Hetal Jani

May 21 2024

We had Ms. Pooja from last two years. She works for my son and has improved his academic performance. She is an awesome teacher.


Mar 06 2024

Our experience with this platform has been great so far. The teacher is nice and patient and the process is easy and worthless.

Keerti Gulati

Jan 05 2024

I am reaching out to express my gratitude to eTutorWorld for their exceptional services and their care and support to our kids over the past several years. They have not only helped with the curricular needs but also worked to hone our kids for extra-curricular examinations and competitions producing phenomenal results every single time. It is not one or two instructors but every single one of them teaches meticulously to get the job done. I highly recommend their services!

Fengli Guo

Nov 14 2023

Etutor prepared my child greatly for the SCAT, and math as well with very flexible schedule and arrangements. Excellent job!

Saanvi Pandiri

Sep 14 2023

The tutoring is helping a lot, especially with harder subjects such as math and biology, the turning is overall very flexible and easy to schedule. So far it's been a big help.


Jul 05 2023

Thank you so much for the dedication and cooperation you showed towards my son. I went scouring the web trying to find valuable test prep websites that will help my son do the best in SCAT. It was the 5 days before the test and I almost lost hope until I found Etutorworld. Sandeep was very understanding and caring and I knew that my son was in good hands. Vikrant and Abirami were very helpful and caring tutors who got the job done and even agreed to stay overtime to help and assigned comprehensive worksheets that fully prepared my son for the SCAT test. Thanks to your help, my son got admitted into Johns Hopkins Center For Talented Youth and got qualified for the Advanced High Honor-CTY level for Quantitative and CTY-level in Verbal. I couldn't be any happier that my son reached this amazing milestone. Special Thanks to Tutor Abhirami and Sandeep who regularly was in touch on email and phone to get through the 5 days prep If you really want to get into CTY look no further,the other websites don't do justice for the amount of money they charge Thankyou from the whole family


Jun 23 2023

very good support


May 31 2023

I appreciate Rajat and his team for taking the team to work with us. We were able to assess how we felt about the program with a free session and signed up immediately. We are looking forward to great things!


Apr 28 2023

Excellent Teacher! Ms. Ranjita is a talented tutor. She has been tutoring my son in Math and English for 3rd and 4th grade. She can explain the material well and can explain many ways to solve math problems and teaches different writing styles and grammar. She is very pleasant to work with and she keeps her lessons effective, engaging and fun. My son received an award for Academic Excellence in 4th grade. Management and administrative staff at eTutorWorld are committed to great service and very friendly. Especially Rajat and Sandeep have been very helpful and prompt with all my requests. They work with you to meet you child’s education needs. I highly recommend them for helping your child without putting any pressure on them. -BT


Apr 19 2023

I started with etutorworld in December 2022 and so far it is going very well. Mr. Mallik is a great tutor! Also, Ms. Rajeshwari is very nice on phone and she was able to find books that my son's teacher is using. Thank You! Mr. Rajat is also helpful.


Apr 08 2023

Abhirami is excellent tutor. My daughter loves learning from her. Her MAP scores improved with just few sessions


Mar 21 2023

Excellent help and knowledble tutors.

Ankita Singh

Feb 25 2023

very helpful, went into lots of detail and cleared all my doubts.


Jan 18 2023

etutorworld helped my son so much for prepping SCAT. Especially Shanti is a great teacher and helped him to learn the strategies and understand the concepts of the verbal test. The best prep course!

Samba Siva

Dec 23 2022

Rtutor is aright place to enhance the skills with the support of knowledgable teachers. The class schedule is flexible and teachers are friendly and can teach on demand.


Nov 24 2022

this tutoring website is very good for me, the explanation is very clear, and they will walk you through everything you don know!

Jeremy B

Nov 15 2022

Excellent service. So happy I found eTutorWorld for my three kids. They've been flourishing since starting. Highly recommended.

L. S

Oct 11 2022

My son had a total of 4 sessions with Shashank Hebbal. From the very first lesson I could tell his knowledge of the prealgebra materials was amazing. As the lessons progressed, I realized he is more a teacher than a tutor. He is not limited by the questions my son asks or by his school assignments. His goal is to help the child understand the material well beyond the limitations of their assignment or curriculum. His ability to spot “holes” in the child’s knowledge, plug said holes and empower the student is masterful. In less than two weeks I’ve seen an improvement in grades and confidence from my son. We will stick with this tutor and company. We have only tried this specific tutor but if all the tutors are as good, etutorwolrd is unmatchable.


Sep 26 2022

I really love these classes. I definitely learn things about math at a faster rate than usual. I'd say I am learning at 2x the speed now that I'm taking these classes. I am definitely getting really comfortable in math.


Sep 01 2022

Wonderful! Both Tutor and support staff are very friendly and helpful.

Stavros Stavropoulos

Jun 24 2022

Extremely professional service. Excellent knowledgeable and patient tutors. Great preparation for the SCAT test.


May 24 2022

this is awesome

Chandni Chadha

Feb 04 2022

Tutor Veena is very knowledgeable and always come prepared to tach the topics. She personalizes lesson plans according to my needs and is always very patient to answer questions and concerns.


Jan 08 2022

My son had a good experience taking English lessons from Ms.Priya.The classes are taught very well and very prompt.

Dennis Chow

Dec 17 2021

Great discounts!

Vijay Kakarla

Apr 19 2024

This program has greatly helped me improve my skills in physics and calculus. The tutors are understandable and clear with their conveyance of concepts and take a step-by-step process with each student. I greatly appreciate the time and consideration that these teaches put into their work.


Feb 29 2024

My tutor is Mr. Kamal for physics. Mr. Kamal’s teaching truly helps me understand the concepts. He also provides me with challenging questions and explains them in a way where I can understand them. I also see my scores improving in class due to his help.


Dec 28 2023

Knowledgeable tutors, excellent customer service! Thank you for your hard work.

Dorothy Fojtik

Nov 13 2023

I found eTutorWorld to be extremely convenient to schedule sessions with (available every day at various times and almost always even to schedule the same day). Very convenient packages - you can even use sessions for different subjects. Tutors were extremely knowledgeable and had great teaching styles. Staff are so friendly and helpful. We used it in the summer to prepare my daughter for her upcoming honors chemistry class and it prepared her very well, she has an A+ in the class!


Sep 12 2023

I'd say the tutoring really helped bump my grade up and was certainly the reason I got As in some tests rather than Bs.


Jul 05 2023

Our sons truly enjoy (and learn from) their lessons with Sree and Anita. They and Rajeshwari have been a pleasure to work with and have helped design curricula tailored to our children and their needs. We look forward to expanding our lessons with them to other subjects and working with them for years to come!


Jun 22 2023

My son is being homeschooled and we needed a math tutor. I was so glad to find Shashank who was a wonderful teacher for him. My son needed a no pressure, gentle and friendly approach and Shashank was just perfect, he made my son feel comfortable and relaxed. I am very pleased with his mathematic skills and achievements and we plan to continue next year.

Connie Curtis (Layla's grandmother)

May 22 2023

My granddaughter has had a wonderful experience with etutorworld. Her tutor worked with her prealgebra and she ended up with a 95%. Her tutor was supportive and very knowledgeable.

Pradhita Voore

Apr 21 2023

Ms. Yamini Saini is an amazing tutor. She gives great detail in her answers, provides good explanations whenever I have questions, and listens to my concerns and issues with any math question I have.

Kaimana Sripipatana

Apr 14 2023

Great! The tutor made the session interactive, extremely informational, and always ensured that I completely understood the topics before moving on.

Sahana Banerjee

Apr 01 2023

Very convenient tutoring platform!!


Mar 14 2023

My son had helpful tutoring sessions on his math and the platform is perfectly designed, convenient to use. My son likes worksheets too as he may always find the answers if he didn’t understand something. Thank you!

Nivea Sharma

Feb 23 2023

Amazing teachers. Very involved with the child and most importantly very patient. My daughter gets distracted very easily and Ms. Medini and other teachers were patient with her and redirected her back to the courses. With the help of Etutorworld, my daughter has been now selected in the Gifted and Talented program for the school district after clearing the COGAT exam. We enrolled her in the COGAT prep course with etutorworld for about 3 months. We are so grateful to the teachers and the company.

Jennifer Gama

Jan 13 2023

Very Helpful, good explanations and work shown on screen

Obasi U

Dec 16 2022

Each session has helped tremendously.

Brenna Peterson

Nov 22 2022

eTutorworld has been an amazing resource for my third grader. The tutors are kind and knowledgeable, and he enjoys his time with them. I know that this is a great tool to help him succeed. The tutors spend quality time to help him learn and are patient and helpful. The sessions are easy to schedule, affordable, and cover a variety of topics. I would highly recommend this team to anyone.


Nov 11 2022

Flexibility with scheduling sessions. Excellent tutors. My kids enjoy working with the tutors.

Latha Ramamurthy

Sep 30 2022

We love the service provided by etutorworld. My son likes the tutoring process, and we recommend this institute to the students.

Guadalupe Galvan

Sep 21 2022

Great tutors!

Brandon Trivino

Aug 23 2022

My experience was great. Learned a lot of new things. very helpful.

Ildi Porter-Szucs

Jun 16 2022

My rising 9th-grader has really enjoyed all three sessions so far. The feedback has been: "Mr. Kamal is great, he tells relevant and interesting stories to contextualize math concepts, and I finally understands math!" As a parent I also like the cost, that the website is easy to use ,and that the tutor sends a manageable amount of homework after each lesson, which my child has so far always been able to do. I have already recommended eTutorWorld to my friends.

Jignesh Solanki

May 14 2022

Me and my twins (Gr. 11) are very satisfied with eTutorWorld. It was the best decision we contacted them, they explained us process in detail and we got enrolled immediately. Tutor Sir Manu is very knowledgeable and patience in explaining the subject matter. I would definitely recommend eTutorWorld to anyone looking for one-on-one session. We really appreciate their help and prompt support, be it for homework or test. Thank you !!

Asma Baloch

Feb 03 2022

Throughly discuss each topic in proper amount of time. Also suggest practices and a knowledge check at the end of each session to see if you learned anything by the end. Overall 10/10

Paula Udwadia

Jan 08 2022

Very good job! The tutoring experience with Mr. Bajpai was insightful and informative.


Nov 29 2021

Very helpful responsive and considerate

Danny Vo

Apr 01 2024

Etutor World has helped me a lot through my high school learning. My grades have been consistently high ever since I got help with them. The teachers are also very nice people and are very helpful. Scheduling is also very easy and quick.


Feb 23 2024

My daughter is 11 years old amb she has been preparing with Anita and Abirami for the CTY SCAT exam. Thanks to their joint work, they have made it possible for my daughter to pass the SCAT exam with an advanced CTY level. I will trust etutorworld again to prepare her for the IGCSEs. 100% recommended

chui chan

Nov 19 2023

Samuel scored top in math in his entire grade at his school on the statewide assessment test.


Nov 01 2023

eTutorWorld has given my child boost to go above and beyond in Math. My son is able to test out of Algebra 1, Geometry 1 and Algebra 2 with 100% score while he is still in 6th and 7th grades. He also completed precalculus curriculum with help of tutor from eTutorWorld. Special kudos to Abirami ma’am for her exceptional abilities and instructional skillset. She not only helped him with Algebra but also trained him for Mathcounts. Also, a Big Thank You for team at eTutorWorld for providing such a great platform, coordinators and scheduling team.


Sep 11 2023

Very good service teacher is nice and provides very easy to understand explanations.

Kathryn Zangrilli

Jun 30 2023

1st ACT Results are in!!! - 35 math - 35 science - 36 Reading ......Need I say more. 1 year of tutoring for the ACT. This was the best investment I could make in my child. Sandeep and his entire team including all of the tutors have been nothing short of exceptional.

Ami Weissberg

Jun 21 2023

eTutorworld has been the Greatest Educational Experience for my son. He has been using eTutorworld All year long and their teachers are truly amazing. They are the most knowledgeable Teachers I have ever met in mathematics my son is taking the Geometry Regents, Algebra 1 Regents and Algebra 2 Regents and it is truly an amazing educational experience, my son is so confident in his mathematics since working with eTutorworld. Their summer program is also amazing and you can use it to fill in any gaps as we did last summer and have a solid base for the upcoming school year. They also have an extraordinary SAT Prep Course too. Look no further they have an amazing system set up for your child’s educational needs for success.

Sandra Rollinson

May 01 2023

Great Service, the girls love their tutor and asked for more lessons! Awesome online support !

Claire C

Apr 20 2023

etutorworld is a great program. The tutors present information clearly and explained problems in a way that made my learning so much easier! I have been getting science tutoring for my APs for the past year and it has helped me tremendously. Scheduling sessions is also very convenient. I would highly recommend this service!

Adrian Chan

Apr 11 2023

All the lessons and teachers are very excellent

Arjun Manicka

Mar 26 2023

Etutorworld is really good because the tutors are really nice and explain concepts well. They go on your pace and teach well.

Kieran Y

Mar 13 2023

We really love etutorworld! Anand S and Pooja are excellent math teachers and are quick to respond with requests to tutor on any math topic!


Feb 07 2023

they teach math very well

Lyndsi Lewis

Jan 12 2023

Absolutely perfect! So much help and anxieties relieved, thank you!


Dec 14 2022

The tutor is very knowledgeable. Mr. Hebbal conveys the material with ease and in an enjoyable manner. My son scored a perfect score on his last test. Also, he and etutorworld have been very flexible in scheduling to ensure my son is prepared for tests. I can’t say enough good things about this sevice.


Nov 18 2022

I enjoy them and they interest me.


Nov 07 2022

Wonderful tutoring service. Always available to help out. There have been times when we have booked them last minute, but the teachers have been extremely well-prepared and the help desk at etutorworld is very prompt in solving all problems. Our kid is doing much better with a higher score with their support and guidance. If you are looking for any support for your kid, you must check them out.

Kim G.(you may share this name but please do not share the email. Thanks!!!)

Sep 28 2022

The teachers are very qualified and their teaching methods are fantastic. In addition, my daughter greatly appreciates positive encouragement from the teachers!!!


Sep 16 2022

The website is very user friendly and easy to schedule classes and also have the class directly from the web site. It is also easy to upload files before class. It is easy to reach to customer support and they immediately answer the phone call. My daughter just started and took few math classes with Yamini and the overall experience is very good.

pauline trow

Jul 17 2022

Fantastic! The tutors are highly qualified, patient, and encouraging. Danny really thrived from the program

Kallol Bera

Jun 10 2022

Satisfied with the service . Very easy to schedule and reasonable rates.


Mar 10 2022

The teachers are veryyyy niceeee! It is also quite cheap!

Biju P

Jan 21 2022

E-tutorworld is very convenient and cost effective for us. It gives us great flexibility on scheduling the classes. Several tutors are available. We are taking math lessons, not sure about other subjects. Ms. Abhirami is my daughter’s math tutor, she is very thorough, responsible and keep track of things. We tried a few tutors and finally decided to stick with Abirami. If you are new to e-tutorworld, I suggest trying a few different tutors.


Dec 24 2021

extended my kids pacakge validity even after expiry !!

Melvyn E Huckaby

Nov 15 2021

excellent service and quality. My child loves it and it has made his grades improve.

Kate McChesney

Mar 21 2024

We used eTudorWorld for a year to help with math loss due to the pandemic. My daughter is back to getting As in math. I highly recommend.


Jan 17 2024

Explains everything so clearly and always makes sure I understand and practice before moving on to more concepts!

Daniel Marcus

Nov 14 2023

What an amazing service!! After 2 months of trying to prepare my daughter for the verbal portion of the SCAT exam myself, she was not improving and we were both getting very frustrated. All the exam prep books were either too hard or too easy and many were full of errors and unhelpful explanations. When I decided to try eTutorWorld I was very skeptical to use an online service and did not think they would be able to help her. Boy was I wrong! In only ten sessions, Neena was able to restore my daughters confidence and guide her to a passing score on the exam on the first try! Neena was patient with my daughter and showed up on time for every session with material at the level she needed to improve her skills. She provided appropriate homework after each session and shared strategies with my daughter to help her understand what she was doing wrong on the questions she struggled with. Now thanks to Neena and eTutorWorld my daughter will be able to fulfill her dream of attending CTY this summer! If you are struggling with exam prep for your child I highly recommend this service. You won’t regret it!


Oct 28 2023

We have been using eTutorWorld for the past four years in various subjects ranging from AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, Biology, and Algebra to English, and the tutors have consistently exceeded our expectations. Miss Abirani is incredibly good at math; she is very knowledgeable, accommodating to our time, and patient. Abirani is excellent at explaining any math material at any level my sons can understand. They enjoy Abi's teaching style and feel more confident in the material after the sessions. Miss. Veena Singh and Miss. Rajeshwari both were also exceptional in Biology and AP Chemistry. Also, my youngest child practiced English with Miss. Priya, and it was beneficial for him. The tutors are patient and teach the content in a manner that my sons can comprehend. They have assisted my three sons (one of whom is already in his second year of college) with homework, grasping ideas, studying for tests, and building confidence to mentally prepare for tests. I can't express enough how helpful they were to my oldest son and are now to both of my boys (7th grader and sophomore in high school). Finally, their rates are reasonable when compared to the outstanding service they provide. I am grateful to eTutorWorld.

-Mom of a 9th grader in California

Aug 09 2023

My child was strong in math and Algebra. Taking an AI driven Geometry in a 5 week course was surprisingly a disaster for him. I am a teacher myself, so I am very particular who I hire to tutor him. I spent 1 entire day trying all sorts of online on-demand math help. Thankfully I stumbled upon Etutorworld, which saved our child’s grade and our wallets. . He got an A in the class and even took the final 4 days before the class closed! Thank you etutorworld for giving my son’s time back to me, reducing everyone’s stress levels, and bringing my son so much confidence in Geometry. You turned this sinking ship around in less than 2 weeks time. Your prices were very reasonable as well. Thank You so much!!

Merav Sriram

Jun 26 2023

I had enrolled with eTutorWorld because they were one of the only services that offered tutoring for a variety of different tests including the SCAT which is what I enrolled for. They provided me with various worksheets that were exam-realistic and the tutors were incredibly helpful and were even willing to stay overtime in order to get the content done with. I did well on the test and owe a lot of it to Etutor.

coco wei

Jun 14 2023

so far so good!


Apr 29 2023

Our daughter was struggling completing her math work and etutorworld has made all the difference. She enjoys working with her instructor and has deepened her understanding of the material. Her instructor's knowledge and teaching ability has made the class enjoyable as well as very effective. Thank you!


Apr 20 2023

One of the best thing about these classes is that they are one to one, so the entire hour is dedicated to the child and it's more like personalized instruction. Another advantage is these classes are easy to schedule, without worrying about conflicting appointments or commitments as the classes can be scheduled online as and when needed, which is a huge plus. The tutors are always available to answer your questions and flexible to change the instruction according to the student needs. Since starting these classes my child has become much more confident in solving math problems. I have noticed a significant improvement my child's math grades as well. I would highly recommend anyone looking for tutoring classes to give a try with etutorworld.

Aarohi Zaveri

Apr 10 2023

Thanks for the incredible support and effort from the ETutorWorld, our daughter passed the SCAt exam. We would like to thank Anand and Veena for their incredible work and dedication.

Mahesh Telang

Mar 21 2023

Ms Rajeshwari is a very passionate & patient teacher. She helped my son a lot in gaining confidence to tackle chemistry topics that he found confusing. Ms Rajeshwari has a unique way of making the student comfortable & open to learning.

Francisca Koduah

Mar 13 2023

Ms. Parul is awesome. Patient, professional, consistent and EFFECTIVE with our 7 year old son! He looooves math more now and has a different level of confidence with challenging math concepts!

Mohapatra Shohan Biswal

Feb 03 2023

I've been taking a few classes with etutorworld instructors and it has proved helpful in supplementing classwork for tests. The quick availability and energy of instructors is well felt.

Joseph Torres

Dec 23 2022

My tutor Kamal was very nice and would always make sure I understood the information before moving on to another question. He was patient and would always answer my questions no matter how many times I asked why. I had a great experience and feel more prepared for my final exam.


Dec 09 2022

Excellent service!

valentina P kissling

Nov 17 2022

etorworld is great, and they have helped me succeed a lot

Radouane Zouaoui

Oct 15 2022

Very happy with over all experience and plan to keep working with you.


Sep 27 2022

5 stars for customer service and rapid response to customer inquiries. Very positive experience so far with my 3 children. The tutors are good and they take time to explain concepts. Homework is assigned after lessons. Only improvement will be to further advance technology such that homework can be graded directly by tutors without the need for uploading by the parent.

Lisa H

Sep 09 2022

We like the tutors and the flexibility.

Thao Vo

Jul 17 2022

very very good high recommendation.♥️♥️♥️

Delores Smith

May 28 2022

I am thoroughly impressed with etutorworld. Their tutors are extremely knowledgeable and accommodating. They were able to break Math material down so that our 6th grader understood it. Tutors, Ms. Sheweta and Mr. Shawshank, read, responded and incorporated target areas into their lessons. They were both familiar with IXL and used this teaching tool as well as their own whiteboard. Homework was also provided. Finally, customer service is excellent! They are truly a phone call away. Customer inquiries were answered and addressed quickly. Thank you, all!!


Feb 22 2022

The tutors are very helpful, and my child has had an overall a great experience with etutorworld. Her knowledge has increased greatly, and I totally recommend this to others.


Jan 20 2022

My son has been working with Medini since September and he has improved tremenduously. He has been on an IEP for Speech, Reading and Math since Kindergarden and has a short attention span so it was important for me to find someone that could keep him interested, especially after a long day at school. He enjoys his sessions with her and likes her teaching style. She is also familiar with the curriculum so even when I don't select a specific subject she always knows what to work with him on. She always comes prepared with assignments and sends homework after the session. We have ben very pleased with etutorworld!

Mehrain Mahdi

Dec 23 2021

My little one has had a great experience using e-tutor world. The tutors are focused and customize material based on your child's abilities. I have seen my child grow over the past few lessons and become more comfortable with the material. Highly recommend etutorworld!

Wian Intala

Nov 11 2021

The instructor is very helpful. She goes out of her way to help our daughter with her homework, assisting her to prepare for tests.