Jun 17 2024

When I was at my very worst, I was searching through the directory for a therapist. Anyone who could talk to me right then and there. I tried several numbers before landing on Sacha's but thank goodness she picked up. She wasn't working, out walking her dog, yet gave me 30 minutes right then and there to offload. In the midst of a panic attack, feeling so low and helpless, she listened. Really listened and helped me piece everything together and get perspective. It was a Sunday and she gave up her time to help a complete stranger on the phone and gave me the courage to regain control and look at the situation differently. I felt everything shift then and I honestly cannot thank her enough. Whilst I'm not out of the woods yet, I know that Sacha helped me in one of my darkest moments and I will, without a shadow of a doubt, be booking in with her again. Kind, respectful, wise, and not afraid to challenge my beliefs when warranted. Thank you!


May 08 2024

Thank you Sacha - highly recommended


Jan 28 2024

Sacha is a breath of fresh to speak with and goes above and beyond


Oct 18 2023

Sacha is intuitive, level-headed and calming. She is very good at creating a safe space in which I can understand my anxieties and begin to heal from past traumas. I'd never tried counselling beyond a few sessions here and there, but Sacha and I quickly found a rhythm. I respect her opinion on topics from work to my personal relationships, and feel with her help I'll be able to work out a better way of navigating the world.


Sep 19 2023

Sacha managed to fit us in for couples counselling almost straight away. She didn’t ask for any information prior to the first appointment has to whats lead us to speak to a counsellor, which I felt was better has she listened to both sides of our probelms at the same time. Like an ‘even playing field’ if you like. She is very warm and welcoming and allows each of us to express our issues in a relaxed environment whereby we feel able to open up to how we are feeling. She gives both of us chance to speak out and also allows us time to explain how each one of us feels regarding our problems in our relationship. She doesn’t take sides and gives us suggestions on things we could try aslong as we feel comfortable doing that. I would highly recommend Sacha we have just started our journey and looking forward to see our outcomes in the future.


Jun 27 2023

I have found it very difficult to be vulnerable in front of others. It could have something to do with me having to constantly show strength professionally, and in my personal life too. I find Sacha easy to open up to. The environment is very therapeutic, the room cosy, and her lovely dog Lynx adds to a feeling of security. I highly recommend Sacha as a counsellor and therapist.


Jun 18 2023

I reached out to Sacha for help after a very close friend took her own life. The grief I was feeling felt very complex, confusing and frightening at times. The situation was further exasperated by some challenging encounters with others impacted by my friend’s passing. While I was fortunate and grateful to have a lot of support from loved ones during this very difficult period, Sasha’s insight and expertise proved invaluable in helping to restore my peace of mind. With her help, I feel empowered to move forward and eventually put this very tragic experience behind me. I would recommend her unreservedly to anyone who needs assistance in managing grief.


May 22 2023

Super helpful and insightful. I felt like Sacha really understood and helped me so much. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to others.


May 15 2023

sacha is an excellent listener, a positive and kind presence and has helped me articulate thoughts and feelings in my dialogues with her.


Mar 31 2023

Sacha has been amazing, supporting me through crucial moments of my life. Would highly recommended her!


Mar 07 2023

You understood my dilemmas. Thank you.


May 13 2024

I am a foreigner and came to see Sacha as graduate student with two young kids. Sacha helped me tremendously, navigating both the uni system and expectations, English school system, and more general (much needed) support managing my stress level as both a full-time student and parent. Her support is both pragmatic and kind, affording tremendous confidence that enabled me to complete my program and coordinate next steps for my family and me following graduation.


May 07 2024

I've hugely benefitted from seeing Sacha. Her calm and objective approach has helped me work through many difficulties. Her dog also helps!


Dec 18 2023

Sacha is very kind, understanding and knowledgeable. The sessions I have had with her have been extremely useful. She has provided support and offered valuable advice/suggestions. I cannot recommend Sacha highly enough.


Oct 15 2023

Sacha is insightful and easy to talk to, she always makes me feel relaxed and at home. She has been really helpful and as an added bonus, her dog is gorgeous!


Sep 18 2023

I found it very difficult to come to terms with the way I was behaving in my relationships but Sacha helped me come to terms with things to better myself and I’d fully recommend her services very highly , never to late to change


Jun 26 2023

Sacha has been great for your relationship! We've found having an external person's perspective on our relationship, and a dedicated space to talk about it absolutely crucial. Whenever we are going through a hard time in our relationship we are always sure to give her a call and she has always been very responsive! We may not need to talk on a regular basis, but we certainly reach out to her when we need some help! I would recommend her to everyone who is in a relationship.


Jun 14 2023

sacha is an extremely kind, thoughtful and friendly woman who makes you feel safe and calm the moment you walk through her door :) she's so respectful and i feel so comfortable when i speak to her. also, she doesn't judge you nor does she force you to talk about things you're not comfortable with saying. plus I'm not very easy with people yet I've been able to talk to her freely ever since our first session :))


May 19 2023

My partner and I have been seeing Sacha separately and together to work some reoccurring issues in our relationship. After only a few sessions Sacha has enabled to look at our issues from a much more leveled and caring perspective. She is a fantastic listener with great suggestions who has helped us a great deal. Highly recommended.


May 06 2023

A relaxed and safe environment provided the right conditions to explore my issues and provide clarification to move forward.


Mar 31 2023

Sacha is a very approachable and welcoming person. She did a very good job at putting me at ease and relieving my stress. She is very supportive and I cannot thank her enough.


Mar 07 2023

Thank you so much for your support.


May 12 2024

We’ve loved meeting Sacha and have really valued her input. Thank you so much!


Mar 01 2024

Sacha is a superb therapist. She listens, she doesn't judge, she understands, and she gives superb advice. I had never been to therapy before, but to be able to tell someone how I honestly feel about my life without hurting those close to me feels like a huge weight removed. Thank you.


Dec 04 2023

Great service! Sacha has really helped me.


Oct 11 2023

Sacha is an excellent therapist. Her friendly and calm manner makes you feel at ease and able to build trust. Sacha listens well but also knows when to step in and provide insightful, useful input. I have been having regular sessions with Sacha in person and online, and am finding them very helpful for my life. Coming to see Sacha and Lynx the soft-eared wonderdog in person feels like a little island of peace and safety in the tumultuous sea of my everyday life. I wholeheartedly recommend Sacha as a counsellor.


Aug 19 2023

Sacha was sensitive, compassionate and practical. An excellent combination of skills and her experience shines through. She held me together when everything seemed like it was falling apart. Thank you Sacha


Jun 26 2023

My husband and I came to Sacha when we were in a difficult point in our marriage. Everything was very hard! Through some stressful life experiences, Sacha's help, input, and perspective helped us re-connect and re-build the foundation of our relationship. Highly recommend Sacha.


Jun 07 2023

Sacha is wonderfully compassionate and helped me during a very stressful period in my life. I would highly recommend her to others, she is organized, professional and has a solid understanding about the varying cultural sensitivities that impact ones behaviors and emotions.


May 19 2023

I have been having sessions with Sacha for 2 and half years. She has always created a very accepting, open, and warm environment, whilst providing important insight across a variety of topics (including grief). I value my sessions with Sacha very highly.


May 03 2023

Helped me with guilt, very good counsellor :)


Mar 12 2023

My wife and I had a number of counselling sessions with Sacha after the death of our teenage son in December. We absolutely want to thank her for everything she's done for us as we've both felt that her sessions have been really productive and thought provoking and she has really helped us in the early stages of managing our grief. Thanks again!

sophia r

Mar 07 2023

Your sessions and support were very helpful, thank you so much.


May 10 2024

I was angry, reactive, overweight and exhausted when I first met Sacha. Run ragged by teen children, elderly parents, husband and job I had let myself go, in every sense - my temper, my self-care, my joy in life and my relationships. Only I couldn’t see the link. Sacha helped me reclaim a sense of myself as worthy and encouraged me to take time just for me. I’m much happier now - one little step has led to another to another and I’m in a place where I can enjoy being me, manage my relationships and demands and be grateful for the life that I have. I’ve also lost weight (and kept it off) which, at my age, I never thought I’d achieve.


Feb 09 2024

Sacha is very alert and helpful as a therapist. She understands quickly what my issues are on any given day and gives excellent insights; it seems to work perfectly well via zoom, there is no problem relating even though we’re in different parts of the country. When the world is a frightening place, Sacha can help me understand my place in it and my own choices so that I don’t feel disempowered. A very good therapist and counsellor. It can take a little while to find the right therapist and I’m glad I finally found her.

Sofia B

Nov 10 2023

I met Sacha today, and I think the universe conspired for us to meet. I felt very connected to her, and I wish I had met her when I was younger. She is the first counselor I felt truly listened to and completely understood. I left our session feeling happy with lots of hope. I didn't feel nervous talking to her at all or judged, thanks to her positive energy. It seems like she really cares about me, even though we've only met today. She is the best counselor I've had, and I highly recommend her.


Oct 10 2023

From the moment I met her, I knew Sacha would be able to help me. She made it very easy for me to feel comfortable. Her lovely calm and often sleepy dog only added to my relaxed state.


Aug 16 2023

I found the sessions very helpful


Jun 24 2023

I've found Sacha to be articulate, understanding and sympathetic. She is engaged with the difficulties I have faced, and has offered supportive and helpful comments to help me believe in my own value. I feel she has been a helping hand while I travel on a journey of understanding and I greatly appreciate the role she has played in bringing some of my challenges into focus. Thank you.


Jun 07 2023

I had a great experience with Sacha, my time with her really helped me.


May 17 2023

Sacha has been tremendously helpful. I have been going through a very difficult period in my life, and knowing that I can talk to her and work through issues with her has been a great benefit and relief for me. During our initial consultation appointment, I felt safe and well-looked after, she gave me ideas of what I could do to help myself in that moment and look after my wellbeing in the meantime between the consulattion and first proper appointment (which was a really good and reassuring sign of the quality of care going forward). She is very insightful and thoughtful, helping to ground me and help work through thought processes and events which make my life difficult. I have noticed an improvement in my mental wellbeing since starting counselling with Sacha, and I am very grateful for all her help. Her dog, who is present in sessions, has always been well behaved and a comforting sight during difficult conversations- he greets me at the door and will quietly curl up and watch/sleep during the session, I genuinely think he helps nurture the calm atmosphere of the space. He is very gentle and nice, he does not invade personal space or jump up (like many dogs often do)- he's very chill and well-trained. I truly recommend Sacha as a counsellor.


Apr 25 2023

Sacha was a great help for my teenage daughter in a very difficult moment. Very friendly and supportive with her guidances. Highly recommended!


Mar 08 2023

Right from the start, I found Sacha to be really approachable and have a lovely, welcoming manner about her. I had never sought this kind of counselling before and she put me at ease. I’ve got a lot out of our sessions together; I love the way her mind works and that she was always happy to explore topics from different angles. Her approach is really refreshing, and I recommend her without hesitation.