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Whitni H

Verified Buyer

May 29, 2023

I wish I could give this specific experience a zero. Normally I do not have issues but this time I ordered , paid, and my order processed for 9 days. I emailed , no response. I called and they initially said they did not even see the order number I gave. After further investigation they found my order “locked “ online. They were unsure why; but because they found it they completed it. However it would have been nice if they rushed shipping as I had already waiting 9 days. Plus it’s a holiday weekend so it’s going to take 6 days to ship. Very disappointed.

Charlie W

Verified Buyer

May 08, 2023


carina d

Verified Buyer

Apr 27, 2023

All are great help, great representatives. I talked to Mike Pedroni sometimes because he is such a great soul, knows a lot and has helped me a lot. I would recommend a raise to your customer service people. Thank you very much for your help and great products.

Judy M

Verified Buyer

Apr 23, 2023

Quality product Great service

Derrick G

Verified Buyer

Mar 11, 2023

Very fast shipping on my first purchase. We will definitely be back soon.

Mario V

Verified Buyer

Mar 09, 2023

Great experience and orders always arrive in timely manner.

Frank S

Verified Buyer

Mar 02, 2023

Going to enjoy doing business with PBFY, simple and easy to do business. Thank You!

Marco C

Verified Buyer

Feb 24, 2023

Mostly good. One suggestion would be to have the bags wrapped in a plastic bag, that way if a box gets damaged in delivery, it is less likely to compromise the bags inside.

Benjamin A

Verified Buyer

Feb 18, 2023

As long as you order online then it’s good. If you have to special order anything then it’s a really slow process if you are dealing with the west coast. If you can go through the Nashville it’s a little better.

Loretta G

Verified Buyer

Feb 10, 2023


Danielle R

Verified Buyer

Jan 28, 2023

shipping is always faster than expected and products have are always quality

Staci W

Verified Buyer

Jan 27, 2023

Great product and FAST shipping!

Gary M

Verified Buyer

Jan 24, 2023

We received you bags in a timely manner, to find out one of our employees ordered the wrong size. When we have decided on the right bag we will get back to you. Thank you, Gary McFarland

Rex G

Verified Buyer

Jan 22, 2023

Excellent customer service

Juliano D

Verified Buyer

Jan 21, 2023

I like

Megan M

Verified Buyer

Jan 20, 2023

Excellent customer service from Kathy!

Noreen S

Verified Buyer

Jan 18, 2023

Quick and easy ordering. Came when expected. Bags work great for what I need them for.

Michael M

Verified Buyer

Jan 17, 2023

Damon responded to our original request very quickly.

Sean V

Verified Buyer

Dec 11, 2022

Good bags - great prices, especially when there’s a sale. FAST FAST shipping. THANKS

Rey L

Verified Buyer

Dec 07, 2022

Great Job!