, your team was amazon and proficient. They were very helpful and made sure I understood everything about my loan. I

marcos NUNEZ polanco

Jan 03 2024

Great experience dealing with this company, thanks to Tommy Tarrant for all his help

Siddeegah Matheri

Dec 28 2023

Really great


Dec 18 2023

The process was outstanding very simple. The loan officers were absolutely awesome and so helpful! Thank you for making the refinancing stress free! Beverly Louis

ada miller

Dec 12 2023

quick easy and always there to answer any calls!

Ayanna Boerner

Dec 06 2023

My experience was fairly easy and organized.