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Mar 09, 2024

Throughout my six weeks with my tutor, he did his best to make sure that I was comfortable in our work environment, something which I appreciate greatly as it fosters better learning overall, especially for me. The homework and lessons were extremely beneficial, allowing me to improve my score to the range that I was satisfied with. He relayed information in ways that were best compatible with my thought processes and was sure to cover things that I was having a hard time with, as well as assign extra practices on these lackluster sections. This isn't something I didn't necessarily want to do because they didn't come as easily, but through communication and extremely productive session work I was able to iron out most of those wrinkles. Having taken the LSAT once before coming to Juris, I had a grasp on a few of the topics covered throughout our sessions. Nevertheless, I can say with full confidence that the score I achieved with his help would not have been a possibility in his absence. I was very satisfied with not only my tutor and his assistance, but the Juris website UI, videos, homework, quizzes, practice tests, and everything alike. The expansive availability of resources is unparalleled, in fact, I have already endorsed Juris to one of my friends who is looking to take the LSAT in the future. Thank you for everything, Juris!


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Mar 05, 2024

Juris was a game change for my LSAT studying. The engaging tutoring style was worked for me and helped my achieve my law school goals! I would gladly recommend Juris for anyone taking the LSAT!


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Mar 03, 2024

Super engaging tutors, helped me improve my score by almost 20 points.

Erica L

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Mar 01, 2024

Thank you to everyone at juris for all of their guidance throughout this process; I'm eternally grateful that they helped me discover (and hone) the best possible way to tell my story. I'm incredibly proud of this final product.


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Feb 22, 2024

I loved Juris LSAT Preparation. The hands on tutoring is engaging and captivating, which made the materials enjoyable. It never felt like a chore to start a new session because I knew I would be able to follow along and understand my tutor because of the way he present the concepts. If I had to take the LSAT again, you couldn't pay me to do it without Juris.

Georgina S

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Feb 20, 2024

Despite being a reverse splitter straight out of undergrad with very limited extra curricular involvement and work experience, my counselor helped me bring the best out of my application. She was with me every step of the way, helping me to mend my talents and personality into one unique package. Thanks to her, I got into and will be attending a Cornell Law School, with a scholarship. Thanks so much for all your help! It was worth every penny!


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Feb 12, 2024

Juris was a critical thought partner throughout the application process. Their services were definitely a value add and really helped keep me on track with timing. They shined brainstorming ideas around essays and had in-depth knowledge about the schools I applied to, even helping me mock-interview, leading to admission to both Cornell & Georgetown. This process is long and arduous and working with Juris was one of the best decisions I made along the way!


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Jan 29, 2024

My Juris counselors were with me for the entire cycle: they talked to me the morning of my LSAT, late into numerous nights, and through countless applications and essays. As important as it was to me to get admitted to my dream school which was a real stretch school by any defintion and where I am currently a law student--was also seeing that it was equally important to them. They cared deeply about my success and just knowing that I had that passion and all of their high-end experience behind me made all the difference.

John B

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Jan 17, 2024

To the team at juris edu, I want to take the time to thank you for everything that you've done for me throughout my application process. Starting with very little experience with law school application and a lackluster LSAT score, I can't believe what I have achieved in the end accepted at Harvard, waitlisted at Stanford, and accepted to all other schools I have applied to besides one. Unbelievable! I know I was initially a bit skeptical about your approach to my personal statement, and I apologize for doubting you. You have always been right! I want to thank you again for your wisdom, your patience, and for always being there to return calls and emails. You are a real expert and thank you for making my dream come true.

Kimi S

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Jan 09, 2024

I contacted Juris Education late in the game of my application process. I needed as much help as possible in less than a week's time before applications were due. Though I had the grades, my LSAT score was just average, and I needed my essays to shine. I spoke with other companies, but in my first conversation with my counselor, she showed me that she didn't consider me just a client, another application, or a number. She cared about my story, my experiences, and what was important to me, and helped me to use those things to craft applications that not only showed schools why I was a unique candidate but that reflected me as a person and showed them why I was a candidate they wanted. Her personal attention didn't stop there. She was willing to work with me in the short time we had and to work around my crazy schedule. Calls, emails... even while she was at the airport getting ready to board a flight. She and Juris followed up with me after applications were submitted as well to check in. This is the team you want backing you in one of the most stressful times of your life.


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Jan 07, 2024

I had a challenging story to communicate (white male, non-white shoe law firm background, weak LSAT, career pivot, location pivot, etc.) but Julie did an amazing job of working with me to craft a compelling and unique story for each JD program that I considered. In addition, I was an extremely demanding client (applied to 15 JD programs) yet Julie always rose to the occasion when deadlines arrived. She went above and beyond for me several times throughout the application process and I am very thankful that I selected her as my consultant. Highly recommend it to any JD candidates looking at hiring a consultant!


Verified Buyer

Jan 05, 2024

The Juris LSAT Tutoring Program helped me boost my LSAT score by over 15 points, and get into my top choice school with a substantial scholarship. I'm not the sort to gush about products or services, but I really feel a debt of gratitude to Juris. I found the tutoring sessions to be really helpful for both initially learning the core concepts and going back to for review. Juris offers a lot of Official LSAT practice questions, as well as a number of well-written practice questions, and it did a great job helping me put together a study schedule. I really cannot recommend it enough if you are trying to decide between online tutoring.

Mia J

Verified Buyer

Dec 26, 2023

To everyone at Juris: there really isn't a price I can put on the help you've provided me. Originally, I was expecting to pay sticker and hoping I would get the opportunity to be at a T-14. Now, I have three T-10 offers, one with a $60K scholarship. Thank you so much for helping me to present myself in the best way possible. This has worked out better than I could have ever imagined or hoped for.


Verified Buyer

Dec 25, 2023

I worked with Juris Education for 10 schools and I was accepted into 7 of them! My team was professional, easy to work with, and turned around the essay I sent to them quickly. I appreciated the mix of in-line feedback and thought-provoking comments. Because of their help, I was able to confidently submit my essay. Thank you so much for being so wonderful to work with!

Sofia P

Verified Buyer

Dec 17, 2023

I went into the law school application process worried that I wouldn't receive an offer of admission from a top-twenty law school. Although I graduated summa cum laude from college, I struggled on the LSAT. My counselor never stopped having faith in my abilities and helped me prepare a strong application. So much of the law school application process involves soul searching. She helped guide me through this process and enabled me to highlight strengths I had overlooked. I went through nearly five different topics before I found the perfect topic for my personal statement. I then revised my personal statement over ten times. She was always a phone call or email away if I ever needed her. She could have easily advised that my application was good to go after the fifth or sixth draft, but she was invested in my success and was patient throughout the process. I am currently at Stanford, despite the fact that my LSAT was nearly ten points below my law school's 25th percentile. I truly would not be at my law school today if not for her. I have excelled in law school, and I attribute most of my success to her. The skills that she taught me were not just useful in the law school application process, but in law school and job searches as well.

Matthew R

Verified Buyer

Dec 16, 2023

I signed up for the online 1:1 60 Hour Juris LSAT course immediately after I took my first test, because I knew that self-study hadn't worked well for me and because I met someone who raved about what a great course it was. I learned so much the first time through, but I needed more time to practice. When I didn't do as well on the LSAT the second time, I took advantage of Juris' private tutoring. I have been working hard for the past few months and I am pumped to go and take the test tomorrow. I feel confident that the scores I have gotten on my practice tests (165, 167, and 171) will reflect on my score from tomorrow's test!


Verified Buyer

Dec 13, 2023

I contacted Juris because it was recommended to me by current JD students. Juris provided me with team-based support. Sarah acted as my matchmaker and ensured that I was matched with the best consultant for my personality and target schools. My primary counselor created a detailed plan and supported me throughout the application process. She provided a flight test and final feedback for my application as well as prepared me for the mock interviews. In the end, I was very happy with my results! My counselor was understanding, friendly, and detail-oriented. She relieved a lot of my stress by ensuring that I was organized by putting together a roadmap with deadlines. During our weekly check-ins, she consistently provided constructive feedback and provided insights on how I could best position myself in my applications. She took the time to truly understand my story and the underlying themes in my life. She was dependable and responsive throughout the entire process. With no reservations at all, I recommend working with her and I cannot imagine going through this process without Juris! She gave me the confidence boost that I needed to apply to law school. She is dedicated to ensuring her clients are submitting their best work and anyone would be happy to have her as a consultant!

Susan T

Verified Buyer

Dec 09, 2023

My experience with Juris was all I had hoped for. My tutor was dedicated to his job, always prepared, and answered all of my questions. He had an imaginative approach to attacking the LSAT which made every session fun -- something to look forward to. I marveled at how seemingly effortlessly I made so much progress and how much he cared about the progress I was making. And, he was so generous with his time, I never felt rushed or that he had somewhere else to go. I owe it all to Juris that I went from a 152 to a 173 and got into a top 10 law school! You cannot go wrong with Juris!!!

Jade A

Verified Buyer

Dec 09, 2023

The 1:1 tutoring course helped me improve my score and the online resources were really helpful in expanding my knowledge. Really recommend Juris EDucation to all LSAT aspirants!

Bobby P

Verified Buyer

Dec 08, 2023

Working with Juris was one of the greatest decisions I made during my admissions cycle. I was really, really stuck on my personal statement and she was able to take my scattered thoughts and help me turn them into a well-crafted, compelling essay. My counselor saved me a lot of stress, and without her, I don't know if I would have gotten into the schools I did. Thank you so much!