Dawn E

Apr 23 2024

Femininity has brought relief for the 24/7 burning and itching I experience with menopause. Nothing else has worked as well. For me, the relief was noticeable after about a week of taking it. A bonus is the added vitamin D which allows me to take one supplement instead of two. I rarely do subscriptions, but this is one worth doing so I am never without the product.

Denise S

Jan 07 2024

I have used this product before to see if it truly works, and guess what, it DOES!!! I am a BIG fan....thanks!

Dusty M

Dec 18 2023

Love the side benefits for skin and hair.

Donna P

Dec 02 2023

Finally found something that takes pain away and gets me enjoying intimacy

Felecia F

May 05 2023

I am not sexually active so I can’t respond to that but I have dealt with irritation from dryness that this product seems to be relieving. I hope with time in using the product that things will keep improving.

Kimberly B

May 09 2022

My wife has not seen a change


Apr 08 2022

Femininity is an amazing product in all honesty. It has dramatically improved my natural lubrication. I struggle from dryness due to consistent BV and this pill has helped me to feel confident in the bedroom. I started to see the effects 4 days after consistent use which was nice.One thing I also really like about this pill is that it is easy for me to swallow due to its rounder shape and It has a coating for easy swallowing. The coating doesn't have a bad after taste like some pills with a coating have. All in all this is great product.

Angela D

Jan 04 2022

Awesome product and it works wonderfully. No more messy lubricants.


Dec 20 2021

I can say that it works


Dec 15 2021

I was skeptical at first, however within the first week of using this product I saw amazing results. I will be re-ordering!!!! Thanks


Dec 12 2021

Wish I could give this 10 stars!!!!! I hardly ever do reviews but this deserves it hands down!! It's a little on the pricey side but I plan on doing more purchases!


Sep 17 2021

Love the product. Use it all the time. It helps my well-being.


Jul 04 2021

Thank you. Not been on it long but feel it's making a difference


Feb 21 2021

Trustworthy results!

Linda J.

May 24 2020

This product is so surprisingly effective! I took 2 softgels daily for the first 2 weeks and then lowered the dosage to 1 a day due to how effective it really was. I highly recommend trying this product.


Apr 20 2020

Girl you already know


Mar 23 2020

This product has been a total game changer for me, intimacy is so much more comfortable and enjoyable now. I wasn't expecting any miracles, so I was very surprised when it only took about 10 days for me to get results, and the results were very noticeable. I'm no longer experiencing any burning or lack of lubrication, in fact I haven' needed to use lube at all once the product started working. I recently put in another order for a 2-month supply and will continue to buy this product since it's become essential for better intimacy. For reference, I'm 50 years old and in perimenopause


Mar 14 2020

Im very pleased with this product, I feel like my old self again.


Feb 21 2020

I have had a problem with this for at least 15 years and this product is great. I do decrease the dosage as needed.


Jan 03 2020

Have gone through Menopause and was experiencing dryness. Reviewed this product and have been taking daily for over a year. Restores the moisture I need for more comfortable intimacy.

Courtney W

Mar 25 2024

Love femininity! Bonus benefits and Definitely finding relief with dryness

Denise S

Jan 05 2024

This is an exceptional product...does what it says it will do!

Cindy S

Dec 16 2023

This is a life changing product! Wish I found it sooner!! C. Schultz.

Tianca B

Sep 14 2023

I LOVE this product!!!! It truly adds moisture and the gel tablets are easy to take and don't taste bad

Tammy G

Apr 08 2023

It works!

Natalie J

May 05 2022

I love this product

Janice T

Apr 01 2022

Love the feminity product !!


Dec 30 2021

I've tried different supplements for vaginal dryness. I also take prescribed estrogen from my doctor. I had a partial hysterectomy in 2019 and I have symptoms of menopause but my labs didn't confirm menopause but I clearly have the symptoms. Hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and a shift in sexual desire. This is the third product I've tried and THIS definitely works. I have more lubrication, desire and elasticity. I'm grateful to have find this by the way I'm 34 and would still like to have an active sex life. Thank God for this!!!


Dec 20 2021

This has been the best product available to help with vaginal dryness. After a week of taking this product I immediately felt a difference. For women going through menopause such as myself I would strongly recommend you give this product a try.


Dec 15 2021

Ive been having hormone problems for over a year causing my dryness along with other problems and this problem hasnt completely solved my moisture problem but has definitely helped a lot. The price is a little high but i am going to continue purchasing it


Dec 02 2021

This worked in a matter of two days and I have been trying to find something natural and I was told by my doctor there was nothing on the market well that isnt true and this is one of the best products Ive used and liked in a very long time


Aug 15 2021

This product actually works. I was diagnosed as having low testosterone so I have to undergo hormone therapy. Because of the fluctuation in hormones, I started to have issues with vaginal dryness and it made me very self conscious, not to mention uncomfortable. I was skeptical of this product, but it actually helps. Sex is now enjoyable again and the uncomfortable itch and dryness of everyday is gone. If you are having a problem ladies, take your control back and give this product a chance. It took about 1-2 weeks for me to see improvement.


May 29 2021

I feel the difference when I miss these supplements. Im in my 60s and am aware of the need for supplemental moisture. These have become a bedrock in my health and beauty maintenance program.


Jan 20 2021

I have had issues because birth control messed me up and I was hoping this might help. It didnt do too much for me, I took for about three weeks and not any improvement


May 04 2020

This product works well for less money than most.


Apr 15 2020

I am super happy with the results, but wish that we got more product for the money, that is the only reason for the lower star rating


Mar 22 2020

I cant tell any difference with this. Nails grew thats about all.


Mar 07 2020

This product is great. Restored all my moisture and my sex life is great!!!! I will buy again


Feb 14 2020

Love this product. Started menopause and cannot have hormone replacement therapy. This has helped with the dryness and itching..

Mary P

Feb 13 2024

Thanks for this product!

Geraldine C

Jan 05 2024

Don't think it's better than the original

Christine g

Dec 07 2023

I actually take this for dry eyes and I’ve seen a lot of improvement. I’ve made it part of my daily routine.

Aminta B

Sep 04 2023

Works well

George B

Jan 25 2023

OMG!!! Works Amazingly Above and Beyond Expectations!

Jeanine B

Apr 24 2022

I am annoyed that you keep sending me this same survey. Please no more. The product works as advertised.


Feb 24 2022

Perfect for my needs. I only need 1 per day.


Dec 24 2021

Absolutely nothing happened !


Dec 18 2021

it works well, great price, moisturizes like it says, would buy again, very satisfied so far, like that it is in pill form and don't have to mess with creams

Lucille Martinez

Dec 13 2021

I couldn’t live a desense life n live in Comfort if I didn’t have my Ord every 3 months plus the savings is great . Thank you Lucille Martinez

Janice Theadore

Oct 14 2021

I like this product- it is effective and does what it’s supposed to do!!!


Jul 21 2021

This has been the best product available to help with vaginal dryness. After a week of taking this product I immediately felt a difference. For women going through menopause such as myself I would strongly recommend you give this product a try.


May 20 2021

Love this so much especially since I have Sjogrens and am super dry! It really helps with dry skin and eyes. I notice the difference if I run out! I highly recommend for those with dry eyes! You can also pierce the capsule and apply to your face at night! Love, love, __


Dec 15 2020

I'm sorry I couldn't leave a better review but it didn't work for me personally I been taking it for 2weeks maybe I need to wait longer


Apr 30 2020

Im 47 and pre-menopausal. Excellent for spontaneity.


Mar 28 2020

I have started taking Omega 7 supplements for more than 3 months now. It only took 2 weeks to notice the comfort of the moisturizing effect of this product. I started using a brand which is more expensive than this and so happy to find this brand- Femininity, which is more affordable and Made In The USA! I highly recommend this product!


Mar 21 2020

I have suffered from vaginal dryness for years. I researched and found restored femininity and thought Id give it a try. To my surprise it started working within a week. I have subscribed to have them delivered regularly. I can actually enjoy intimacy again.


Feb 24 2020

For dryness and itching. Works awesome.


Jan 15 2020

Honestly this stuff works like magic. I'm 25 and experience some dryness due to medications I'm on. I had results after the first day and I feel so much more confident and happy. Will be ordering more!! Thank you!!

Janice T

Jan 15 2024

Love this product!!!

Mary D

Dec 23 2023

I recommend this to friends all the time. Easy, not messy, natural. Good product.

Mary A

Dec 04 2023

I have been a client for several years and find that this supplement is very helpful to address internal dryness. Thank you.

Felecia F

Jul 08 2023

I am not sexually active so I can’t speak on that issue, But my vaginal comfort level has increased. It does feel more supple, just more comfortable. My age is 71.

Brenda T

May 11 2022

It did not help me at all

Rose C

Apr 23 2022


Sam @

Jan 20 2022

I'm 26 and unfortunately, if I'm not having sex with a different person every night, I have a very hard time getting wet - yes, even with foreplay! Now that I'm engaged, that lifestyle no longer suits me. No matter how well you know someone, vaginal dryness is embarrassing. Having to stop what we're doing to reach for lube is annoying after a while. I'm happy to report that these softgels have worked wonders for my yoni! Recently, I've been getting wet when it isn't even sexy time. Hey, better this way! 💦


Dec 24 2021

Im 20 years old and bc of a medical treatment I already have vaginal dryness. This product has been a life savor! I noticed it working after 3 days of taking one pill at night.

Ruth White

Dec 16 2021

Not at this time.


Dec 12 2021

I never write a review, but this product really works it took about 3 weeks, it is great my husband and I can be intimidate again, I will be ordering more!!!!

Elaine Chesnut

Oct 06 2021

using the product for over a year l love it.


Jul 15 2021

I love this product. I started taking birth control last year and I noticed that I was I dry a lot during sex. It was killing my confidence and although my boyfriend wouldnt say it I knew that it was a problem for him. 1 week after taking these pills I noticed a change. I wont get to graphic but theres so much __its seems so unreal now. But Im happy and his happy. Lol I didnt tell him I started taking them I just said I been drinking a lot water lately __This is an essential now.


Mar 15 2021

Very good product. Will be ordering again.


May 24 2020

The item works very well. I thank you. I will purchase again.


Apr 25 2020

Hey yall I bought these pills about a week and a half ago , and Ive noticed a slight change. Im more wett down there and its only been a week. Im gonna finish the whole bottle and come back with a final review but so far I love it.


Mar 24 2020

So far I really like this product. I noticed a change almost right away, within two or three days. I take two before bed. I have not noticed any bad side effects. I actually think it makes my face look better ( less tired and even skin tone ). Product does exactly as described on label.


Mar 20 2020

I've been using this for a few months and it definitely works. And for a lot less than the higher priced brand. Plus I love the jar instead of the bubble foil packs!


Feb 21 2020

I have found this supplement to be very effective at restoring moisture.


Jan 03 2020

I can definitely say that I have seen improvement as far as dryness and I also think that my skin texture has also improved! Will continue to use. No negative side effects. Good Product.