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Brittany Mccoy
Apr 18, 2024
I was put in touch with lifetime adoption shortly after I found out I was pregnant, through a third-party. It just wasn't the right time for husband and I. I could never thank them enough for guiding me through this journey. They stayed in contact with me through the entire pregnancy with nothing but support and genuine care. My coordinator Brittany helped me to find the absolute perfect parents for my child. Whom I talk to ALL the time. It is an open adoption & the adoptive parents are so supporting and send me pictures and updates frequently. If you're considering adoption, you are NOT ALONE! There are couples who can't have children and are honored to to adopt your child. Lifetime adoption still stays in touch with me even after the birth, just to check in. No amount of words could express how grateful I am for them, for this journey, everybody wins. I felt bad about adoption at first, and I realized I was able to bless another family. I am 100% content with the decision I made.
Sarah Neff
Apr 10, 2024
I found Lifetime Adoption through the couple I chose to pursue as my son's adoptive parents. I didn't know what to expect, since I have never gone through this experience before. I honestly thought it would just be about the baby, the adoptive parents and the agency and the birth mom would be somewhere in the background. But I was pleasantly surprised that they actually cared about me too. I would get snail mail like cards and little notes of encouragement from them, my case worker checking in on me often and would offer free counseling through a licensed professional or other birth mothers who were also in my position before. It's been a relief to know I'm not just a womb to them or the adoptive parents - they treat me like a person and I'm honestly deeply touched by their kindness before, during and after the process. They actually care about birth mothers here.
Bruce J
Dec 23, 2023
We adopted our daughter through Lifetime over 7 years ago. I appreciated the binder with step-by-step directions they sent us. I knew that if I followed those steps to a T, the best I could, that we would indeed be parents. Fortunately, our wait time was short and we were matched with our birthmother after 6 months. Lifetime was always there to answer questions and be supportive. Our birthmother coordinator was on speed dial. Four years after our daughter was born our birthmother became pregnant again and contacted us. Once again, I called Lifetime and they helped us through the second adoption process. We used the same lawyer both times as well - one recommended by Lifetime - and she was amazing. I was so happy to be able to meet our Birthmother Coordinator while in Florida after our son was born. It just brought the whole process full circle. Also, Mardi\u0027s book \"Called to Adoption\" was a must-read. I\u0027m glad I read it as it helped prepare us for the process, and I would recommend that, as well as Lifetime, to anyone considering domestic adoption.
Sarah K
Dec 21, 2023
Our experience with Lifetime was wonderful. We immediately knew we were in the right hands and had guidance every step of the way. They were ethical, thorough, and loving in all of their practices - from the way they educate waiting families, to the way they support expectant mothers and birth mothers. We finalized the adoption of our precious daughter a few weeks ago and we are so in love! So glad we took the journey we did. Beyond thankful for the amazing humans who worked with us at Lifetime.
Josh Holcomb
Sep 23, 2023
We used Lifetime for the matching portion of our adoption process and I have to say we were relatively happy with everything. See some reviews on here about price gouging and I would disagree because the process as a whole with adoption is expensive in nature and the thing my wife and I appreciated is how clear and comprehensive the pricing was with Lifetime (we were never once asked to give more $ to them). We looked at a lot of places and nearly every other agency had no cap on expenses that would go to them directly. The thing that we appreciated most about Lifetime is the support they provided to the birth mother of our kids. It's not just something they market, it is something they do and do well according to the birth mother of our kids. In terms of support for us, we were able to ask any questions we had of them but our real support came from our home study agency which was local to us. Now the one thing I will say was difficult was that once we were matched, there were some complications based on our state and the state the birth mother was in. Our match was perfect in terms of the person, there couldn't have been a better connection. But the legal hurdles were pretty substantial so definitely prepare yourself for lawyers (yes plural) because typically you will end up with an interstate adoption since Lifetime serves the majority of the US. And from what I've seen and heard, having lawyers in each state that is related to the adoption is not unique to adoptions through Lifetime. Overall, we would use Lifetime again and go into it with more clarity about the process as a whole (not just Lifetime as an agency) but at the end of the day, we brought our kids home and we are grateful to Lifetime for getting us there.
Timothy Nickless
Sep 11, 2023
Adoption can be a very stressful and emotional process; we are so grateful to be working with Lifetime, benefiting from their knowledge and experience. Throughout our wait we have only ever felt Lifetimes commitment and support to us.
Gabrielle Allen
Aug 09, 2023
Building a family through adoption is hard - Lifetime made the journey easy to navigate. We�re so thankful for the team of ladies who walked alongside us while building a profile, waiting, and eventually meeting our daughter! They answered every question and listened to every concern we had. The webinars equipped us for the roller coaster of the first few days of meeting our daughter and navigating the legal side of things. Our attorney was shocked at our readiness and adaptability as things fell into place. We give all of the credit to Lifetime.\n\nIf you�re hung up on the price - my husband \u0026 I would encourage you to not let that be a deal breaker. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes. You will not find a better/more ethical adoption agency who will care deeply for you, the birth parents, and your child. Their genuine care for you to build your family while providing support for the birth parents is priceless.
Marissa Thompson
Aug 07, 2023
Our adoption experience with Lifetime Adoption was absolutely perfect! Everyone was professional and made us feel like family. I would recommend them to anyone with needs in the area of adoption.
Niambi Brown
Aug 02, 2023
Lifetime was an amazing agency to work with, professional yet caring. They always have the best interests of both families in mind and are there for you to process and move through every step. We had such an amazing experience with them five years ago, we decided to adopt again with them. I highly recommend them and couldn�t imagine working with anyone else!
Michelle Bacon
Jul 19, 2023
Lifetime Adoption Agency helped my husband \u0026 I start our family 20 years ago, with the open adoption of our son. We were blessed to adopt a second time, to complete our family 12 years ago, with the adoption of our daughter.\nThe staff at Lifetime is kind, caring, supportive, understanding and beyond dedicated. They value and honor both parties of the adoption process whole heartedly; their heart for adoption is what led us to them in the first place.\nWe recommend Lifetime Adoption Agency without hesitation. You can absolutely trust Lifetime to help you build your family.
Nicole J
Feb 18, 2023
Verified Buyer
Thank you for everything! This was a process that at times was frustrating but you all were very patience and understanding and someone was there with me at every step.
Emily L
Feb 02, 2023
Verified Buyer
Lifetime was such a blessing throughout our adoption process. From the first phone call to our adoption phone call, they walked us through every step with patience and kindness. They were always available for our questions and were always willing to help any way they could. When we got the phone call to pick up our baby girl they were working behind the scenes to make it as easy as possible. We are so thankful for Lifetime and the gift they were to our family!
Allyson B
Jan 10, 2023
Verified Buyer
Adoption is a long, complicated, emotional process, so why wouldn't you choose an agency designed by an adoptive mom who knows the kind of support and reassurance you need?

Our experience with Lifetime was great. They were there for the highs and the lows, gave us support through monthly check-ins and webinars, and even when we just needed a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on! When our birth mother needed support, they were already two steps ahead. It was really important to us to work with an agency that focused on supporting the prospective birth mothers throughout the entire adoption process, and Lifetime is excellent at that!

One of the major plusses of working with Lifetime is the network of reliable state social work and attorney contacts they have--we didn't have to worry! They did all the work for us; all we had to do was call the contacts on the list for the state we matched in.

Thanks to Lifetime's unending encouragement, support, and networking, we are happy to now be parents to a beautiful baby boy!
Cody M
Jan 06, 2023
Verified Buyer
It was an amazing experience!
Margaret R
Jan 06, 2023
Verified Buyer
Every interaction with Lifetime was very professional.
Jonathan S
Jan 03, 2023
Verified Buyer
This is our second time working with Lifetime. We made comments to our team about our first adoption, and things we were happy with and, some things that we were not, and they made adjustments and tailored our experience for our second adoption. We would highly recommend Lifetime to anyone looking to adopt, as they are knowledgeable and have a big pool of Moms looking to put their children up for adoption.
Teshieka C
Jan 02, 2023
Verified Buyer
Greatest thing we could have ever done
Dec 24, 2022
Verified Buyer
Words can't describe how thankful we are for Lifetime Adoption. They were constantly in contact with us and always willing to help! Lifetime helped us with adopting our beautiful baby girl and we are extremely blessed! We highly recommend Lifetime :)
Shelby S
Dec 23, 2022
Verified Buyer
We had a great experience working with Lifetime. They were very helpful, knowledgeable, encouraging and professional throughout our adoption journey.
Ashlee K
Dec 21, 2022
Verified Buyer
We love the Lifetime team! They were supportive, caring, and extremely knowledgeable as we walked through the adoption process. Even with our baby girl home now, they still are there for us to provide wisdom and support! We couldn’t recommend Lifetime enough!
About Lifetime Adoption
Lifetime Adoption provides nationwide adoption services to women facing unplanned pregnancy and couples hoping to adopt. Offering non-judgemental, caring support as women make their pregnancy decisions, Lifetime is available 24 hours through phone and text to help answer questions about creating a custom open adoption plan. For families hoping to adopt, Lifetime guides them through every step of the process, educating, preparing, and ultimately facilitating the entire adoption. Founded in 1986, Lifetime grew from founder Mardie Caldwell's own adoption journey. We've helped thousands of families come together for a modern, open adoption. We would love the opportunity to help you too!
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