Nigel H

May 18 2023

Great service as usual! Thanks.

vincent c

May 12 2023

Actually I am aiming 4.5 star to peer. Unfortunately I am not able to make such selection. Overall I am quite happy with the experience so far.

Maria H

May 01 2023

As always, good quality and good service!

kirsty a

Apr 22 2023


Ms. A

Apr 11 2023

Good service

Phyllis T

Mar 31 2023

我覺得Epet 是一間良好老實的商店,接近到期日的特價食品會清楚寫明到期日,令我可以放心購買。職員服務態度亦很好,遇到問題也會跟進。

Clare G

Mar 10 2023

Very impressive!

Kathlee C

Feb 28 2023


Yu E

Feb 11 2023

I've already ordered many times , this time, gifts to try food. Thanks

Saad S

Jan 19 2023

Perfect as always. Fast delivery and good products

Kyna L

Dec 30 2022

Fast and reliable delivery. Good quality product. Would be even better if the cushion is even more furry and comfy for my pet dog.


Dec 13 2022


spring l

Dec 07 2022

I got all I want from this site with reasonable price.

Perrin C

Nov 29 2022

今次完成交易19/11 但貨品28/11 才收到, 收貨時間比較長

Sin P

Nov 17 2022


Kevin K

Nov 06 2022

Incredible service! I my puppy had an emergency operation and we desparately needed a suitable collar. ePet replied promptly and even gave me options to receive the products immediately. they even made sure we got the right size for our dog! I cannot thank them enough. Will definitely recommend to all my friends!

Virginia Y

Oct 25 2022


Danny W

Oct 13 2022

very good, perfect


Sep 26 2022

very efficient delivery!

Ivone C

Sep 05 2022


Huazheng L

Aug 23 2022

The most used pet supplies shop in HK from us.

Christian M

Aug 16 2022

I’m a repeating customer. Wonderful customer experience and delivery services. Price is reasonable comparing to other shops.

Winnie C

Aug 05 2022

Staff is very nice and helpful, he is willing to solve my problem patiently. Very delighted shopping experience

Cathy L

Aug 02 2022

V good

Cheung N

Jul 27 2022


Clarence T

May 13 2023

Good pricing and excellent customer service - questions answered quickly and politely


May 09 2023


Anthony M

Apr 27 2023

Very personal service. Excellent. The delivery guy is very friendly and knowledgeable 👍

Philippa H

Apr 20 2023

Great service! Rox is currently making friends with her new crate for travelling. Super helpful with their exchange policy when I initially purchased the wrong size product. Easily contactable via WhatsApp, they made the exchange smooth and efficient. Recommended!

YuenFan Y

Apr 10 2023

我透過網上找到ePet網站並尋找本人所須購買物品,且利用Whatsapp聯絡及詢問有關所購貨物之詳細資料,出乎意料的每次的詢問都會快速回覆和詳盡, 雖然昰文字上溝通,但可以感受到公司員工的熱誠和友善,購買後有email提供貨單並且可以網上追蹤貨物運送流程,今次購物的意外驚喜是ePet送贈多包狗糧試食包,是次購物我是感到非常非常滿意和開心,是愉快的購物。期待下次購買再有意外驚喜🤣🤣

Shermain T

Mar 28 2023

Fast delivery, good variety of products available

Tom H

Mar 06 2023


Kim H

Feb 24 2023

Efficient & fast delivery!

gabriel l

Feb 10 2023


Kali M

Jan 05 2023

User friendly online portal. Good selection of brands. Delivery is very professional

Yuet N

Dec 28 2022

Feel excellent

Wong P

Dec 11 2022

fast and good delivery.


Dec 07 2022


Kevin L

Nov 29 2022


Maggie L

Nov 15 2022

Excellent service. Speedy delivery. Highly recommend for everyone.

Mr. M

Nov 03 2022


Henning K

Oct 17 2022

As always great, I am a happy and returning customer!

Lynn V

Oct 07 2022


Chris L

Sep 13 2022

Longest wait ever of online pet shop delivery. It takes four days to receive my package. Never buy anything from this shop again.

Friday Y

Sep 03 2022

Very good price and efficient communication

Monica C

Aug 19 2022

The staffs are very helpful. Service is excellent!

Chow B

Aug 10 2022


Carol F

Aug 05 2022


Iris F

Jul 30 2022

1) request to deliver on wed, but delivery company contact to deliver on Tue. It is not first time to have this kind of delivery issue. Please check and improve. 2) Ordered cans and frozen raw food. Understood it requires special arrangement for frozen food, but it is weird to arrange delivery with 2 different delivery companies (1 for cans and 1 for frozen food). It took me to wait whole day to receive parcels twice. Not very convenient. Please kindly review and consider back to use 1 delivery company.

Win C

Jul 26 2022

Staff are friendly and helpful. Prompt delivery service👍🏻

Wai F

May 12 2023

Efficient in delivery and good service. Being the customer for several years. Very reliable.

Maamar F

May 09 2023

Satisfied customer. Thank you and keep up with the good work.


Apr 26 2023

Delivery is fast! Pls note that your gift food is wasted because my dog is allergic to them. Pls leave a check box for me to uncheck the gift so that your gift can be enjoyed by the dogs in need.


Apr 19 2023

Always delivers on time and drivers are fast and very polite

Vivian W

Apr 04 2023

Excellent customer service!

Heike H

Mar 21 2023

Very prompt communication, super fast delivery

Leslie C

Mar 01 2023

Excellent service and fast delivery, never had any problems

Li J

Feb 21 2023


Eric S

Feb 09 2023

Super quick delivery and good pricing

Bonnie N

Jan 03 2023

very good for my three dogs to stroll around, they enjoyed it very much


Dec 27 2022



Dec 08 2022

Good price & fast delivery👍🏼

Samuel T

Dec 02 2022



Nov 19 2022

Good products. Good communication and good delivery.

Lindsay M

Nov 14 2022

excellent choice of products, website is easy to navigate and checkout a breeze, delivery is fast... very happy

Man L

Nov 01 2022


何先生 -

Oct 17 2022

It is better to confirm the exact date of delivery.

Katy Y

Sep 29 2022

Good experience 👍🏻


Sep 12 2022


Carrie L

Sep 02 2022

Fast delivery

Po W

Aug 17 2022


pui l

Aug 09 2022

Fast Trade. Fast Delivery.

Ivi J

Aug 04 2022

Very smooth process, professional and fast delivery ..:.

Chaiprasit B

Jul 30 2022

Large variety of products at competitive price. Speedy delivery. I wish the tracking system worked better though.

Andy K

Jul 25 2022

Very good !!

Neil M

May 12 2023

I asked for advanced notification of the day of delivery so that arrangements could be made to ensure somebody was at the house to take delivery. This was not done. The delivery person contacted me only when he was outside the security gate and I was not at home to let him in.

Laura P

May 09 2023

I realised the food I ordered contained chicken fat so I asked for a refund. Stephen was very efficient and helpful. Very impressed with the service. Will come back

Thomas L

Apr 26 2023

The water dispenser bottle that I bought from them were actually dripping while the one I previously bought from Whiskers and Paws will not.


Apr 15 2023

Competative price....Easy to order and efficient delivery with no problems. They find the house easy and deliver outside as asked and send picture of delivery. Very good service!

Sanjeev V

Apr 03 2023

Timely delivery

Carrie L

Mar 17 2023

Smooth & efficient order and delivery

Justina P

Feb 28 2023

Delivery time arrangement was not fulfilled but the staff was quick to follow-up and assisted with my questions. Good customer service :)


Feb 19 2023

Good service

Wong S

Feb 08 2023

效率很高 很快送達!

grace c

Dec 31 2022

a very good shop, speedy delivery and very helpful staff members!


Dec 20 2022

The tracking code doesn't work at all and he delivery guy call me when he'd already arrived, make me trouble in managing my time.


Dec 08 2022

Quick delivery

Chloe C

Dec 01 2022

價錢合理,出貨準時,最值得稱讚送貨員態度親切 有禮,並在預期時間送達,很好 !

Coby W

Nov 18 2022


Karen H

Nov 11 2022

Friendly and helpful

cindy v

Oct 28 2022

Great customer service! I had issue with wrong size crate and they were very kind to quickly resolve the problem.

Lily M

Oct 13 2022

Excellent communication and support with my query.

Wai S

Sep 28 2022

Great service ! Speedy delivery !


Sep 09 2022

Very fast delivery

Andrew C

Aug 23 2022

Good prices, good selection, and fast shipping. Excellent all around.

Ally F

Aug 17 2022

Very fast delivery

Benny C

Aug 08 2022

Quick and Reliable Service


Aug 03 2022

easy order via website, fast delivery. More discount is better :)

Joelle L

Jul 27 2022

Products arrived very quickly. The prices were great and the products were as described. Pups was very happy!

Iris C

Jul 25 2022

Good after-sales service