Stella i.

Mar 12 2019



Dec 12 2018

Can I make an order by whatsapp ?


Aug 15 2018

It surprised me that the delivery met my preferred time-slot and the good arrived on time! Hope there will be more discounts and I'll come again for sure! Thank you for your outstanding service!


Jun 25 2018

I am a long frequent customer of ePet and I am happy with their service in delivery and handling of orders. Recently I have a complaint on the quality of Royal Cannin Adult Medium 15 kg bag. After opening of which for more than 1 month or so, laevae (worms) were found inside the dog food. My complaint was taken promptly on 16/6 (Sat) and within 3 days over the weekend, I got a free replacement bag for 15 kg delivered to my house on 19/6. That was very helpful because my dog would not subject to be fed with any other substitute food for too long. Thank you again and I appreciate very much your prompt handling and resolving of my complaint.

Michael W.

May 04 2018

the dogfood is good and deliver is fast, but the courier said they won't deliver after 6pm.

Meenakshi C.

Mar 04 2018

Very good selection and very good service

Carol C.

Dec 17 2017

Excellent! Will buy again

Maria G.

Oct 22 2017

Intended to purchase large bag of Orijen Fit and Trim dry cat food. Item was listed as "out of stock" and after contact I was advised that it will not be available until sometime in November. Ended up ordering a smaller size bag which was delivered in a timely manner but disappointed that larger bag, which represents a significant savings, wasn't going to be available for so long.

Yen C.

Sep 07 2017


Catherine W.

Jul 20 2017

Good service

Christina C.

Mar 19 2017 always answers my inquires within 24hours. My orders usually gets shipped out within 24-48 hours. Great service!


Jan 28 2017

I purchased many of my dog's needed products from here such as Veal Lamb Puffs, Frontline Plus for fleas and ticks and diapers. All products were good quality and has worked really well. Delivery was quick and packaging was secured. The price didn't cost anymore than I would pay at other places but their online experience was very efficient and I highly recommend others to use this platform versus other well known companies such as Whiskers n Paws because of compatible pricing, excellent delivery time and aftercare support. You know this company has a genuine care for pets and pet owners in all the products they offer. This place offered the best price in Lamb Puffs.


Jul 19 2016

Prices are on par with most other pet stores. Selection of quality brands is probably the best part about this site. Fast reliable delivery via TaQbin. I might even say this is the only real e-commerce experience I've had in HK: order online, pay via credit card, get an email confirmation for the order, and an email notification for when the delivery is dispatched with an online tracking number. Every other service I've tried I had to place the order, wait for a phone call from the shop to confirm the order and agree on a delivery window, then sit around and wait for the delivery guy to call.

Anny W.

Feb 19 2016


LInda C.

Mar 06 2019

I have been using Epet's for a few years. They are usually excellent on their product ranges and delivery. However, lately everything I would like to reorder is always out of stock and asked to try a different product. I understand that there might be issues with stock from the manufacturer but it’s happening a lot more often. Overall, a great company.


Nov 28 2018


Iris C.

Jul 29 2018


Becky Y.

Jun 25 2018

I am very impressed with their service. It is quick, efficient and very reliable. They have not missed any of the footnote I put down in my order. The price they offer is very competitive as well. I have never been this happy shopping with an online store. Excellent service, highly recommended.

Theodor B.

Apr 19 2018

The goods: better priced than others, and delivery was super fast, less than 24 hours. Wide variety of items and easy to navigate. The bads; in the categories I searched (e.g. cat toys) practically everything was out of stock. Up to 70% of items out of stock. Also, the support on the chat function just ‘disappeared’. Chatting the one moment, gone the next!

LInda C.

Jan 26 2018

Excellent customer service. Ultra helpful and knowledgable about the products. Delivery quick and no hassles. Just as it should be.

Charis Y.

Dec 11 2017

exceptional delivery terms for pet owners living in a remote area of HK.

Fanny N.

Oct 19 2017

The staff are really friendly and helpful, I would definitely refer to my friends


Aug 30 2017

I've found ePet to be consistently reliable in both areas. Shipments happen immediately, and CS are responsive and helpful.


Jun 23 2017

The price is competitive in the market and delivery service is excellent without limitation. Well done ePet!


Mar 10 2017

I like how you included some samples of dry dog food in the order. I like giving my dog a variety of flavoura so thanks for the samplers.

Maralyn H.

Dec 17 2016

Customer service is world class! I requested for next day delivery and it was completely smooth!


Apr 21 2016

Best pet food web-site I've come across in HK. The web-site is clear and easy to navigate, the products are always available, the delivery is fast. I had one slight payment problem (due to a computer error) it was dealt with promptly and efficiently by phone.

Ice W.

Feb 19 2016


Choy L.

Feb 23 2019


Gesa S.

Oct 20 2018

Fast delivery and friendly staff. Thank you for the free food samples!


Jul 02 2018

Delivery fast and on time. Frozen meat patties are not melted at all. Will buy again.


Jun 16 2018

and fast delivery.

Cristina C.

Apr 14 2018

I liked the customer service. very prompt reply to my inquiry and my order was delivered quickly. price was reasonable

Dodie S.

Jan 06 2018

ePet is a great pet shop that is so convenient as I can quickly and easily order pet supplies and have them delivered to my home for free. Great selection, quick communication and prompt delivery.

Connie L.

Dec 09 2017

Very good services and delivery very fast

Christina C.

Sep 27 2017

Great customer service and quick delivery - my pup was very happy!

Amanda S.

Aug 03 2017

I am stunned at how fast the delivery arrived after ordering. 24hrs is amazing. Will always order from ePet

Christina C.

May 05 2017

ePet always replies to my enquires in a timely fashion and provides a great variety of products for my pup.

Sharon L.

Feb 17 2017

Good service with prompt reply. Sorry to hear that you don't ship to Singapore. Thank you. Sharon

Mr. T.

Jul 27 2016

Have been using Epet and one of the few that provides shipping to Lantau Island. The delivery is always quick, the website is really easy to access, and all the products are well selected! Keep it up!

Lisa R.

Apr 01 2016

Great Products, Fast Shipping. But Promos needs modified. Example I order Merricks Wet Dog Food Cans each time I order, different flavors to mix it up for my dog. You have promos buy 6 get a discounted rate, buy 12 cans get a better discounted rate & buy 24 cans get great promo rate. But it’s a shame even though I order that amount I am not eligible as your promo excludes different flavors. Every other pet supply company does not restrict flavors. I would be inclined to order 12 or 24 each time, if I got that rate. I hope you take a look at promos & lifting their flavor restrictions. Thank you for asking for a review. Lisa Reynolds

Alexandra Tan

Aug 27 2015

Consistently awesome customer service and super fast delivery with fab brands and products for dogs.


Feb 12 2019


Marina C.

Oct 12 2018

Fast delivery and reasonable price.


Jun 28 2018


Teresa C.

Jun 06 2018

Very good very fast

Lingwei L.

Mar 14 2018

Fast. A lot of choice variety of items. I highly recommended this shop to those who want find one stop shop of pet food and pet needs. And their staff order reviewer is very accommodating and helpful responsive.

Karmen t.

Dec 25 2017

Fast delivery and the delivery guys are professional, communicable and efficient


Nov 18 2017

Highly recommended

Lisa Y.

Sep 09 2017

Very good service

Walter L.

Jul 26 2017

Speedy delivery


Mar 29 2017


Dujuan Z.

Feb 03 2017

Very quick respond by email, impressive.

Dr L.

Jul 20 2016

Very satisfied with prompt service and quality of product!

Pallavi R.

Mar 06 2016

Great one stop shop for most of of your needs. Prompt email responses and excellent service. Only wish there was a bit more variety in accessories such as pooper scoopers, litter boxes, feeding bowls as wnp does, but its not a big deal!