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Theodore Hellekson

Verified Buyer

Feb 26, 2024

company that believes in their product

Dave Koch

Verified Buyer

Feb 22, 2024

The company, products, communication, service and employees are well above average. Especially in this time where few give a **** about customer service.

Jeff Heim

Jan 29, 2024

These bands are great and the programs are simple and effective. I hope this company is around for a very long time. Their customer service is second to none. I have been a satisfied customer for years now. I believe I've purchased everything that they sell. Keep up the good work crossover symmetry crew!!!

Pablo Ramos

Jan 09, 2024

Outstanding Customer Service. Superb quality product. Highly recommended.

art Meeder

Dec 30, 2023

I can tell it’s starting to help . Use it 3x a week and will start plyometrics next month. Great video support!


Dec 30, 2023

Best customer service and my husband loves the bands. His shoulder pain has disappeared since starting the program.


Dec 29, 2023

The bands are very well made. I initially purchased a pair on Amazon. Liked them so much, that I bought my baseball-er son additional bands for Christmas. We liked the little details. Such as the great training materials that clip onto the barbell. The only issue we had, was that the handles that is made out of plastic. One of them cracked after the first use. I was kind of surprised to see that it was made out of plastic and not a more sturdier material. But other than that we really like the product.

Chris Waters

Dec 27, 2023

Awesome product! We use the crossover symmetry arm bands and hip cores daily for our football and baseball athletes!

Steve Blaine

Dec 23, 2023

I’ve been using my crossover cords for a few years and I’m addicted to them. I got them for shoulder pains few years ago but the bone spur wasn’t going to go away and I had surgery. Went into surgery with really healthy shoulder joint and recovery was a breeze! Recently I was certain I needed the same surgery in the other shoulder; started using the crossover symmetry more consistently and BAM! Pain went away!! This program and cords are a gift to the world! I love the hip halo also.

Jack Benson

Dec 22, 2023

I showed my physical therapist the a picture of the 6 wall anchor set up I have in my garage and the training guide. She was impressed and gave me some extra shoulder exercises to do at home!

Bill Peteritas

Dec 16, 2023

Crossover Symmetry products are incredibly helpful and I have been extremely pleased with all of the products that I have purchased. Also, every time that I call for some advice, I get an actual person from CS and they are friendly and helpful. Great products and great people. I have two separate set ups, on two different doors, with the crossover bands (#3 to 25#) and the door straps, for various exercises and various positions, each station has the appropriate particular strength cords for my workouts. I also have the yellow and red Hip and Core units. As you can tell, I am a true believer in CS products. THEY WORK !!! THANKS CS !!!


Dec 15, 2023

Excellent shoulder program. Rotator cuff and biceps tendon surgery on both shoulders. Regular rehab will only take you so far, and I wanted to get back to climbing, kettlebells, and sandbags. PT recommended Crossover Symmetry and I've been using the system 3 times/week since my last surgery and am pain-free and working out as I want. It may seem costly for a set of straps, but the accompanying program and instructional videos are more than worth the price. Highly recommended. Great warranty service as well.

Daniel N.

Dec 14, 2023

Customer service at this company is fantastic. Seriously top-tier experience dealing with them.


Dec 08, 2023

Excellent product and amazing customer service, my original broke and I received a replacement. The process was very easy and expeditious

Vincent Crescitelli

Verified Buyer

Nov 03, 2023

I'm incredibly happy with the Crossover Symmetry product. I purchased the bands for my shoulder physical therapy and noticed immediate relief from shoulder pain. I subsequently purchased more bands to further strengthen my shoulder. Every week I'm seeing progress, strength increase, and more flexibility, the program works. The bands are very durable, and high quality. I highly recommend the program / bands even if you don't have an injury. Lastly the customer service is top notch, I had some questions and the team at Crossover Symmetry was very responsive.

Michael Barnthouse

Verified Buyer

Jul 06, 2023

Awesome products as expected. Shipping logistics need work. Delayed shipment (~1 day expected w/ in CO) required second inquiry to get the stalled package in motion (received ~2 weeks later?). Then slight debacle w/ secondary shipment retraction creating nuisance emails and notifications.

Response from Crossover Symmetry

Oct 02, 2023

Hey Michael, sounds like we messed this one up. We do have a warehouse in Denver but your order was sent to our Philly warehouse for fulfillment because we didn't have all the items in Denver at the time.) That doesn't excuse the delay in shipping. And I am not sure why the order was out for delivery and then returned to sender. But I'm glad we eventually got it resolved.

Dayne Deavours

Verified Buyer

Jul 02, 2023

I’m a huge fan of the shoulder package. I’m an archer and I can tell a big difference in my shoulder mobility. It feels good to shoot pain free! If the hip and core package is as beneficial as the shoulder package I’ll be making another order very soon.

George Erving

Verified Buyer

Jun 29, 2023

Excellent products, excellent support, thoughtful & informative newsletter—great company!

gail weniger

Verified Buyer

Jun 29, 2023

I have been using this for over 5 years and recommended to others with shoulder issues. I’d give it 10 stars

Ethan Banville

Verified Buyer

Jun 24, 2023

Well, it didn't fix my shoulder, but it did help me work specific areas that have me standing taller and feeling more upright than I have in years. If I ever find my way past this shoulder inflammation, I'm looking forward to checking out the shoulder workout as the product is solid and the programs are great. I'm now doing the lower back fix and really enjoying having that to double up with the shoulder fix program. Great product, great customer service.